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    A "no-contact" bond condition is imposed on a defendant during a pending criminal charge. A restraining order including a PPO is a civil action between citizens. A "no-contact" bond condition means that a defendant can not call, write, have a third party contact, or themselves physically contact the victim or any other party with whom the judge orders the defendant to have "no contact". It is generally placed on the bond of a defendant charged with a violent or assaultive crime who is released from jail while the charge is pending.

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    Like all other bond conditions e. A judge has the discretion to issue or not issue any bond condition, as they see fit. A "no-contact" condition stays in effect for the entire duration of the criminal case, or until the victim requests that it be removed or "lifted" with the judge's approval.

    A "no-contact" provision can also be imposed as part of a sentence. Who can get a PPO? Anyone who has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused by a current or former spouse, a family member, a domestic partner, the other parent of your child, a current or former roommate, or a current or former person in a dating relationship.

    This is called a "domestic PPO".

    Online Dating Sites : Best Free Dating Sites in Michigan

    Anyone who has been stalked - repeatedly harassed to the point of being terrorized, intimidated, or threatened. This is called a stalking PPO. Can a PPO be issued for a minor? A minor cannot get the PPO in his or her own name. An adult must be appointed by the court as a "Next Friend" for a minor under 17 years of age or a legal incapacitated person.

    An unemancipated minor cannot get a PPO against their parent s. Can a PPO be issued against a minor? Michigan now allows PPOs to be issued against a minor - someone under 18 years old. Please call to schedule an appointment. If you miss one of the required steps, the Order you get from the Court could be ineffective and you could remain unprotected.

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    If you are in immediate danger, you may request an ex-parte order, which will take effect immediately without a hearing upon the judge's signature and without advanced notice to the other party. If you want an ex-parte order, you must convince the judge with SPECIFIC facts contained in your motion that you are in danger of immediate and irreparable injury, harm, or damage injury that cannot be repaired by a court order after the injury happens if the PPO is not issued.

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    Ex-parte PPOs do not require a court hearing, unless the defendant requests a hearing to modify or terminate the order. If a hearing is requested, both parties must be present. At this hearing, the judge will listen to testimony by witnesses regarding what has happened that necessitates a PPO. What facts do I have to include in the papers?

    Transsexual dating

    The facts that you include in the PPO application are the most important part. You may want to consider picking up the PPO packet and taking it somewhere safe to fill it in. Tell the Judge what your relationship is with the Respondent. Tell the Judge what has happened recently that has caused you to need a PPO The forms give you very little room to include facts, but you can attach additional pages.

    Include detailed facts to support your need for a protection order, like dates, times, locations, witnesses and details. If you can support the facts with evidence, do it! The PPO is not an alternative to eviction proceeding. How much does a PPO cost? There is no filing fee for PPOs. However, the cost of serving a copy of the PPO on the restrained person which is the Petitioner's responsibility may vary depending on who serves it.

    What happens at the courthouse when I file for the ppo? If you are alleging that the Respondent is stalking you, don't forget to check the appropriate box es. Re-read your forms and attachments. Do the forms list all affected people who should be protected by the PPO you, your children, your work location, etc.

    Bring these completed documents to Kalamazoo County Circuit Court - Trial Division, the clerk will look the papers over and forward them to the Judge. A written order or denial will generally be available within a 24 hour period.

    If you are asking for an ex-parte emergency order, the clerk will bring the papers to the Judge's office. The Judge must personally review the papers. You may be asked to wait a while, depending on the Judge's court schedule or asked to call or come back later.

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    If the Judge signs your ex-parte order, his staff will bring the paperwork back to the Clerk's Office for filing. The Clerk will give you certified copies. If the Judge refuses to sign the order, they will state their reasons. Will the person who is being restrained see everything I file, including where I am living? A copy of your motion and anything you attach to your request for the PPO will be given to the person you want restrained.

    If you do not want to include your home address or phone number in these documents, tell the Court Clerk who assists you. She can help you fill out an edited version of the documents with that personal information deleted, before it is served on the defendant.

