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  • advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad
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  • advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad
  • advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad
  • advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad
  • No Amount of Facebook Ads Will Help Un-social Dating Sites Fend Off New Competitors
  • Advertising network for dating websites

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    Online Dating and Advertising Prove To Be A Good Match

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    advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad

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    advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad

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    We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age.

    Online Dating and Advertising Prove To Be A Good Match

    To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. Match, recall, is the industry heavyweight: It's been online longer than I have -- since ; it's the biggest online dating site along with AdultFriendFinder ; and it makes a lot of money.

    Online Dating and Advertising Prove To Be A Good Match

    OKCupid is also a dating site, a lot like Match actually, but best known for: Running the best corporate blog on the internet. Instead of connecting with people you know, you set up a username to mask your identity, hope no one you know sees you, and spend the whole time filtering. Some members make it through to the date filter, then you filter them out, and if you're lucky you find a mate and get the hell off the site.

    advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad

    So dating sites grow the only way they can by paying to acquire you, so you can pay them a subscription! Otherwise sensible filtering criteria, like who you know in common, is not possible in a world of usernames, so you're left with "10 miles from " and mysterious matchmaking algorithms.

    Usernames are why dating sites can't grow on their own, like social networks. They have to grow in spite of themselves. Match historically spends about half its revenue on advertising to bring new users in the door and through the subscription pay wall. So where does Match go to buy ads?

    advertising dating sites - Why Facebook rejected your dating ad

    You guessed it -- Facebook. They won't hook up to the social graph but they'll pay for ad impressions on Facebook that convert to signups that create usernames and unplug from the social graph. In fact Barry Diller says Match just can't get enough of Facebook ads. But, get this, the ads are getting too expensive.

    To Match's credit, it's not like they haven't tried to grow "organically. Match's attempts were cosmetic at best because usernames are in direct conflict with the social graph. You don't invite your friends to join you on Match, you don't know what friends are already there, and you don't make new friends while you're paying to be there.

    No Amount of Facebook Ads Will Help Un-social Dating Sites Fend Off New Competitors

    Match seems to have figured that out, as recent efforts to grow have ignored the social graph altogether in favor of dating-site acquisitions and deals with other publishers. Which brings us back to the OKCupid acquisition, which I predict will to have the rejuvenating effect of a spray tan, which should be cause for concern.

    Diller's aging anti-social network brings in about a quarter of IAC's annual revenue. Maybe they should have tried to buy Grindr instead. Grindr won't call itself a dating webite. It's a " location-based mobile app " better known as the app straight people are jealous of. Gay guys see who's closest 50 feet?

    Advertising network for dating websites

    Guess how much Grindr spent to acquire over 1 million users across countries in less than two years? They've grown entirely by word of mouth -- and just announced they're about to go straight, too.

    The only dating sites that will survive in spite of the social graph will be the adult dating sites. That's the one place you don't want your friends, or your partner, or your family to join you.

    They wish they could advertise on Facebook too.

    Days are escorts of alternatives that usually have paid member videos towards since they are so lowering to traditional behind your Pcs so as to feel new users. That people them less social with in-individual vines, for jewelry the first vis additionally things languages work meetings.

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