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  • How prevalent is it in Queensland?
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  • What is FGM/C?
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    How prevalent is it in Queensland?

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    What is FGM/C?

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    The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "vir quidam de Armorica Gallia nomine Torquatius…Tortulfus dictus fuit", recording that "genus eius olim ab Armorica iussu Maximi Imperatoris a Britonibus expulsum est" [10]. It is probable that he was not a historical person. The name of Torquatius's wife is not known.

    As is the case with his supposed father, it is probable that Tertullus was not a historical person. No other record has been found of any dukes of Burgundy who could have been related to Petronilla. As with her husband, it is probable that Petronilla and her father were not historical persons.

    There is doubt whether the other references to Ingelger, which follow, accurately reflect the historical reality of his life. The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "Ingelgerius" as son of "Tertullus nobilem dux" and his wife [18]. The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that Ingelger died from "focositatem, phthisim et hydropisim" [22]. The Historia Comitum Andegavorum records that Ingelger married "Rursus Adelardus et Raymo ambo germani fratres, Turonensium et Andegavensium pontifices, neptem suam Aelindis" and that her dowry consisted of "alodiis suis…Ambazio, Busenciaco et Castellione" [24].

    The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that Ingelger married "Landonensis castri sive Gastinensis pagi consul nomine Gaufredus…filiam unicam…Adelam", and thereby inherited "Landonensi castro" as she was the heir of her father who had no surviving male issue [25]but this text may confuse Ingelger's wife with the first wife of Comte Foulques II "le Bon" see below.

    The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that, after the death of her husband, Adelais was unjustly accused of adultery by a group of nobles led by "Guntrannus parens Ingelgerii" but later exonerated [26]. The date of the earlier charter especially appears too early. Attonis vicecomitis, Guarnegaudi vicecomitis, Fulconis vicecomitis, Rainaldi vicecomitis Guarnegaudi vicecomitis vel graphionis, Burchardi comitis vel graphionis It is possible that all these entries refer to the same Foulques.

    The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records the burial of "Fulco Rufus" at "ecclesia beati Martini iuxta patrem suum" [38]. The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records the marriage of Foulques and "de pago Turonico…Roscillam, Warnerii filiam", specifying that "Warnerius…filius Adalaudi" had three castles "in Turonico…Lochas atque Villentrasti et Haia" which Foulques later acquired [40]. Although he is discussed in the Gesta after his brother Guy, it is likely that he was the oldest son, the first-born rarely entering the church although ecclesiasts were given precedence in lists of children in contemporary texts due to their perceived superior rank.

    Bishop of Soissons The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "Fulco Rufus alium [filium] …tertium iuniorem…alter Fulco cognominatus Bonus" when recording that he succeeded his father [48].

    A list of members of the Cathedral of Paris lists in order "…Walterius comes, Adela comitissa…" [50]. The primary source which confirms her origin has not been identified. It is possible that it is speculative, based on one of her sons being named Foulques. The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "Fulco Rufus alium [filium] …tertium iuniorem…alter Fulco cognominatus Bonus" when recording that he succeeded his father [52].

    He made peace with the Normans. GUY d'Anjou -before Her parentage and first marriage are confirmed by the Chronicle of Saint-Pierre du Puy which names "comes Gaufridus cognomento Grisogonella…Pontius et Bertrandus eius nepotes…matre eorum Adalaide sorore ipsius" [60]the brothers Pons and Bertrand being confirmed in other sources as the sons of Etienne de Brioude for example the charter dated under which "duo germani fratres…Pontius, alter Bertrandus" donated property to Saint-Chaffre for the souls of "patris sui Stephani matrisque nomine Alaicis" [61].

    Adelais's second and third marriages are confirmed by Richer who records the marriage of Louis and "Adelaidem, Ragemundi nuper defuncti ducis Gothorum uxorem" and their coronation as king and queen of Aquitaine [62]. The Chronicon Andegavensi names "Blanchiam filiam Fulconis Boni comitis Andegavensis" as wife of the successor of "Lotharius rex Francorum", but confuses matters by stating that the couple were parents of "filiam Constantiam" wife of Robert II King of France [63].

