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  • semi automatic date pitter machine Date Kernel Extractor Machine video
  • semi automatic date pitter machine Date Kernel Extractor Machine video
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    Tracer, unfinished Frangible, Yellow: Observation and Proof rounds AP from Belgium The new collector is warned that there are exceptions and, in addition, beware of the WWII habit of dipping the tips of ordinary cartridges into paint to mark targets.

    For the latter, look out for thick or unevenly applied paint that is flaking off. Perhaps the best way to introduce someone to. Ball In the U. WWI made the military rethink this as the use of machine guns at relatively long range required a heavier bullet. Towards the end of WWI and for several years after, the U. Many different types were tried, including even a boat-tailed version of the round-nosed Krag bullet! This series of tests is often referred to as the "Daytona Beach" tests after the place where some of the test firings were conducted.

    The tests eventually resulted in the adoption of the M1 bullet - a grain boat-tail with a gilding metal copper alloy jacket. These Daytona Beach test round are not uncommon and the telltale sign on the common ones is a slightly more pointed ogive see illustration below.

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    This M1 bullet survived the period between the two World Wars but as hostilities looked inevitable, the U. Military realized that though the grain M1 was great in machine guns it was not going to be pleasant to fire from the shoulder for the average GI. The remedy was simply to go back to the M bullet, give it a gilding metal jacket and call it the "M2" ball bullet.


    This was adopted in These were an M1 Ball contract for the U. Navy and were given a silver tip to distinguish them from the M2 ball rounds which were in service by then. The lot number was and you can sometimes find sealed boxes of these where the seller is unaware of their silver tip. Foreign countries normally followed the U. Armor-Piercing AP The earliest AP rounds that you are likely to encounter is the M with its lead bullet tip - occasionally mistaken for a hunting bullet in a military case - usually headstamped FA 17 or F A The Hague Convention of Not the Geneva Convention as some would have you believe banned the use of expanding bullets on personnel.

    As a result, the M AP round was short lived as senior officers objected to using it on the grounds that servicemen captured with this in their possession were likely to be treated very harshly. The quick solution was to apply a full jacket to the bullet and call it the M Both the M and the M had cupronickel jackets. The M can be recognized by the ring on the bullet jacket just above the case mouth.

    While further experimentation after WWI was limited, there is one or two experimental-type AP rounds that you can spot if you know what you're looking for. The first is what is referred to as the "M" on a case headstamped F A This boat-tailed bullet with a cupronickel jacket has a magnetic core which the discerning collector will spot with his trusty magnet. The second AP round to look out for has an exposed steel point but with a very rounded ogive. This is what is called the Tull Bryant bullet and it dates from Starting in the early s, there was a huge amount of experimentation on high velocity armor-piercing bullets and these are not uncommon.

    Many of them featured reduced surface areas with narrow driving bands and cannelures on the case neck. Some had black bullet tips, many did not, and one has a small red tip but it is extremely rare. The tests continued through though one of them was adopted earlier as the M1 AP which was a high velocity round with a black tip and a faint raised band just above the case mouth.

    Inthe U. This remained the standard. One things to look out for at gun shows is Plate Test AP rounds and their boxes. These were AP rounds that were loaded to a certain velocity for testing armor plate. Early rounds were not identified any differently than standard AP rounds and once out of their box they are difficult to identify. Some have black tips and also a wad of cotton over the powder charge. If you shake an AP round and you cannot hear the powder move it is possibly a Plate Test round.

    Later Plate Test rounds were identified by black and silver bullet tips. One interesting thing about the boxes for Plate Test rounds is that they are often hand labeled identifying the velocity to which they are loaded and the name of the company making the armor plate to whom they were to be shipped.

    semi automatic date pitter machine Date Kernel Extractor Machine video

    Foreign AP round usually followed the U. The exception is the AP from Argentina that has a red bullet tip and the British AP round which has a green bullet tip. The M, M, M2 - sectioned and full views. Early tests in WWI were conducted but no specimens have ever turned up. Later ones used a silver tipped bullet as identification. The early designation was T15 but this changed to M It wasn't until the late s that a different approach was taken, with a change in the core shape, that any meaningful incendiary charge could be contained in the.

