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  • TOP 10 Best free Chatting sites in the world 2017-2018
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  • TOP 10 Best free Chatting sites in the world 2017-2018

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    Acceptable variant of B2b Placement and standardization[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the Northern Hemisphere and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Stop signs are used globally.

    However, most countries see fewer of them than North America and South Africa, because all-way stops are never used and may even be legally prohibited. In the UK, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia, stop signs are restricted to situations wherein coming to a dead stop is actually necessary because of severely limited sight lines.

    Finally, at the busier crossing streets, Give Way signs may be replaced by mini roundaboutswhich also work on the give way rather than stop principle. In North America[ edit ] Stop signs are often used in North America to control conflicting traffic movements at intersections that are not busy enough to justify the installation of a traffic signal or roundabout.

    Nevertheless, in the United StatesMexico and Canadastop signs are commonly deployed as supposed safety measures in residential areas and near places where children play or walk such as schoolyardsor that experience frequent automobile collisions, making extra precautions necessary.

    Stop signs may be erected on all intersecting roads, resulting in three- and four-way stops. Fifteen studies found that unwarranted multiway stops actually increased speed away from intersections as motorists try to make up lost time spent at "unnecessary" stop signs. Multiway stop signs impose high vehicle operating costs, longer than needed travel times, excessive fuel consumption and increased vehicle emissions. Pedestrians expect vehicles to stop, but many drivers run the "unnecessary" signs.

    Engine exhaust, brake, tire and aerodynamic noise may all increase as cars brake and then accelerate up to speed.

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    Another major issue surrounding the use of stop signs pertains to the public's variegated understanding of their meaning. One prolific source of crashes is the misconception of law that every motorist who attempts to enter a main highway from a side road, does so at his or her peril.

    Such motorists usually have very definite rights granted by provisions of state vehicle codes, which provide that after the driver has 'yielded' by stopping at an arterial sign he or she may proceed and the drivers of all other vehicles approaching the intersection on the through highway shall yield the right of way to the vehicle crossing the through highway.

    He or she has a right to assume that the driver of the other car will obey the law, slow down, and yield the right of way, if slowing down be necessary to prevent a collision. There is a tradeoff between the salient visual cues provided by increased limit line setback, and the crucial time that is lost in approaching the intersection from behind that line; being closer can provide a few additional seconds requisite for safe transit.

    However, common creeping into the intersection past the limit line causes drivers to lose the invaluable perspective of the visual acuity of lateral motion[20] crippling them to the more dangerous SAVT. Stop signs are accompanied with a limit line, [22] which has a mandatory setback distance [23] [24] [25] which is often not less than 15 feet.

    While stop signs are a relatively inexpensive method of traffic management, they can be expensive from perspective of the damage they cause users. Pricey but safer traffic signalsroundaboutsand traffic circles are alternatively used where traffic flow dictates it is inappropriate to use a stop sign. It is just as crucial for law enforcement to regulate traffic through-speed that is above the assured clear distance ahead ahead as it is to cite stop sign runners for this device to be a viable option.

    TOP 10 Best free Chatting sites in the world 2017-2018

    On school buses[ edit ] Main article: School bus traffic stop laws An American school bus displaying front and rear folding stop signs A pivoting arm equipped with a stop sign is a piece of equipment required by law on North American school buses. The sign normally stows flat on the left side of the bus, and is deployed by the driver while picking up or dropping off passengers. Some buses have two such stop arms, one near the front facing forwards, and one near the rear facing backwards.

    The stop sign is retroreflective and equipped either with red blinking lights above and below the stop legend, or with a stop legend that is illuminated by LEDs. Unlike a normal stop sign, this sign requires other vehicles travelling in both directions to remain stopped until the sign is retracted.

    United Kingdom[ edit ] In the UK, stop signs may be placed only at sites with severely restricted visibility, and each must be individually approved by the Secretary of State for Transport.

    In the United States and Canada, these rules are set and enforced at the state or provincial level. If two or three drivers in different directions stop simultaneously at a junction controlled by stop signs, generally the drivers on the left must yield the right-of-way to the driver on the far right.

    In all countries, the driver must come to a complete stop before entering a stop-controlled intersection, even if no other vehicle or pedestrian is visible. If a stop line is marked on the pavement, they must stop before crossing the line. However, some drivers slow but don't come to a complete stop.

    This maneuver is called a rolling stop or nicknamed after a city or region regarded as somewhere it is commonplace e. Bicycles[ edit ] In some jurisdictions, most notably Idahothe traffic code allows for cyclists approaching a stop sign to slow to a "reasonable speed" and yield to conflicting traffic, but does not mandate a full stop unless "required for safety". The Idaho law has been in effect since and has not been shown to be detrimental to safety.

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    Mounting height is typical. Stop signs originated in Michigan in As stop signs became more widespread, a committee supported by the American Association of State Highway Officials AASHO met in to standardize them, and selected the octagonal shape that has been used in the United States ever since.

    The unique eight-sided shape of the sign allows drivers facing the back of the sign to identify that oncoming drivers have a stop sign and prevent confusion with other traffic signs.

    It was also chosen so that it could be identified easily at night, since the original signs were not reflective. The MUTCD stop sign specifications were altered eight times between andmostly dealing with its reflectorization and its mounting height.

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    From tostop signs were made with a black stop legend on a yellow field. The reflective sign, initially yellow, was developed by the reflective applications division of 3M spearheaded by Joseph E. Red signifies stop on traffic signalsso this specification unified red as a stop signal whether indicated by sign or by light.

    The Convention specifies that 'stop' be written in English or the national language and allows an alternative circular yellow sign. Many European countries are party to the Convention. English-speaking countries, the exception being Indiaare not party to the Convention but usually use the red octagonal stop sign per their own standards, like the MUTCD.

    Even in countries not associated with either standard mentioned above, the red octagonal stop sign is often used. Unique types of stop signs may still be observed in countries like Japan.

    Sign variants[ edit ] Although all English-speaking and many other countries use the word stop on stop signs, some jurisdictions use an equivalent word in their primary language instead of or in addition to it.

    Israel uses the image of a hand in a "stop" gesture. All newly installed signs thus use either one word or the other, but not both. The "stop" word is usually seen in predominantly English-speaking areas. Some areas in Manitoba and Ottawa, Ontario also have bilingual signs, as do entrances to the country through Canada Customs.

    On First Nations or Inuit territories, stop signs sometimes use the local aboriginal language in addition to or instead of English, French or both. Other parts of Canada use stop. The use of native languages is also commonplace on U.
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