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    ‘Black Hole of Death’ Cave Reveals Mysterious Identity of First Americans

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    The Black Hole The year was Alberto Nava, a cartographer, was mapping underwater passageways when he stumbled onto something amazing: The dark hole dropped over feet into a cavernous water pit.

    No one knew what secrets would lie at the watery bottom. Yet this one proved to be much much more unique than all the rest. This one connected to a series of dark ominous tunnels and off-shooting caves. Exploration Team Nava, along with director Alejandro Alvarez, Franco Antonelli and other professional cave surveyors and science divers set out to map the previously unexplored underwater pit. Exploring cenotes is scientifically and historically important as they remain largely undisturbed by the outside world and can contain ancient treasures thousands of years old.

    The rainwater floats on top of the higher-density saline water from the coastal waters. This creates an ideal environment to preserve things for thousands of years. The team was tasked with mapping and photo-documenting the cave systems. You will know there is danger when the ice starts to crack, but by that point, it is far too late. At least cave divers are known to have died while attempting to explore the underground networks.

    The Cave The skilled divers were forced to climb down a foot ladder into a nearby sinkhole to reach the networks of caves and pits.

    1. The Black Hole

    Down below the surface, the chilly waters were pitch-black and eerily still. Each diver went in geared to the teeth with two air tanks, safety lines, lights, computers and cameras. One incorrect move or flick of a flipper can destroy rock formations that will never reform and kick up dirt particles, making visibility impossible. Complete Darkness As the team progressed further and further into the cavernous Black Hole of Death they descended into complete darkness.

    By the light of their flashlights, they followed one of the tunnels for more than half a mile until the floor suddenly dropped out. The tunnel led the diver team to a massive underground cavern. It was the size of a professional basketball court.

    Totally Free Dating Sites No Fees: Send Message

    Risky Business Right in front of their faces, they found a bone floating in the black water. The cavern was bell-shaped and at least feet deep. Exhausted and running out of air, they collected their finding and turned around to find the exit. The team was thrilled beyond belief at their find. They were determined to stock up on more air tanks and equipment and return the very next day.

    Subterranean Passageways Toward the end of the last ice age, researchers believe that the vast network of caves and pits in the Yucatan Peninsula were used as subterranean passageways by animals and humans.

    Trying to pass through them would have been dangerous though. But since there were no lakes or rivers in the region, the subterranean system would have been one of the rare locations to find clean freshwater. Megafauna The first bone that the team found was from a megafauna species called a gomphothere.

    The gomphothere is a distant relative of modern-day elephants and inhabited North America roughly between 1. Unlike the elephant, these creatures had four tusks. Wikimedia Commons Researchers believe that the animals were herbivores.

    Totally Free Dating Sites No Fees: Send Message

    The gomphotheres died off sometime near the end of the last ice age, eventually becoming extinct. Multiple skeletal remains from these creatures have been found in Mexico and Central America. This time the team brought propulsion equipment and nine additional air tanks with them to speed up their journey and spend a longer period of time underwater.

    They took their time not to damage any of their findings or disturb the cave so that future divers and researchers could continue their work should further examination be necessary. In their appearance, the animals greatly resembled the modern day sloth but in size, they were as large as elephants.

    They were native to South America and like the gomphothere, were herbivores. Researchers believe that the giant ground sloth was hunted into extinction by humans. Short-Faced Bear Embedded deep into the walls of the pit were also short-faced bear fossils.

    ‘Black Hole of Death’ Cave Reveals Mysterious Identity of First Americans

    The short-faced bear was once the most terrifying mammal in the Americas. Although they are similar to present-day bears in appearance, they would have stood taller than most humans even while on all-fours.

    They were possibly the largest carnivorous land-mammal to ever have existed in North America. On its hind-legs, the short-faced bear stood around feet tall. More Remains Among the skeletal remains found at the bottom of the Black Hole of Death were saber-tooth cat remains, also sometimes referred to as saber-tooth tigers. These animals are one of the most famous prehistoric mammals, but unlike their name suggests they are neither closely related to cats nor tigers.

    Pinterest Saber-tooth mammals are actually more closely related to kangaroos and opossums than they are to feline cats. These carnivorous animals are known for their prominent long upper canine teeth.