    This was adopted as the M14A1 see illustration below. Foreign API rounds are not common as most countries seem to have abandoned the concept in such a small caliber. The United Kingdom, Belgium and Yugoslavia produced some - also identified by a silver bullet tip. Blank Blanks served a variety of purposes rather than just as an expression of enthusiasm on July 4th.

    Apart from saluting ie: The earliest form of noise blank was a paper bullet loaded into the. Initially these cases were tinned but this was stopped and plain brass cases were used. Inbatches of the. These can also be found with both tinned and plain brass cases.

    The blanks actually had a second powder charge in the bullet to ensure that it broke up. These paper-bullet blanks were expensive to make and by a much simpler blank with a standard case crimped over a cup-shaped lacquered wad was introduced as the M While the cup-shaped wad was replaced with the more familiar red card wad, the design remained virtually unchanged for the life of the caliber. Noise blanks from other countries are a lot more colorful than those in the U. Many countries experimented with plastic cases, and paper and wood bullets.

    France used white and translucent plastic for blanks and they also had a version that used gold plastic for the movie "The Longest Day". Plastic, paper bullet, wood bullet, gold plastic Norway was also using plastic for blanks and also tried aluminum. Their Raufoss plant experimented extensively with aluminum blanks with plastic bullets in the late s and these are prized by the. The tremendous variety of foreign blanks would take an article of their own.

    Yellow rifle grenadered plastic with Berdan primer, red plastic with aluminum reinforcing tube, and all aluminum experimental blank with plastic liner. One of the other uses for blanks was propelling grenades.

    The earliest ones are sought after by collectors and though some are not rare they are difficult to find unless one gets to acartridge show. Because these early grenade blanks used a small charge of blackpowder with the smokeless propellant, the cases deteriorated and finding ones in good condition is hard. These normally have a standard case with a 5-point crimp. Eventually these became standardized as the M1 grenade blank. This has a crimped case with a cannelure on the case neck.

    The M2 and M3 grenade blanks were identical but for changes in powder charge and were made for many years. Headstamps from Blank Cartridges One rather unusual but not uncommon grenade blank made in the U. This presented a problem as the danger space for the ball rounds exceeded that of the grenade and training could only be carried out on grenade ranges with sufficient space.

    So a blank with a solid wood bullet was developed. Another round to look out for is the Antenna Erector blank which normally uses a shortened case with a blue crimp see photo above.


    This was for launching the antenna on remote radios. It was also made in a standard length case like a normal rifle grenade blank but also with a blue crimp. Regrettably this is also often faked. You may occasionally encounter blanks which have numbers or the word "Full", on the wad. These are some of the quite common movie blanks made by companies like Stembridge Gun Rentals. As the name implies they were made in great quantities for the movie industry using any cases available and with virtually any sort of case crimp.

    Movie Blanks by Stembridge It should be remembered that not all crimped blanks are grenade launchers. Dummy The earliest U. This early form of dummy referred to as the M was replaced with a very similar one but with 3 holes in the flutes.

    This was also changed to one hole and then no holes at all, eventually being referred to as the M40 by which time the tinned case had been dropped in favor of plain brass or steel. Any cases were used, including rejected cases and occasionally cases intended for match rounds. There was also a series of smooth-case dummies without these flutes but with 1, 2 or 3 holes in the case, the latter being called the M2.

    Keep your eyes open for the Range Dummy. This round looks like a normal ball round except it has a groove cut in the head near the rim. This was used by instructors who sneaked the round into a recruit's magazine to detect flinching. First 3 are M dummies with the second one having an experimental neck crimp.

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    Range dummy with slot in case, dummy duplex 2 bulletsexperimental solid plastic and a blank board dummy. There are an endless variety of dummies from this period - many were poorly made. British dummies - note the use of a swaged.
    Away from passing traffic on a peaceful private road on the cusp of Boughton Aluph, Eastwell Grange is a collection of individual stunning homes.

    Perfect for a busy, modern but sophisticated lifestyle, this high spec home has been professionally decorated in a neutral palette throughout. Double fronted with a superb entrance hall, which has newly laid Karndean flooring, there are three reception rooms with solid oak flooring plus a conservatory.

    The double aspect living room has a feature stone fireplace with log burner. There is a separate dining room and good sized study offering comfortable work from home space. There is a door to the separate dining room and double casement doors lead to the conservatory. A useful internal door gives direct access into the integral double garage from the kitchen. In the garage there is additional storage with a range of wall and base units and space for a tumble dryer as well as space and plumbing for a washing machine.

