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  • The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar
  • The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar
  • The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar
  • The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar
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  • The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

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    The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

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    For a critical Christian response to these claims, see: The ancient polytheistic religions of Egypt, Persia, Babylonia and eventually Rome increasingly consolidated their pantheons of deities under a single primary god, usually a Sun-god. Humans could choose between good light or evil darkness and on judgment day be sent to Heaven or Hell based on their choices.

    Mithras was identified as the redeemer prophesied by Zoroaster: As an adult, Mithras healed the sick, made the lame walk, gave sight to the blind and raised the dead. Before returning to heaven at the Spring Equinox Mithras had a last supper with 12 disciples representing the 12 signs of the Zodiac. This militaristic black-and-white morality including a final judgment affecting an afterlife of heaven or hell probably accounted for the popularity of Mithraism among Roman soldiers.

    Mithraism was like an ancient fraternity: Commodus became the first Roman emperor to be initiated into Mithraism. The attempts by Diocletian to impose the state religion on everyone led to the last and most terrible of all persecutions.

    But many people saw the Roman State as a greater enemy than the Christians, who were respected for their willingness to die for their beliefs. Despite the intense persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire, Christianity continued to win many converts from paganism. Many of the former pagans were unwilling to relinquish their traditional winter solstice celebrations.

    Constantine sought to unify Sun-worship and Christianity into a single monotheistic state religion. Although Constantine was baptized on his deathbed, this was not an indication of his insincerity — it was a common practice of early Christians to delay baptism so as to die without sin. Although the Bible sanctifies Saturday as the Sabbath, many Christians regarded Sunday the day of the resurrection of Christ as the new holy day — especially because this distanced Christianity from Judaism.

    Constantine made Sunday rather than Saturday Saturn's Day the weekly holiday of the state religion of Sun-worship. Christian art began to adopt the pagan practice of depicting holy figures with crowns of sun rays the crown of Mithras or Sol invictusor with a halo. The Statue of Liberty wears a crown of sun rays.

    Constantine regarded himself to be the supreme spiritual leader of both the Sun-cults and of Christianity. Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople, a city he immodestly renamed after himself. Constantine called himself "first of the apostles" and he did not recognize the papacy of the bishop of Rome. Constantine called the first Council of Nicea Nicaea to resolve controversy and establish Christian orthodoxy. The Council of Nicea was the first ecumenical conference of Christian bishops, the nucleus of the institution which was to become the hierarchical Roman Catholic Church, dominated by celibate male priests.

    Celibate priests had not been part of the teachings of Jesus — many of his apostles, including Peter, were married. The Council sanctioned the efforts of IrenaeusEusebius and others who were establishing certain scriptures as the infallible canon of the New Testamentwhile declaring other scriptures to be heresy — notably Gnostic Gospels such as the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Thomaswhich support the idea that Mary Magdalene was an apostle and that salvation is possible without a church.

    With orthodox Christianity incorporated into the monolithic state religion, Christian "heretics" were heavily persecuted. The Church was pushed by political forces and pulled by the desire to co-opt a popular pagan holiday, despite a lack of evidence that Christ was born in December. Constantine built the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, one of the oldest continually operating churches in the world currently administered by a coalition of Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox clerics.

    Gnostics believed that spiritual is more important than physical, that the knowledge Christ brought to the world is far more important than his physical birth or crucifixion and that direct personal experience of God is of greater importance than churches or other institutions. The rebirth of the Greek god Dionysus had been celebrated on January 6th.

    Epiphany for Western churches means the visit of the Magi, whereas for the Eastern churches Epiphany is the anniversary of Christ's baptism. At age 30 he became the bishop of Myra now the city of Demre on the south coast of Turkey near the beginning of the fourth century. Soon after his appointment, the government of the Eastern Roman Empire jailed all Christian bishops who did not publicly sacrifice to the gods of Rome.

    Nicholas remained in prison for nearly ten years until Constantine conquered the East — ending the persecution of Christians.