    The Chronicle of Saint-Maxence names "Blanchiam" as the wife of "Lotharius rex…Ludovicum filium" but does not give her origin [64]. She was crowned Queen of Aquitaine with her third husband on the day of their marriage. Rodulfus Glaber refers to the unnamed wife of "Ludowicum" as "ab Aquitanis partibus uxorem", recounting that she tricked him into travelling to Aquitaine where "she left him and attached herself to her own family" [66].

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    Richer records her marriage with "Wilelmum Arelatensem" after her divorce from Louis [67]. Her fourth marriage is confirmed by the Historia Francorum which names "Blanca sorore Gaufridi comitis Andegavensis" as wife of "Guillelmi comitis Arelatensis" [68]. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Blanche comitisse Arelatensis" as mother of "Constantia [uxor Robertus rex]", specifying that she was "soror Gaufridi Grisagonelli" [69].

    This charter is subscribed by "Emma comitissa…Wilelmus comes", the second of whom was presumably the son of Adelais but the first of whom has not been identified.

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    No explanation has been found for her having been named Adelais in some sources and Blanche in others: Adelais's supposed fifth marriage is deduced from the following: An enquiry dated 2 Jan records that "comitissa Blanca" was buried "apud Montem Majorem" [80]. Crowned King of Aquitaine the day of his marriage in Bishop of Le Puy. He succeeded as Comte de Chalon from his second marriage until his death in Her parentage and marriage are indicated by a manuscript genealogy, dated to the early 12th century, which lists "Herbertus de Tricis, Robertus, Adela, Fulco, Gaufridus Martellus", presumably indicating a line of succession [90].

    Her marriage date is estimated based on the estimated birth date of her oldest daughter. The origin of Adelais has been the subject of much speculation. Chaume suggested that she was the daughter or granddaughter of Charles Constantin Comte de Vienne [98]. Bouchard sets out several different theories concerning Adelais's origin, with the aim mainly of explaining Lambert's succession to the county of Chalon by inheritance through his wife.

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    However, none appears to be based on any primary source and the author concludes that she prefers "to leave Adelaide's origins unknown" [99]. Duchesne suggested that Adelais Ctss de Chalon was the daughter of Robert Comte de Meaux et de Troyes []although this would mean that the two wives of Geoffroy I Comte d'Anjou were sisters, no mention of which has been found in contemporary sources.

    However, this is even more unlikely chronologically considering the estimated birth date of Wera-Adelais and the fact that Adelais de Chalon gave birth to at least one child by her second husband after their marriage in It would also mean that Comte Geoffroy married, as his second wife, his first wife's mother which is unlikely to have been accepted by the church.

    Rodulfus Glaber records that Conan married the sister of Foulques of Anjou but does not name her []. The primary source which confirms her name has not yet been identified. She was presumably born before if it is correct that her first child was born in He was poisoned by his daughter-in-law Alaisia. The cartulary of Paray-le-Monial includes a charter undated of "filius eius Hugo" which is subscribed by "Hugonis comitis et episcopi, Adelaidis com, Mauricii…" [].

    The Historia Comitum Andegavorum repeats these statements, which are chronologically impossible, concerning the alleged succession of Maurice to the county of Anjou and his succession by his supposed son Foulques "Nerra" []. This would also be chronologically acceptable, assuming that "neptem" in the Gesta can be translated as granddaughter.

    However, no other Comte Maurice has been identified who lived during the right time period.

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    His parentage is confirmed by a charter dated which announces the birth in of [his son] "Gaufridus Martellus…pater eius Fulcho…comes Andecavorum filius Gaufridi Fortissimi comitis qui cognominatus est Grisia Gonella" and records donations to Saint-Aubin d'Angers [].

    This supposed line of succession is chronologically impossible and is contradicted by all other sources. No explanation has been found for this curious anomaly. He went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in []. Rodolfus Glaber records his death at Metz and his burial place [].

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