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  • Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)
  • Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)
  • Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)
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  • Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)
  • Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)
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    Over 40s Dating Agency New Zealand

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    New Zealand's smart way to date.

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    Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)

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    Over 40s Dating Agency New Zealand

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    Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)

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    Over 40s Dating Agency New Zealand

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    Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)

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    Just Your Average Teenager Daniel Rom Kristiansen was just your average year-old teenage boy living a textbook kind of life with his family on a farm in breathtaking Birkelse, Denmark, when his life took an excitingly unexpected turn in March, In fact, the reason for his discovery was just a result of a joke his father, Klaus, made in connection to the project. Check the Backyard, They Said. The Kristiansen family have lived on the farm for several generations where they graze cattle and toil the land as agricultural workers.

    A Father-and-Son Adventure After his father made the joke, the Kristiansen men decided to go on an historical escapade. With metal detectors in hand, both went to the field. They dug up some of the earth only to realize that they would have to dig deeper, and so they borrowed an excavator from the neighbors. So what exactly was buried underground?

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    What Lies Beneath the Surface The Kristiansens carefully drilled four to six feet down where they happened upon about pieces of metal debris of what appeared to be broken pieces of a plane. They then dug a little deeper and found an engine of a Messerschmitt BF plane and Luftwaffe munitions, including bullets from the machine guns. After digging a bit deeper, they found shocking objects that were hidden just below the surface for 73 years. A Hidden and Unidentified Skeleton The Kristiansens discovered remains of bones and clothes, which had to have belonged to the pilot that was trapped in the cockpit during the crash.

    The clothing items buried underground were a jacket and trousers, parts of a Nazi pilot uniform. Pieces of a Mysterious Puzzle Once they uncovered the bones, jacket, and trousers of the pilot, they started digging in the pockets of the clothes in which they found a wallet with Nazi emblems and insignia, some German money, and cigarette rolling paper.

    But who was this pilot? And why did he crash his plane? Read on to find out. The plane was powered by a liquid-cooled inverted-V12 aero engine. Allies, and even the Germans themselves, called it the Me Imagine finding something like that buried in your back yard.

    Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)

    But what else could be there? Who could the pilot be and how exactly did he get there? Did anyone know of this unidentified body after 73 years? These questions could only be addressed by authorities. What the authorities would discover and reveal would shock the world. Big News Overnight The father and son thought that the story would just make local newspapers, but the next day things were crazy. Journalists, TV Stations, and helicopters arrived at the scene, and people from all over the world started to call.

    Then we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes. It was like opening a book from yesterday. Not a single bit of metal. However, it turned out they were so wrong, as the story revealed itself further.

    Piecing the Mysterious Puzzle Together The North Jutland Police closed the site for investigation and the plane had to be removed by bomb disposal experts because the aircraft went down with lots ammunition on board. The pieces of the aircraft and the bones were then taken to The Historical Museum. So who was the dead soldier? Flensted explained that the plane was the most produced fighter aircraft in history.

    It was originally conceived as an interceptor, and then it performed multiple tasks acting as ground-attack aircraft, all-weather fighter, bomber escort, fighter-bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft. The Historical Museum Gets to Work The museum also investigated the twisted fuselage, guns, and the engine from the wreckage, and most importantly, the remains of the pilot stuck in the cockpit.

    Torben Sarauw, the head of archaeology and curator of the museum, made some interesting finds. Sometimes it just takes one tiny piece of evidence to solve an entire mystery, right?

    So what else did he discover?

    Best Dating Sites in New Zealand(NZ)

    He found three unused condoms, two Danish coins, and food stamps for a canteen in the Danish city of Aalborg, home to a German pilot training base. The food stamps had a great role to play, but there was still more, as these kind of things tend to go.

    Read on to find out if they discovered the ID of the pilot. His father told journalists: Young Kristiansen said that he hopes to update the details of the lost plane once everything comes to light.

    Over 40s Dating Agency New Zealand

    But it does it end here? So, Who Was the Pilot? German information office Deutsche Dienststelle tracked the pilot to be year-old Hans Wunderlich who crashed the plane on October, 10, The cause of the crash is unknown, but Nazi war records noted that the plane went down in a marshy field. After further investigation about the pilot, the plans changed.

    Unfortunately his sister, the only remaining relative, also died soon after their parents passed on. So where would he be laid to rest? It was also revealed that the Germans officially recorded his death at Holenbrunn City Hall on March 5, What happened with the remains of the plane and all the physical evidence after the mysterious puzzle of the Nazi plane was pieced together and the identity of the pilot was revealed? Was this another crucial WWII find?

    Some Over 40s Dating Agency Success Stories!*

    After all, the discovery was made 73 after the war. There is always evidence to uncover and more juicy details to place in the bigger puzzle that is world history. Denmark During Wartime Germany invaded Denmark in after the German army crossed the Danish border on April 9, by sea, air, and land.

    The invasion lasted approximately six hours, making it one of the shortest military operations of WWII. In order for this plan to work, the Nazis had to capture the airfield outside Aalborg. The Attack The German High Command was of the opinion that a combined assault on Denmark would help them to overrun Scandinavia as quickly as possible.

    So on April 4,it all went down. The Germans managed to attack and remained in power until late An Important Lesson There is certainly more to take from this cool story besides for all the evidence mentioned before.

    Some of them were not true, and some of them were true — but this one was true. Maybe I should have listened to him a bit more when he was alive!

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