    So many Christians had defected that the sacrament of confession was created, so that the "traitors" could cleanse their souls before re-entering the Christian Church. Nicholas was a vigorous opponent of Arianism, the belief of the Alexandrian bishop Arius that Christ was created by God and therefore independent of God and inferior to God — a form of polytheism intended to explain how Christ could be both human and divine. Nicholas reputedly not only attended Nicea, but physically accosted Arius there.


    The Nicene Creed supported the unity of God, Christ and the Holy Ghost as a single Being with God and Christ equally divine, but of the same divine substancethereby affirming the monotheism of Christianity.

    Constantine exiled Arius and ordered his books to be burned. Physicist Isaac Newton was probably secretly an Arianwith Newton regarding the worship of Jesus Christ as God to be sinful idolatry. Saint Nicholas became the subject of many legends. A sailor who fell overboard was reputedly saved by Nicholas when the saint walked on water, retrieved the sailor and carried him back to the ship. Nicholas took pity on a poverty-stricken family with 3 daughters who faced the threat of being forced into prostitution because they had no wedding dowries.

    For two daughters he crept-up to their house at night and threw bags of gold through a bedroom window. For the last daughter, he threw a bag of gold down the chimney — which landed in a stocking she had set by the fireplace for drying. The bones of Saint Nicholas lay in his tomb in Myra until The Basilica di San Nicola was completed in the middle of the 12th century where the crypt was located. The legend of Nicholas made him so popular that more European churches bore his name than that of any of the apostles.

    He was made patron saint of Greece and Russia. The 3-ball symbol of pawnshops represents the three bags of gold he threw as dowries. On February 14, the Pope removed Nicholas from the calendar of saints — there are no records of Nicholas ever having been canonized. The Eastern Orthodox Church continues to recognize the sainthood of Nicholas. The fact that the date coincided with the completion of farm-work, the slaughtering of animals for the winter and a period of idleness, abundant food and celebration may actually be the real reason why it was celebrated with such enthusiasm.

    But the feast of Saint Nicholas was abolished in many European countries as part of Martin Luther's effort to stop the veneration of saints.

    Amsterdam has historically been a great seaport, and Saint Nicholas Sinterklaas as the protector of sailors has been its patron saint. In Germany the assistant of St. Nicholas was Knecht Ruprecht, a "wild man" who was condemned as a manifestation of the devil by the Catholic Church.

    In Washington Irving, a member of the New York Historical Society which promoted a Dutch Saint Nicholas as its patron saintcreated a tale of a chubby, pipe-smoking little Saint Nicholas who road a magic horse through the air visiting all houses in New York. The elfish figure was small enough to climb down chimneys with gifts for the good children and switches for the bad ones. Moore may have been inspired by the Finnish legend of Old Man Winter, who drove reindeer down from the mountain, bringing the snow.

    Following Irving's example, Moore's St. Nick was more an elf than a bishop. Unlike the earlier St. Nicks, this one brought no birch switches, only presents. And it was Moore who established that St.

    Nick brings presents on the night before Christmas rather than on Saint Nicholas Day or any other time. Nast transformed Santa into a full-sized human who somehow retained the ability to climb through chimneys, but who had a team of elf assistants. By Nast had drawn Santa as a large man with a white beard in a red suit trimmed with white fur.

    Thirty-five years of annual advertising by the Coca-Cola company using Sundblom's Santa solidified the contemporary image of Santa Claus but without the Coke. The first department store Santa Claus was at J. Parkinson's store in Philadelphia in Kriss Kringle dramatically came down a chimney for the children and Parkinson's became "Kriss Kringle Headquarters".

    The second department store to feature a Santa was in Massachusetts in By dozens of American department stores had Santas. In the s Gimbel's department store in Philadelphia, Macy's in New York, Hudson's in Detroit and many other department stores sponsored Thanksgiving parades that featured Santa Claus. As a compromise, a act of Congress established Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday in November. The story was patterned after The Ugly Duckling, turning a genetically defective glowing nose into a foggy-night navigation asset.

    Originally distributed to children as an illustrated story, a decade later it became the theme of a song which was sung by Gene Autry, the "Singing Cowboy". Katherine Lee Bates who wrote the song " America the Beautiful " is credited with the invention of Mrs.

