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  • Woman catches online dating scam

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    Woman catches online dating scam

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    Online Dating Scams Consumer Information

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    Federal Trade Commission

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    After years of dating frustration, Montana resident Debbie Best thought her luck had finally changed when she met a handsome antiques dealer from Florida through an online dating site.

    Dating sites, singles chat rooms latest target of Nigerian scams

    But then her newfound boyfriend started asking for money. A lot of it. Inthe FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center received 5, complaints from victims of so-called "romance scammers" -- criminals who scan online dating sites, chat rooms and social networking sites for potential victims.

    In a typical con, the perpetrator will spend weeks or even months building up a romantic relationship with a victim through e-mails, texts or phone calls, before eventually asking for money.

    Online Dating Scams Consumer Information

    And many of the scammers aren't even in the United States. Debt collection horror stories For Best, it all started when she signed up for a free online dating site called mingle2. A man calling himself "John" messaged her and through daily phone calls and messages on Facebook, he gained her trust.

    He spoke with what she thought was a British accent and his picture on Facebook portrayed a nice-looking man with graying hair and a beard. In July, "John" told her that he was traveling to the United Kingdom to buy antiques for his store. At first, Best -- who juggles two part-time jobs working with developmentally-disabled adults and people with mental illness -- resisted, telling John she simply didn't have the money.

    The upside of online dating But as he continued to push for money, Best realized something was off. She searched Web forums, eventually finding another woman's story of a scammer with the same name.

    CNNMoney's attempts to reach "John" on his international phone number provided by Best revealed that it was based out of Nigeria -- a hotbed for online scams -- and has since been disconnected.

    Attempts to call the U. Mingle2, the dating site, did not respond to requests for comment. Someone claiming to live in the U. Others will impersonate U.

    Some even claim they need money for medical expenses from combat injuries. The lost art of offline dating The U. Army's Criminal Investigation Command says they receive hundreds of reports every month from people fooled by phony service members. And in recent months, the International Crime Complaint Center has warned of a new dating extortion scam where scammers bait members of online dating sites into intimate conversations, then threaten to expose them if they don't pay up.

    The FBI said there is no indication that the information was ever removed. Is Facebook fatigue real? Be especially cautious with people you only know through online messages and phone calls. If possible, try Skype or video chat.

    Many scammers use fake photos to lure their victims but video messaging is much harder to fake. Be cautious if someone claims to be local but happens to be out of the country. Be your own detective. Use search engines to research the person's name and background. Look up their phone number to see if it's listed in the region they claim to be from. Don't send explicit messages or photos. Don't send anyone money.

    Online Dating Scams Consumer Information

    Have you been the victim of a scam, dating or otherwise?
    Michelle Serges What can you do to avoid being scammed on dating websites Scammers are present everywhere on the dating websites.

    Even if you use established dating websites, like Match. Before you invest your emotions into a long distance relationship, compare what they say against common sense. Someone who claims to be in love without, sight unseen, never having met you in person, is mostly a scammer or simply unbalanced.

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    Apply the same common sense rules of safe dating online as you would in person. Let friends or relatives know where you are going and when you expect to return when you meet someone from a dating website. Always meet in a public place. Never send money to someone you met online. Especially, never, ever send money via Western Union. Friday, February 14, We chatted for a while. He claimed to be fairly wealthy don't know what business he was in because.

    I believed he was just exaggerating. Because it was the holiday weekend. He said he was going to add me to his corporate account. And to call a number so they could set me up for him to be able to transfer money directly from his acct to me. He said he was in Dallas. So he wanted me to take the money he sent me and get a plane ticket and come sending me.

    So when I called the number. The lady said for me to get a money Pak card for dollars. And call her back and give her the number. That did not make sense because I know if I purchase a money Pak whoever I give the confirmation number to can remove the money and load it onto a card themselves. So I google searched the number. And it came to be a virtual assistant number I was dialing. When I called the number back to ask more questions. Got very upset at my questions.

    When I questioned him. He got very belligerent. All I have are the two phone numbers. I know these two are probably scamming all over the Internet. And have their script down pack Push 1 for customer service. The guy I met. Told me his neme in Jordan. The site info where I met him. I have been chatting to a man who contacted me from the website www.

    Woman catches online dating scam

    I believed he was an american living in England. He then said he was away on business in West Africa. We have been chatting for several weeks and he was very convincing. He was a widow with no family and just one son - Nelson. However, when he said he was returning to the UK he said he had run out of cash and could I send him some, asking initially for ' and when I said no asked how much could I send. I led him to believe that I would send '50 and these are the details that he gave me: Western Union Money Transfer.

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