    Appealing for its simplicity and tremendous natural light, a striking galleried landing has full height floor-to-ceiling windows capturing the fantastic views. Off the landing there are five double bedrooms, three of which have built-in wardrobes.

    Two of the bedrooms each have an en-suite shower room. The family bathroom has a white suite with a bath, separate shower cubicle, wash hand basin and wc. Outside Eastwell Grange is a secluded setting and accessed over a shared private road just off Sandyhurst Lane.

    The house is approached over a block paved private driveway with space to park several cars. Venture into the garden and the large private plot extending to quarter of an acre, will impress.

    The garden enjoys the utmost privacy and is primarily laid to lawn for easy maintenance with a mix of established shrubs to the boundaries. A paved entertaining area, across the rear of the house, extends round to the side of the property and includes a pergola. Inclusive in the sale is a large jacuzzi with a cover.

    There are two wooden outbuildings, a side gate, external lighting and water supply. Council Tax To check the Council Tax for this property, please refer to www. Local Authority Ashford Borough Council Kent County Council Services Gas central heating, mains water, drainage and electricity.

    Method of Sale This property is Freehold and is offered for sale with vacant possession upon completion. Location Surrounded by spectacular views across the North and Wye Downs, the beautiful historical village of Boughton Aluph is just on the outskirts of Ashford and sits alongside neighbouring villages of Wye, Boughton Lees and Eastwell.

    Eastwell Park has history dating back to the 15th Century and is where the illegitimate son of Richard III once worked on the grounds.

    Eastwell Manor is the biggest stately home on the park and now operates as an exclusive spa, restaurant and hotel managed by the Champneys group. The Flying Horse is a traditional Kentish, 16th Century Inn and is the sister pub of the popular Tickled Trout in Wye - both of which are renowned locally for their good food and drinks. Nearby primary schools are Goat Lees which is just 1. Ashford International is just 2.

    semi automatic date pitter machine Date Kernel Extractor Machine video

    More information from this agent To view this media, please visit the on-line version of this page at www.
    Freehold An outstanding and substantial detached historic property of considerable period integrity and character dating back in part to the 13th century. Beautifully presented, the property is situated within its own valley in complete privacy and seclusion within approximately 7 acres of magnificent landscaped garden grounds and wildflower meadows and features an arboretum and dozens of varieties of shrubs, plants and trees.

    Offering a degree of space, tranquillity and quality impossible to appreciate without inspection, the stylish interior features a delightful split level drawing room with cathedral ceiling, 49'10" luxury dining kitchen and three further reception rooms.

    semi automatic date pitter machine Date Kernel Extractor Machine video

    Location Alderman Haw is situated in a secluded valley in the heart of the forest not far from the highly desirable and well serviced village of Woodhouse Eaves which nestles in the heart of Charnwood Forest. The village offers an excellent range of local facilities and amenities including a well-regarded primary school, numerous pubs and restaurants and a variety of shops, clubs and social facilities.

    Delightful walks at Windmill Hill, The Beacon, Swithland Woods and the Outwoods as well as Bradgate Park, are all within a few minutes with excellent further shopping and educational facilities such as the endowed schools and the M1 motorway Markfield being all within a 10 minute drive.

    Charnwood Forest is reknowned as an area of outstanding natural beauty and for its wonderful local parks including Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill Country Park which is directly accessible via a tree lined walk simply by crossing the road from the wildflower meadows of Alderman Haw.

    Golf if at nearby Lingdale, Longcliffe and Rothley Park and the area is well known for its desirable villages with a wide variety of local pubs and restaurants. Directions Proceeding out of Woodhouse Eaves via Beacon road and continuing past the entrance to Beacon Hill Country Park continue across the crossroads and turning thence first right into Charley Road.

    The driveway can be found after approximately metres on the right hand side. The entrance being marked by two large boulders and a cattle grid. The property is not visible from the road and the access is deliberately 'low key' and could easily be missed. Local historians state that the property dates back at least as early as when it was a hermitage which was the property of the Convent of Bermondsey during - at which time there were three Cluniac monks living at the property.

