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  • Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥
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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Compare Reviews for Top Online Dating Sites & Services

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    To help you ring in with a kiss and more from an Eastern European cutie, we are bringing you the complete and updated list of dating platforms to try. No lies, though, most of them you have already heard of.

    Or maybe not, if you are new to this whole thing. My point is, the best Eastern European dating sites are the ones that already have years of experience behind their backs. They are the safest, they have the most members, and ultimately, they are the ones where your chances are the highest!

    I know, I know, International Cupid is hardly a niche dating site.

    Top 20 The Best European Dating Sites in Europe

    We will get to them later and trust me, they do have a bunch of perks. But here is why International Cupid is worth your time and membership fee: From my experience, men who date foreign girls are not too picky about where they come from. Sure, you might have a thing for Eastern Europeans but would you really turn down an olive-skinned Greek lady with huge eyes and sensual curves?

    Top 20 The Best European Dating Sites in Europe

    Even if she is not Slavic, I bet she does check a lot of your wifey requirement boxes: Will take care of me? I would go as far as saying that International Cupid is the best place for a newbie to start his Eastern European wife hunt.

    They are a Cupid Media website, meaning that they have the same profile quality standards and smart, multiple layer anti-scam policy. International Cupid also comes with the huge perk of giving you tons of background verified, relationship-minded girls. They are the perfect way to ease into the international dating scene. Plus, most of their members are Eastern European girls so you will still be dating in your niche with the option to look outside as well without any extra fees or the need to fill out a new profile on a different site.

    You see, women here are not super comfortable with their sexuality like they are in the West. Take Alina for example.

    I know her from high school, a. Anyhow, as is with most Eastern European girls, Alina did not want to hook up with a random guy, at least not for her first time. It had to be special. She was dating a dude from school for a couple of months but that never led anywhere and then she had a super long single period. Around two years into that Tinder rolled around.

    What features matter most?

    This is already a desperate move. In fact, I learned that she had it when I came across her profile. She had not swiped right on me. Long story short, they did the dirty and broke up shortly after. Not the cutest first-time story but whose is? Just a little disclaimer here, you might be wondering why I know so much about Alina.

    No, I did not have a secret crush on her. She just happens to be one of my sisters best friends plus we all went to high school together and were kind of in the same friend group. You can see how that is contradicting, right? I bet there is some psychological explanation to that, involving the superego and what not.

    Either way, the bottom line is you could use that to your advantage. If a woman is on Tinder, she is already settling in her mind. You would have to compensate that with interest. Remember, every sign of interest is a sign of desperation in her mind.

    To ease her slightly damaged ego, work extra hard at romancing her. It will pay off sooner than you think and it is the best strategy for scoring girls way out of your league. Russian Cupid is a Cupid Media site dedicated to connecting Russian singles a.

    Women latest

    It is the age-old story of girl meets exciting foreign man. Women on Russian Date are hot. Unlike other Eastern European dating sites, this one is almost scam-proof. But why choose Russian date or Ukraine Date, which is our last pick for this articleover websites with a broader selection?

    After all, they belong to the same company. But when it comes to niche dating, there are a couple of extra pros that you want to consider. First off, you do have a more limited selection but that could be a blessing in disguise.

    Well, you never know, some might argue. And yes, if you have the slightest doubt about your type I would recommend going to a more broad spectrum Eastern European dating site. Greece is Eastern Europe but they are not Slavic. If blond hair and blue eyes is your type, why not go to a site dedicated to that sort of girl?

    They are anxious to get into a relationship ASAP. Russian girls and Ukrainian women are particularly into that. Other places in Eastern Europe might be just as rich in hot women but standards are changing quick. For instance, Romanian women are now much less likely to get married before getting their education and a head start on a career.

    Focusing on Eastern European dating might not be enough to meet marriage-minded women anymore. Russians and Ukrainians are still some of the most relationship-focused girls out there.

    A smart, career-oriented girl can be nice. But if a future trophy wife is what you are after, it might be worth narrowing the Eastern European nations down a little bit. But really, Eastern European dating is a lot easier than dating in the West.

    Top 20 The Best European Dating Sites in Europe

    There are less games and women take you for what you are. Maybe it is because you are a foreigner in other words, successful and a ticket to a better life —but I doubt it. More likely, women in Eastern Europe have grown up with a different idea of what they should expect from a future partner.

    Stability and support are on the top of that list, not constant entertainment or being Chris Hemsworth-level buff. Whether you go to International Cupid, Russian Cupid or Ukraine Date to meet your future Eastern European girlfriend, remember to stay true to yourself and to embrace the process. Best of luck and I am waiting for those field reports in the comments down below.

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