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  • 5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium
  • 5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium
  • 5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium
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  • 5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

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    5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

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    The abbess of the motherhouse at Ghent requested that the other English Benedictine communities in Belgium send their Irish members to Ypres.

    The abbey in Ypres was rededicated as a house for Irish Benedictine nuns inofficially devoted to the Immaculate Conception under the title of Gratia Dei. The Ypres community thus became the first specifically Irish religious house in Belgium and for the next years Irish women would serve as abbesses of the community. Her time as abbess of Ypres, while brief, had proven significant. Under her direction, the abbey became Irish rather than English, and several sisters undertook successful fundraising and recruiting trips to Ireland.

    When Cary died, however, she left the Ypres community much the same way she found it—diminished in numbers and spirit—though this time with surer hope for a future as a burgeoning Irish house. On August 29,the community elected Dame Mary Joseph Butler as abbess, and she would lead the community for 37 eventful years. The new abbess belonged to the ancient noble Butler family of County Kilkenny, and her cousin, James, was Duke of Ormond.

    She decided to enter the order at age 12 and made her profession in at age So, inButler and several other Irish Dames left Ypres for Dublin, with plans for the rest of the community to follow later. Along the way, they stopped in London, where Butler met Queen Mary of Modena, a generous benefactor of the community.

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    When the nuns arrived in Dublin on October 31,they entered a tenuous political situation. These fears were realized when the queen gave birth to a son, James, in Juneinitiating a Catholic line of succession. William and his army landed in England less than a week after the Irish Dames of Ypres arrived in Dublin, and by the end of the year, King James II had effectively abdicated the throne and fled to France, the end result of what would come to be known as the Glorious Revolution.

    Establishing a Dublin abbey With this political turmoil swirling overhead, the Benedictine community in Dublin sought peace and piety as they entered their new enclosure. The annals of the Ypres community show a life of devotion, daily prayer, and Mass as the sisters settled into their new home on Big Sheep Street now known as Ship Street Great, directly behind Dublin Castle.

    The nuns quickly became known for their holiness, which compelled the Catholic gentry in Ireland to send their children to the new abbey for education. The school run by the Benedictines soon welcomed some 30 girls, 18 of whom desired to enter their community. Abbess Butler sensed the likelihood of war between William and James II, though, and did not immediately admit new entrants to the order. Despite this rival convent, the community succeeded in attracting scholars and postulants alike.

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    Had the Glorious Revolution not disrupted political and religious life in Ireland, the community likely would have continued to flourish, and perhaps would have given rise to additional Irish Benedictine houses, but the Royal Benedictine Abbey in Dublin would not last.

    James II returned to Ireland in March ofand promptly convened an Irish parliament that declared him king and passed a law granting religious freedom to all Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. James reigned in Ireland for a little more than a year before William invaded in the summer of The two met in the Battle of the Boyne, north of Dublin, on July 1, The Williamite forces defeated the Jacobites decisively, forcing James to once again flee to France and firmly establishing William as King of England, Ireland, and Scotland.

    So once again, the Irish Dames of Ypres lost their primary source of support, and would soon return to their exile in Belgium. Returning to Ypres Aware of the potential for political upheaval of this sort, the Duke of Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, had laid the groundwork for the nuns to return to Ypres before they initially left for Dublin. He wrote to the grand vicars of Ypres, who oversaw the Benedictine property there, to ensure that they would preserve it for the Irish Dames should they need to return.

    Sure enough, less than three years after the Benedictine sisters arrived in Dublin, they departed as Williamite troops plundered their Ship Street abbey.

    5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

    Upon their return, Abbess Butler had only four lay sisters and no choir Dames remaining in the community. She spent the next five years in extreme poverty and resisted attempts by the Bishop of Ypres and even her own family to convince her to sell the abbey and join another community, where she could live out her life in comfort.

    Butler remained devoted to Ypres, and eventually found new entrants and new channels of support. Infour postulants came to Ypres, though only two remained to make their profession.

    5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

    Adding to this concern, the annual contribution from the King of France ceased when the Peace of Utrecht ended the War of Spanish Succession and ceded control of the area including Ypres to Austria. Abbey of the Irish Dames from the ramparts The war itself did not directly touch Ypres, though the nuns almost certainly monitored its progression across Belgium.

    To this day the community shares a rather peculiar connection to the war. The Irish regained possession of the flag and subsequently gave the dark blue banner, featuring a golden harp, to the nuns in Ypres.

    The Irish Dames hung the flag in their choir for the next two centuries, and it continues to hang in Kylemore Abbey today. Magdalen Mandeville, became abbess in Within a year of her election, war once again visited the Ypres community.

    The War of Austrian Succession began in and involved almost all of the European powers at the time. French troops invaded the Austrian Netherlands in the summer of On June 10, they arrived at the front door of the abbey at Ypres to offer the nuns safe passage out of the town, which the French planned to siege.

    5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

    The Irish Dames chose to remain in their cloister. The next day, they received a letter from an Irish officer in the French army telling them that he would spare the town, and the abbey, as best he could. The nuns survived this latest military encounter without harm and continued to live in peace.