    Amazing Discovery During their second trip down into the Black Hole, the team made their most celebrated discovery yet, human remains. The team first spotted a human skull resting on a ledge. It was propped up by an arm and bared a full set of teeth. Scientific Significance According to scientific analysis, the human remains were that of a year-old girl who is believed to have lived some 12, to 13, years ago.

    Naia is the most complete and oldest human remains found in the Americas to date.

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    Her skeletal remains held ancient secrets on the first humans to inhabit the Americas, putting old myths to rest. The First Americans For centuries researchers have debated the question of who were the first people to colonize the Americas.

    Traditional theories have suggested that the Native Americans were the first to arrive in North America via the Bering land bridge connecting modern-day Russia and Alaska.

    The land bridge eventually disappeared due to rising water levels after the end of the last ice age. The two continents were formerly disconnected, isolating animal populations. After the volcanic Isthmus of Panama rose out of the sea floor the two continents were connected, allowing for fauna to cross.

    Her remains showed distinct physical differences from those of Native Americans. Raising the question of whether Native Americans the first humans to inhabit North America. Initially, researchers hypothesized that the differences were merely the result of evolutionary changes.

    Totally Free Dating Sites No Fees: Send Message

    Naia is the oldest and most complete skeleton ever found. The divers found all of her teeth, most of her vertebra, ribs, all of her limbs as well as her pelvis and pubic bone. She would have fallen around a half mile down into the inescapable pit. During the time she would have lived, around 12, to 13, years ago, the networks of caves would have been used by humans and animals as passageways.

    The Yucatan Peninsula is devoid of rivers and lakes, making the pits in the area the only source of fresh drinking water. Skeletal Remains The pristine condition of the nearly-intact skeleton of Naia was made possible due to the isolated underground pit.

    The remains were found at around feet below sea level and locked underground where nothing was able to disturb them. Seeds and bat droppings found in the underwater pit were also used to help determine that she died around 12, to 13, years ago. There were also skeletal signs that she had recently given birth to a child. Physical Features Researchers were able to determine that Naia would have been around five feet tall during her life and weighed no more than pounds at most.

    Her skeletal remains showed signed that she had broken her arm at some point during her lifetime and that it later mended. Her nose would have been low and flat, her teeth had an outward-projecting form. Genetic Markers Despite having opposite physical features, analysis of genetic markers in Naia showed that she indeed had similar lineage with Native American DNA.

    Recent genetic analysis of modern Native Americans shows that their ancestors originated in Asia. This most likely occurred during their long journey across Beringia, the area that once connected Russia to Alaska. Experts believe that the changes in her physical appearance coincide with evolutionary adaptations over the past 13, years. In fact, archaeologists discovered another skeleton known as the Kennewick Man who exhibits similar physical traits.

    A report published in suggests that Naia is in no way related to the Native Americans that crossed the land bridge from Asia. Word of the discovery soon spread throughout the world, peaking the interest of other divers. They wanted souvenirs to keep for themselves, and of course, sell on the black market.

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    The unauthorized divers disturbed the underwater caves and significantly destroyed many remains. In such an environment even air bubbles break rock formations. The decision was a dangerous one. Having been locked feet below sea level for thousands of years there was a chance that her skull could shatter at the slightest touch.

    Now, the next phase of research could begin.


    In an effort to locate them without risking multiple dives to examine them, researchers decided to create a 3D map of the network of caves. By using photos of the caves technicians were able to create a 3D map for archaeologists to study. Additional Findings Artifacts and remains found at the bottom of the Black Hole of Death provide highly valuable insight into the lives and ancestry of ancient Native Americans. While the discovery does not prove without a doubt that Naia came from these people, she does provide much support.

    Anzick Discovery Prior to the discovery of Naia, a 12,year-old infant skull was discovered in Montana in He was buried near tools that belonged to the pre-historic Clovis culture. DNA researched showed that he was a direct descendant of native peoples from Central and South America. Common Ancestry Prior to the Aznick discovery invery little genetic data from the earliest Americans was available.

    The discovery helped solidify the hypothesis that the Native Americans originated in Asia. The Anzick remains, however, are far less complete than the skeletal remains of Naia in the Black Hole of Death. Researchers believe that the physical differences between the two findings are a result of an evolutionary change.

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