    There is evidence of close connections with Charley Priory and Ulverscroft Priory and the property has passed through various hands over the centuries including The Earl of Leicester, the well-known Farnham Family until more recently, the property was acquired by the previous owners and completely refurbished and remodelled including conversion of a full range of outbuildings into accommodation.

    During the last quarter of the 20th century, the property was owned by a professor and is wife who were keen botanists and planted the stunning arboretum which features over 50 species of Rhododendron and numerous cedars, magnolias and azaleas. The truncated Accommodation The property is entered via an oak double glazed front door with matching side screen in Gothic style leading into: Split Level Entrance Hall With a built-in cloaks cupboard with hanging rails and shelving and off: Snug 21' 8" x 16' 1" With deep windows with sills in slate overlooking the rear garden and courtyard together with a double glazed door onto rear garden.

    Feature inglenook open fronted fireplace with an Efel oil fired stove on a raised hearth. Attractive exposed architectural stone alcoves and brick walling. Heavily beamed ceiling and oak folding double doors leading via a short flight of steps up to: Magnificent Split Level Drawing Room 31' 10" x 16' 5" With Cathedral ceiling, three exposed roof trusses and beams to ceiling. Attractive exposed stone walling to two walls. Deep double glazed picture window overlooking the courtyard with window seat and reclaimed stone plinth together with double glazed door and window opening onto rear garden.

    A magnificent wood burning stove set within a full height chimneybreast with a stone surround and hearth. Oak staircase to first floor landing and steps leading up to a raised: Perpendicular shaped double doors lead from the drawing room to: Open Plan Dining Kitchen 49' 10" x 13' 1" This room comprises a dining area and a kitchen area with double aspect sealed double glazed windows and doors opening both onto the courtyard and the rear onto the sun terrace and garden.

    Kitchen Area 23' 4" x 13' 1" Fitted with an attractive range of bespoke painted wood fronted units with high gloss fittings comprising base cupboards and drawers and matching eye level units.

    A range of granite work surfacing with inset double Belfast sink unit. Limestone flooring, tiled splashbacks, cathedral ceiling with concealed lighting and exposed roof truss and beams. Off is an excellent walk-in pantry with fitted light, shelving and slate flooring. Dining Area Being laid with solid oak flooring throughout, attractive exposed stone walling and beams, exposed trusses, four double glazed Velux roof lights and double glazed door to courtyard.

    Inner Lobby With solid oak flooring, sealed double glazed door onto sun terrace and rear garden. Cloakroom Fitted with a two piece suite comprising a low level WC and vanity unit with a tiled worktop and base cupboards under. Megaflow pressurised hot water cylinder housed within a sealed cupboard.

    Double glazed window onto courtyard.

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    Superb Dining Room 21' 0" x 15' 10" Once again bursting with attractive architectural features including original brick thrawls with wine bins and oak top, stone display alcove, exposed roof truss and beams, exposed stone walling and sealed double glazed windows and door to all sides affording an abundance of natural light.

    Solid oak wood flooring. Study 13' 5" x 11' 6" Having a double aspect with sealed double glazed windows overlooking the courtyard and rear gardens. Heavily beamed ceiling, telephone point and oak door through to: Inner Hall With bespoke Gothic style door and windows onto courtyard and off is a utility room.

    This inner hall also serves the master bedroom suite and two guest bedrooms. Space and plumbing for washing machine and space for tumble dryer. Slate flooring and oil fired central heating boiler with manifolds for underfloor heating, electric consumer units, sealed double glazed windows to side and rear and door to outside.

    Master Suite Comprising a substantial bedroom, dressing room and two bathrooms and also leads in turn to a guest bedroom suite of two bedrooms and shower room.

    Lobby With dressing table with drawers, sealed double glazed windows onto courtyard and off is an excellent bespoke range of wardrobes with sliding doors, hanging rails, courtesy lighting and drawers. Exposed beams and brick work and a door leading to: Superb Master Bedroom 19' 0" x 12' 2" Again with a cathedral ceiling, exposed roof trusses and beams.

    Sealed double glazed door and windows opening onto courtyard. Shower Room One Fitted with a four piece white Heritage suite comprising a large fully tiled shower cubicle, wash hand basin within a tiled worktop with cupboards under, low level WC and bidet.

    An interconnecting door leads from this bathroom to a guest bedroom suite comprising two bedrooms and its own entrance hall being from the courtyard.

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