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    The impoverished community continued to struggle with few new vocations. Two more nuns joined the community under Abbess Mandeville, and one beloved older sister died. Mandeville herself died on November 27, Abbess Dalton Dame Mary Bernard Dalton succeeded Mandeville as abbess and led the community for 23 relatively peaceful years. In practice, the devotion is expressed in particular prayers and hymns including the Salutation to the Sacred Heart and the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

    Abbess Dalton, like many of her predecessors, struggled to recruit new sisters. In the last several years of her tenure, though, eight women joined the community, even as dark days loomed on the horizon. Six years into her tenure, the French Revolution erupted, though violence would not reach Belgium until Some 40 to 50 soldiers demanded entrance into the enclosure. The troops, threatening to fire their cannons on the abbey, broke down the doors and searched the house for anything of value.

    They drank heavily at the abbey that night and slept in the outer parlor. The next morning, the nuns learned that an Irish general commanded these troops, so Abbess Lynch contacted him to seek relief. The Irish Dames averted disaster, but the French Revolution would visit their peaceful enclosure again the following year.

    The French surrounded Ypres in Juneand laid siege to the town for 15 days. Several bombs fell into the convent garden, which was situated dangerously close to the ramparts. One of the explosions set fire to surrounding houses, killing several residents. The French Republic officially took control of Ypres on June 19, By October, they had taken over all of Belgium.

    Irish dating site Free online dating in Ireland

    The Irish Dames continued their peaceful existence, despite persistent harassment from occupying French troops. Abbess Lynch even received five new choir nuns and one new lay sister before her death on June 22,at just 46 years old.

    Bythough, the community had grown to include 10 choir Dames and four lay sisters. Belgians drew inspiration from the success of the July Revolution in France as well as a Brussels performance of the opera La muette de Portici, and independence movements spread throughout the country. By April of the following year, the revolution had reached Ypres, where anti-Dutch riots erupted.

    Irish dating site Free online dating in Ireland

    In JuneBelgium elected Prince Leopold as king of the new, independent constitutional monarchy. She was the seventh Irish abbess of the Ypres community, and the last Irish-born leader of the community until Dame Elizabeth Jarrett, a native of London, succeeded her as abbess, and would lead the community for the next 48 years.

    Inthough, Irish-born Dame Mary Josephine Fletcher arrived at Ypres, and would be with the community for the remainder of its time in Belgium. Due to old age, Jarrett effectively resigned as abbess inand died three years later after nearly a half-century leading the community.

    This promising growth, though, gave way to grave concern when war once again disrupted the peaceful lives of the Irish Dames of Ypres, this time with permanent consequence. Fleeing Ypres For all the wars and political turmoil that had affected the nuns in their nearly years at Ypres, they had never witnessed anything like the violence that began with a single gunshot on June 28, Over the next four and a half years, the Great War would engulf all of Europe, and the unprecedented destruction of those years would compel unprecedented action by the Irish Dames of Ypres.

    The Irish Nuns at Ypres: An Episode of the War, a book based on personal diaries of community members and edited by Dame M. Perhaps the first published account of World War I written by women, the book includes an introduction by John E. The account begins in Septemberwith Ypres under light and noise restriction and rumors swirling that the Germans would soon reach the town. The community at that time included Irish, English, Luxembourgish, and Germans among its 18 nuns and one novice.

    Exactly one month later, German forces invaded Ypres, and gunfire literally shook the abbey while the nuns continued with their daily prayer routine. Throughout their entire experience of the war, the nuns prayed fervently for peace, especially through the intercession of the Sacred Heart. Patrick, as you once chased the serpents and venomous reptiles out of Ireland, please now chase the Germans out of Belgium! Allied troops arrived a week later and defended the town for more than a month against increasingly intense German bombardment.

    They provided shelter to wounded French soldiers and townspeople fleeing the violence, housing up to 57 people per night. And, since they could not leave their enclosure, the nuns relied on friends to feed them information about German advances. For the first time since her profession some 60 years prior, the abbess left the Ypres enclosure in a cab that would take her and two other elderly sisters to Poperinge, about nine miles west of Ypres.

    5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium

    As the fighting escalated in the coming days and weeks, the community, led by Prioress Mary Maura Ostyn, finally determined that they, too, must escape Ypres. After attending one final Mass at St. Moments before they exited the outermost door, the first German shell to strike the abbey sent tremors through the entire building, but all escaped unharmed. The community continued to Poperinge where they reconnected with their abbess and the two others who had accompanied her.

    Before fleeing Belgium for good, the community sent three Dames back to Ypres to check on their beloved abbey. The continued German bombardment scarcely affected the exterior of the building, but laid waste to the interior. Holes riddled the roof and debris was scattered throughout the entire building.

    Irish dating site Free online dating in Ireland

    The nuns collected a few final belongings and said goodbye to their home for the last time. We are Irish Benedictines! Needless to say, it was an Irish regiment—every man wore the harp and shamrock on his collar and cap.

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