    Santa Claus in a poem written in Since that time Mrs. Claus has often been depicted as a cheerful portly woman who spends her time at the north pole preparing Christmas foods. In England, as elsewhere, many churches had been dedicated to Saint Nicholas, but with the elimination of Catholicism "Father Christmas" reverted to associations with a green-clad elfish figure associated with pagan mid-winter festivals.

    Father Christmas did not distribute gifts and he was often the master of ceremonies for mummer's plays. Francis Church, one of the Sun's editorial writers wrote a "Yes, Virginia" reply which has become a classic example for adults fostering children's belief in Santa Claus. As children begin to question how Santa can visit every house, how a large man can fit in a chimney, how Santa can be in so many shopping malls at the same time, etc — many parents resort to increasingly strained explanations to maintain the fiction.

    The uncritical belief of children can be touchingly cute. The temptation to build a poetic fantasy-world in formative minds — removed from the harsh realities of life — can be great. Potential damage can result from erosion of trust when parents seriously try to convince their children that Santa Claus is a fact rather than a fairy tale. But if a parent can experience sentimental enchantment and love attached to the "game" of Santa Claus it would be hard to find much intention to deceive when no effort is made to mislead a child who begins to question.

    Some Christians can become uncomfortable with the God-like qualities of Santa Claus. He is all-knowing, has magical powers and distributes reward or punishment but nearly always reward, irrespective of how good or bad the child has been.

    For parents to lie to children to encourage them to believe in a false god in a red suit is viewed as a blasphemous substitute for recognition of the true God. Men interested in playing Santa Claus at Christmas-time are coming under increasing scrutiny.

    In some cases Santa is prohibited from being in the company of a child without a third adult apart from the parent being present. Santa must not make promises to a child. Santa must keep both hands in plain view at all times. And Santa must not straddle a child on the knee — or perhaps not touch a child at all.
    So during my recent visit, I decided it was high time to remedy that.

    I do not suggest that you attempt to visit Montreal in one day. However, if a day is all you have, here is how I recommend you spend it. If you enjoy exploring cities on foot, I think you will like this itinerary. The total distance covered is around nine kilometres about five and a half miles. Facades, Square St-Louis Notes: In Montreal, the street grid system is oriented at an angle from the cardinal points.

    The walk starts and ends at a metro station. Numbers next to attractions correspond to those on the map at the bottom. All prices below are in Canadian dollars. The interior decoration has changed over the years, and now includes a bronze altarpiece, a Casavant organ, and unique stained glass windows among its features. This museum opened inbut its modern building sits on top of ruins dating back to the beginning of the settlement in Cruise ships sometimes dock here.

    An IMAX theatre is also located here. You can venture out a little further along the water if you wish before doubling back. Try to ignore the tourist hubbub and look-alike souvenir shops, and focus instead on the old stone architecture.

    The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

    You could also buy a small jar of maple syrup, jelly, or butter as a souvenir. Keep walking east on St-Paul and you will emerge on Place Jacques-Cartier [6], where tourists mingle with buskers, caricaturists, and vendor stalls. Just resist the urge to eat in the tourist restaurants.

    Turn left into the square and walk toward the column. Between it and the other imposing civic building to the left is a nice plaza with a showy fountain where you can sit down for a bit and rest.

    The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

    Make a left turn on that street. Rue Saint-Denis Pick a place, rest, and enjoy a long lunch, like the locals do. Once re-energized, keep walking up the slope just past rue Sherbrooke.

    On your left is Square Saint-Louis [11], a pleasant tree-shaded neighbourhood park anchored by a fountain. The architecture of the surrounding buildings is also interesting to look at. Square Saint-Louis At the far end of the park you will find rue Prince-Arthur [12], a lively pedestrian street lined with restaurants. During the warm months, tables spill out in front of the restaurants, while buskers and portraitists entertain the crowd. The most loved characteristic of these establishments is that they generally let you bring your own wine!

