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  • Hello, Talk to me :)
  • 3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls
  • 3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls
  • 3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls
  • 3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls
  • 3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

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    Hello, Talk to me :)

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    3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

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    Top 5 Japanese Online Dating Sites for Foreigners

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    Top 5 Japanese Online Dating Sites for Foreigners

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    3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

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    3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

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    3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

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    Online dating is still less common here and even a little frowned upon. But thanks to the rise of social networks, especially Facebook, more people feel safe about meeting someone new online.

    Top 5 Japanese Online Dating Sites for Foreigners

    Here are just a few social online dating services that leverage Facebook, in no particular order. My-Qpit lets users search for partners by age, occupation, and even by hobbies. The site is popular with young women, and is free to use — but for men, it requires a monthly fee of 2, yen. If individuals find each other attractive, they can start chatting within the app.

    Many online matchmaking services requires users to do the searching, but MatchAlarm takes away the hassle by doing the work for users. MatchAlarm is backed by CyberAgent Ventures. You can search for your ideal partner using 24 criteria, including age, nationality, income, personality, and more. As with other sites, users can hide their Facebook identity until they feel comfortable enough to share with the other person.

    Omiai is free for women to use, and for men it costs 1, yen per month. Omiai is also available as an app on iOS and Android.

    But Frigg takes a somewhat passive approach. After answering over questions about personality, lifestyle, hobby, etc, the site recommends a match once per day.

    3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

    The site also allows users to choose non-negotiable criterias, such as no excess gambling or drinking. Instead of clicking through profile photos, the limited number of recommendations makes individuals extra cautious when before saying yes or no. Men can use premium service starting from yen per month. WithFacebook likes, the site is very aggressive in its online marketing.

    Top 5 Japanese Online Dating Sites for Foreigners

    Judging by the posts on its Facebook page, they appear to target men more than women. You can set your preferences for your partner, and click through the options displayed. On a related note, US-based dating site for people already in a relationship, Ashley Madisonrecently made its official launch in Japan.

    It will be interesting to see if that website will be accepted among Japanese people. Lead photo via Omiai.

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