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    22,6 Mrd. EUR

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    Although this is an association whose principal focus is the Camino de Madrid they have a great amount of information on numerous other routes. They also have a concise list of other associations in Spain and France. This site is in Spanish and most, if not all, of the linked-to sites are as well Xacobeo: The site contains a wealth of information about the various routes in Galicia as they converge on Santiago.


    The site has the history of the route and a limited amount of practical information. Somport - Jaca - Puente la Reina. Sevilla - Zafra - Salamanca - Astorga. Spanish Site gives locations in Seville where credentials may be obtained in person.

    The site is available in English. RENFE provides convenient, fast and frequent travel to numerous cities and towns on the Camino and other pilgrim routes. Purchasing tickets online from the United States can be frustrating. TripAdvisor has a page with suggestions about how to navigate RENFE's ticketing schemes and how to purchase tickets online.


    The site is in Basque but on the site's entry page the link to the left is for the Spanish version of the site. The site The Man in Seat Sixty-One is a comprehensive site about everything related to train travel worldwide. Train travel other than Spain: ALSA is probably the most extensive bus system within Spain.

    They serve numerous locales along the Camino. The ALSA website has a special section for using their system to get from your city of entry in Spain to your starting point on a Camino and then optionally getting from Santiago to your city of departure from Spain, plus a few places in France.

    They also have information on transporting a bicycle. Destinations in France include St. The Arriva bus line operates between Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre as well as between other locations in Galicia.

    In addition there is service between Santiago and Finisterre as well as between other locations in Galicia.

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    There is service to Piedrafita do Cebreiro, only a few km from O Cebreiro, from several departure points. Click on 'Horarios' on the left margin. The Web site of the central bus station in Madrid. Air Europa is a carrier that serves Santiago among other destinations in Spain, but the links tend to be unusual for North American travelers.

    The linked page is for travel within Spain and is in Spanish. For the Iberia page for travel from and to the United States, select "USA" in the list of countries on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

    For English, click on "English" in the same corner. Want to know about the common arrival airports for flights from North America or internally for accessing the Camino. Click on the airport name:
    Ecological impact of the dingo after its arrival in Mainland Australia The thylacine is likely to have become near-extinct in mainland Australia about 2, years ago, and possibly earlier in New Guinea.

    Doubts exist over the impact of the dingo since the two species would not have been in direct competition with one another as the dingo hunts primarily during the daywhereas it is thought that the thylacine hunted mostly at night. In addition, the thylacine had a more powerful build, which would have given it an advantage in one-on-one encounters. The thylacine was also much less versatile in diet than the omnivorous dingo. The adoption of the dingo as a hunting companion by the indigenous peoples would have put the thylacine under increased pressure.

    The results show that the humans were obviously one of the major factors in the extinction of many species in Australia.

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    The results indicated that the last of the thylacines in Australia, on top of the threats from dingoes, had limited genetic diversity, due to their complete geographic isolation from mainland Australia.

    The paper documented the obviously competitive relationship between the dingo, the thylacine and the Tasmanian devil, and noted that the dingo may have actually fed on the native hen. Yet, the paper concludes, people ignore the emergence of humans on the continent among all of this.

    In the end, the competitiveness of the dingo and thylacine populations led to the extinctions of the thylacine, but the arrival of the humans only further exacerbated this.

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    But the marsupi-carnivore disease, with its dramatic effect on individual thylacine longevity and juvenile mortality, came far too soon, and spread far too quickly. In fact the image is cropped to hide the fenced run and housing, and analysis by one researcher has concluded that this thylacine is a mounted specimen, posed for the camera.

    At the time of the first European settlement, the heaviest distributions were in the northeast, northwest and north-midland regions of the state. This led to the establishment of bounty schemes in an attempt to control their numbers. In all they paid out 2, bounties, but it is thought that many more thylacines were killed than were claimed for.

    Despite the fact that the thylacine was believed by many to be responsible for attacks on sheep, in the Tasmanian Advisory Committee for Native Fauna recommended a reserve similar to the Savage River National Park to protect any remaining thylacines, with potential sites of suitable habitat including the Arthur - Pieman area of western Tasmania.

    The animal, believed to have been a male, had been seen around Batty's house for several weeks. The thylacine died on 7 September It is believed to have died as the result of neglect—locked out of its sheltered sleeping quarters, it was exposed to a rare occurrence of extreme Tasmanian weather: No documentation exists to suggest that it ever had a pet name, and Alison Reid de facto curator at the zoo and Michael Sharland publicist for the zoo denied that Frank Darby had ever worked at the zoo or that the name "Benjamin" was ever used for the animal.

    Darby also appears to be the source for the claim that the last thylacine was a male. The last known thylacine photographed at Beaumaris Zoo in A scrotal sac is not visible in this or any other of the photos or film taken, leading to the supposition that "Benjamin" was a female.

    Photographic analysis in suggested "Benjamin" was indeed a male. The sex of the last captive thylacine has been a point of debate since its death at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Indetailed examination of a single frame from the motion film footage confirmed that the thylacine was male. When frame III is enlarged the scrotum can be seen, confirming the thylacine to be male. Official protection of the species by the Tasmanian government was introduced on 10 July59 days before the last known specimen died in captivity. A sighting from a helicopter could not be confirmed on the ground.

    An animal killed in Sandy Cape at night in was tentatively identified as a thylacine. Eric Guiler and David Fleay in the northwest of Tasmania found footprints and scats that may have belonged to the animal, heard vocalisations matching the description of those of the thylacine, and collected anecdotal evidence from people reported to have sighted the animal.

    Despite the searches, no conclusive evidence was found to point to its continued existence in the wild. Bob Brownwhich concluded without finding any evidence of the thylacine's existence.

    International standards at the time stated that an animal could not be declared extinct until 50 years had passed without a confirmed record.

    Since no definitive proof of the thylacine's existence in the wild had been obtained for more than 50 years, it met that official criterion and was declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in [2] and by the Tasmanian government in The Australian Rare Fauna Research Association reports having 3, sightings on file from mainland Australia since the extinction date, [95] while the Mystery Animal Research Centre of Australia recorded up toand the Department of Conservation and Land Management recorded 65 in Western Australia over the same period.

    The sighting led to an extensive year-long government-funded search.

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    Later searches revealed no trace of the animal. The photographs, which showed only the back of the animal, were said by those who studied them to be inconclusive as evidence of the thylacine's continued existence. When the offer closed at the end of Juneno one had produced any evidence of the animal's existence.

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