    You can buy a bottle at a nearby convenient store they all sell alcohol in Quebec and have it with your meal, without having to pay a corkage fee. Walk the entire length of the pedestrian section, then turn right onto Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Take a left here and walk three blocks until you see a large park on your right. This is Parc Jeanne-Mance [14], a wide grassy area with a bohemian vibe, popular with young people who sit around to picnic, smoke, and play guitar.

    Cross the park along a diagonal until you see, across Avenue du Parc, the tall Sir George-Etienne Cartier monument [15], fronted by two lions. The Tam Tam Jam is a Montreal tradition, a weekly festival of sorts, where people gather to play drums and dance in general merriment.

    Montreal is a derivation of the name Mont-Royal.

    Velvet Black Models

    There are walking trails, cycling trails, and a great observation point on its southern slope. If you are getting tired and would like to shave a couple of kilometres off this walk, go north along Avenue du Parc to your right as you face the monument to the corner of Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, and take bus 11 westbound for three stops. Most of the mountain top consists of wooded areas, where the foliage turns beautiful shades of ochre, orange and red in the fall.

    Take your time and breathe in the clean air of this forest within the city. The natural promontory in front of the Chalet gives you an unobstructed view of the downtown core and the Saint-Lawrence River beyond. View over the city from Mont Royal Get your bearings with this map sorry, in French only. The bottom portion is especially useful. Take a left here, then a right onto rue Peel [18] which leads right into downtown Montreal.

    The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

    You could have dinner here if you want. This part of downtown becomes more anglophone as you keep going west. Intersecting streets such as Stanley, Bishop, and especially Crescent, are home to several nightclubs… in case you still have energy left.

    But that will be another post! It includes more city walks, and cycling tours too!
    Features one channel and two inputs; volume, bright, treble, treble expander, bass, bass expander, bright switch, deep switch, stand-by switch, pilot light for stand-by and operate.

    This amp was built to play larger halls and outdoor concerts. The lack of reverb was not a big issue as most live performances had acoustics full of reverberation halls, arenas. Peter Traynor built these things to stand up to road abuse, unlike a lot of vintage stuff.

    Velvet Black Models

    It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone. Works great in large club settings. Front panel has two input jacks, controls for treble boost, volume, treble expander, treble, bass expander, bass, presence, and bass boost.

    There is also a standby switch and corresponding green and red pilot lights. There are no effects in this head, but stomp boxes work just fine. The front of the amp is wrapped in a Fender-style silver-face cloth [ There is also a cooling fan installed. With tubes, you'll get about W from the Custom Special.

    Navigation menu

    Original tube [complement] was three 12AX7s and four 6CA7s that I swapped for s very easy, just boost bias about ten volts in order to have 30ma idle Original input resistor was k and I changed it for 5.

    Can be converted from to EL34, I think a pin jumper is needed. The schematic for my '69 Custom Special says to use an 8 ohm load.

    However, if you take a look at Traynor's advertising from the period, they seem to recommend cabinet combinations which would result in loads as low as 2 ohms as I recall My amp makes around watts into an 8 ohm dummy load, and into 4 ohms. I have trouble with [the] suggestion that it produced watts, however. I don't think switching to s will make the transformers any hotter.

    This amp won't fit easily in the backseat of modern cars forget the trunk, you'll need a van or a pick-up. I have been playing bass guitar for almost 40 years. It has great tone and plenty of volume. It is heavey but it's lighter than an SVT and less expensive.

    Velvet Black Models

    I own 3 of these heads and they are from and 69 non-master volume. The non-master volume heads have chokes in them. The low end and low mids are lush, very tubey. The tone cuts right through the band in a very full and pleasing way and fills any voids. I have the tubes biased at 30 ma. The only thing the head needed was more low end, every thing else was there. Almost all the bypass caps are. The last two caps at the phase inverter bias feed are.

    Ampeg had these on many amps. Also at this location are two k bias feed resistors or at least their should be change the two k resistors to k resistors. This will help the tube deal with the high voltages. On EL34 tubes pin 1 is an active pin. It is tied to a grid. Pin 5 sees normal bias voltage and if you look you'll see all of pin 1's looped together off the circuit board.

