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    Saint Raphael Single Catholics

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    Saint Raphael Single Catholics

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    Bishop, Doctor of the Church, and the founder of the Redemptorist Congregation. Raised in a pious home, Alphonsus went on retreats with his father, Don Joseph, who was a naval officer and a captain of the Royal Galleys.

    Alphonsus was the oldest of seven children, raised by a devout mother of Spanish descent. Educated at the University of Naples, Alphonsus received his doctorate at the age of sixteen. By age nineteen he was practicing law, but he saw the transitory nature of the secular world, and after a brief time, retreated from the law courts and his fame. Visiting the local Hospital for Incurables on August 28,he had a vision and was told to consecrate his life solely to God. In response, Alphonsus dedicated himself to the religious life, even while suffering persecution from his family.

    He finally agreed to become a priest but to live at home as a member of a group of secular missionaries. He was ordained on December 21,and he spent six years giving missions throughout Naples. This lifelong friendship aided Alphonsus, as did his association with a mystic, Sister Mary Celeste.

    Saint Raphael Single Catholics

    The foundation faced immediate problems, and after just one year, Alphonsus found himself with only one lay brother, his other companions having left to form their own religious group. He started again, recruited new members, and in became the prior of two new congregations, one for men and one for women. Pope Benedict XIV gave his approval for the men's congregation in and for the women's in Alphonsus was preaching missions in the rural areas and writing.

    He refused to become the bishop of Palermo but in had to accept the papal command to accept the see of St. Agatha of the Goths near Naples. Here he discovered more than thirty thousand uninstructed men and women and four hundred indifferent priests. For thirteen years Alphonsus fed the poor, instructed families, reorganized the seminary and religious houses, taught theology, and wrote. His austerities were rigorous, and he suffered daily the pain from rheumatism that was beginning to deform his body.

    He spent several years having to drink from tubes because his head was so bent forward. An attack of rheumatic fever, from May to Juneleft him paralyzed.

    Saint Raphael Single Catholics

    He was not allowed to resign his see, however, until InAlphonsus was tricked into signing a submission for royal approval of his congregation. This submission altered the original rule, and as a result Alphonsus was denied any authority among the Redemptorists.

    Deposed and excluded from his own congregation, Alphonsus suffered great anguish. But he overcame his depression, and he experienced visions, performed miracles, and gave prophecies. He was beatified in and canonized in His writings on moral, theological, and ascetic matters had great impact and have survived through the years, especially his Moral Theology and his Glories of Mary. He was buried at the monastery of the Pagani near Naples. Shrines were built there and at St. Agatha of the Goths.

    He is the patron of confessors, moral theologians, and the lay apostolate. In liturgical art he is depicted as bent over with rheumatism or as a young priest.
    Pin it Tours The St. Louis Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in New Orleans.

    Every year hundreds of thousands of people gaze upon its beauty both from Jackson Square and within its doors.

    Saint Raphael Single Catholics

    History With a history dating back to s, St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans historically rich landmarks. The land where the cathedral stands was first designated as a church site in Louis, Adrien De Pauger, died on June 21, Both children of colonists and slaves were baptized within its walls and marriage and burial rites were held for the poor and highborn. The following are the names of persons buried under the church, before it was built and since. Alias HeliasDirector of the Law concessions.

    Pauger, Knight of St. Louis, Chief Engineer, the same who made the plan of the city.

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    Raphael, Superior of the Capuchins. Charles, Superior of the Capuchins. Chauvin, Trustee in active service. Michel, Commissary of the Navy and acting Intendant. A fire erupted in the Cathedral in March of after a candle ignited the lace draperies of an altar in the home of a military treasurer, Vincente Jose Nunez, on Chartres Street. The Church of St. Louis was one of many buildings burned to the ground during the fire. More than five years later, a new church was completed on the grounds.

    The second Church of St. The new church opened its doors on Christmas Eve, and dedicated as a Cathedral. The city council agreed to finance the clock as well as share in the cost of erecting the tower. Delachaux brought the clock and bell from Paris. This bell, which still rings out the hours from above the church's clock, is inscribed in French: Braves Louisianais, cette cloche dont le nom est Victoire a ete fondue en memoire de Ia glorieuse joumee du 8 Janvier Italian painter Francisco Zapari decorated the interior of the church and its altars and an organ was imported in One of the largest funeral to date was held in at the Cathedral for Pere Antoine who had been pastor at the church from to and again from until his death at the age of His body was laid out in the Cathedral for three days after he passed and thousands visited.

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