    However, you still must give the court a contact address so the Court can send notices to you. Where can I get help to fill out the PPO forms? The Circuit Court Clerk's staff are not lawyers, and are prohibited from giving legal advice on how to fill the forms out, what to include, etc. The staff cannot assist you beyond explaining internal procedures of the court. Anyone who is over the age of 18 - other than you - can serve the Respondent.

    There are 3 ways service of process can be completed: The registered mail package should include a copy of the notice of hearing if its for a Hearing Motiona copy of the entire packet you filled out and filed with the clerk as the PPO, and a copy of the order. Can the respondent be given oral notice of the PPO? After doing so, they must file a proof of service or proof of the oral notice with the court. After the officer or clerk serves the Respondent with the PPO orally, they should immediately file the appropriate proof of service with the court so the service can be entered into the computer system.

    What happens after the person being restrained is served with the PPO? The proof of service forms for each are virtually the same, and are located on the back sides of the Petition and PPO forms. The proof of service requires information on the date, time, and place where service occurred. File the completed forms with the Circuit Court Clerk, W. When does the ppo go into effect?

    The order goes into effect as soon as the judge signs it - but a PPO is enforceable against a defendant only after it has been served on the Respondent! The Clerk's Office is responsible for providing a copy of the order to the local police agency so that it can immediately be entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network L. Violations What if respondent violates the PPO?

    If your situation is an emergency, CALL Otherwise, call the nearest police department. Does the violation have to occur in front of a law enforcement officer? A police officer may make a warrantless arrest of a PPO Respondent if the officer has "reasonable cause" to believe that a PPO has been violated.

    What if the PPO violator has left the scene before the police arrive? The PPO statute does not impose a time limit on the police officer's arrest authority, so a warrantless arrest may happen even if the Respondent has left the scene of an alleged violation. If the police cannot find the Respondent, they may choose to file a warrant request for Stalking or Aggravated Stalkingif all other elements of those crime are present. What happens if respondent is arrested?

    Parking and Trail Access

    The police may arrest the restrained party if they were previously served with a copy of the PPO. The police are encouraged to arrest if they have evidence of a PPO violation, but they have discretion to arrest or not to arrest.

    If arrested, the restrained party will be brought to a Circuit Court judge within 24 hours. At that time, the Judge can set a bond; if the Respondent posts the bond, they can be released. The Judge will also set a date for a hearing where you and other necessary witnesses will testify about how the Respondent violated the PPO.

    The Kalamazoo County Prosecutor's Office may be involved in this hearing.

    Online Dating Sites : Best Free Dating Sites in Michigan

    You will be notified of the hearing date by subpoena. What if respondent is not arrested for violating the PPO?

    Online Dating Sites : Best Free Dating Sites in Michigan

    The police might not arrest the restrained party, especially if the officer did not witness the acts violating the PPO, or if there was insufficient proof that the Respondent had been served with the PPO papers before the alleged violation occurred.

    If the restrained person is not arrested, you will have to file a motion to show cause in the Circuit Court Clerk's Office to have a hearing about the PPO violation.

    A show cause action focuses on whether the Respondent should be held in contempt of court for violating the PPO. Like the original PPO application, you will have to write out what the Respondent did and said, and attach supporting witness statements, police reports, photographs, etc. Your motion to show cause will be reviewed by the Judge. If the judge believes that a violation likely occurred, they will schedule a show cause hearing and will issue a show cause order directing the defendant to appear in Court to respond to your allegations that Respondent violated the PPO.

    Personal Protection Orders

    You must attend the show cause hearing; bring eye witnesses and supporting evidence, because testimony will be needed if the Respondent disputes what you alleged in your motion. Contact the PPO Officeif you need help subpoenaing witnesses. What is the prosecutor's role in PPO contempt hearings? The Prosecuting Attorney must prosecute all arrest and non-arrest criminal contempt proceedings, unless the Petitioner retains their own attorney for this purpose.

    What kinds of punishment can respondent get for violating the PPO?

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