    The Last Date - Fingerstyle Guitar

    It takes the bias voltage from the right side of the circuit board and loops to every pin one and then goes back to the circuit board completing the circuit. When the amp is in the standby mode it sees about volts of bias. When you turn the amp on the bias voltage comes down slowly, takes about 60 seconds. This way the tubes are protected from the surge of dc power going to the power tubes. The amp will sound fuzzy and distorted until the bias voltage fully drops.

    So you have bias voltage on pins 5 and 1. This is how Peter Traynor wanted it. It makes the amp cleaner and more stable. If you want to use THESE tubes I would disconnect the bias voltage going to pin 1 and recheck that you are still seeing bias voltage on pin 5!

    I bought a YBA-3 new in '68 with 2- 4X12 huge open back cabs for The ad I saw before purchase stated it was rated at watts!!

    I think the cabs had Goodman speakers. The cabs had a removable dolly boards and the amp had a "T" bolt to secure it to one of the cabs. If you see one of these cabs that's the reason for the threaded insert on top.

    These were the day's when bigger was "far out". They also had a smaller closed back version with what I was told were Norelco? Pete had a good thing goin for him. They also had a 6? Ampeg 8X10 coffins came out later.

    The amp would stay clean at full throttle. I used a Silvertone as a preamp set up on top the amp with a dummy 8 ohm resistor, and resistors in series to drop the output signal voltage to around.

    I'm 5''6" it was all I could do to reach the preamp for adjustment. A lot of guys were doin' similar things to get crunch out of Twins etc. It was freakin' awesome, and a Marshall killer. I had the Traynor checked by a tech after an intermittent transformer problem. With a new transformer it didn't clip till 98 watts. I used this set-up till the early 90's. The amp disappeared after a show one night and I was heart broken. I still have the Silvertone. I will say the only thing that I could find to duplicate the sheer power of the Traynor was a Rivera M which I bought as a replacement and still have in my collection.

    Nothing topped the YBA-3 amp for clean power and tone for days. I still remember the photo of Pete tossin' the amp to prove its reliabilty. Clean out the broken tubes, re-tube it and play on.

    Most of the plastic logo's broke off of these amps and cabs so it wasn't unusual to see "raynor's", "Trayno" or "rayno" logos swinging when you moved them. I say so long to a very reliable and good friend. It shared a lot of great memories with me. De Roche Sound sound is solid and clean; if you need distortion you'll have to add it with a pedal; I play hard rock; The sound is loud clean and fat, and can compete easily with any today bass amp reference especialy plugged into SVT cab.

    This is especially true with this mod [e. It's more power than any right thinking guitarist would ever want. It's pretty damned loud. Don't expect to be getting power tube distortion out of it - it's made to be a bass amp. I never modded it because it was perfect for my needs as is.

    Mine was awith the master volume, ELs and the ulta-snazzy red in standby and green not in standby power lights Using it for bass and the YBA-1 for guitar is a great idea. It plays bass with much more authority than the Bass-Master. Although designed for bass, the amp was very handy when extra volume was required. This is not an amplifier for your living room or basement jam sessions. The amp fit the bill for a power trio when you needed to fill the hall.

    If you are wanting to recreate some of the mid to late sixties power trio experience, this amp will do it. When that wasn't enough I would throw in two 15" horns. This amp works best with Gibson basses and Fender guitars.

    The reverse combination does not work as well. I had one of these when they were new serial number about 17and basically found it too loud and hard to distort for my style.

    Eventually traded [it] for a Bass-Master. The sound is solid and clean. If you need distortion you'll have to add it with a pedal. Very heavy but what a great sound! I have an YBA-3 with 8x10s in the cabinet. It will make your neighbors think the end of the world is at hand. Reliability this amp used to be totally reliable To gig I bring this amp and a Ampeg V4B but I could use it alone it never broke down. Wiring is like old Fender, road proof, schematic is stick on chassis cover so you can have service in any shop.

    The tube plates have never shown any red, and the transformers barely even get warm to the touch.

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