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  • Split! Zoey Deutch and boyfriend Avan Jogia end their relationship after five years together
  • zoey & danila • i have fallen too far for you♡
  • zoey & danila • i have fallen too far for you♡
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    Zoey Deutch splits from boyfriend Avan Jogia after over five years together Daily Mail Online

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    Movie Talk: Can Amazon Studios Compete with Disney and Universal Blockbusters?

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    Zoey Deutch splits from boyfriend Avan Jogia after over five years together Daily Mail Online

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    Split! Zoey Deutch and boyfriend Avan Jogia end their relationship after five years together

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    His mother, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya, is a stage actress, and his father, Valery Kozlovsky, was a professor at Moscow State University specializing in marketing and mass communications. As a child Danila was slightly overweight. During his early years, he frequently changed schools, potentially due to discipline issues.

    Inhe was accepted into the Kronshtadt Naval Military School, which he attended until his graduation in The role brought him his first theatre award: Then there was a role in the play Life and Fatewhich premiered in Paris and the diploma performance "Warsaw Melody".

    Zoey Deutch splits from boyfriend Avan Jogia after over five years together Daily Mail Online

    In he also received his first important film role — in the picture Garpastum. The film, set during the time of the First World War, tells the story of two brothers who wish to build their own football stadium. There he played the role of robber archaeologist Sergei Filatov, who is transported into the past together with his friends when making illegal excavations.

    zoey & danila • i have fallen too far for you♡

    Inhe portrayed drag queen Lusya in the comedy-drama Jolly Fellows. Inhe appeared as Marcus Blackwell in Need for Speed: Soulless and breakthrough[ edit ] Elena Lyadova and Danila Kozlovsky at the press conference of Dovlatov at Berlinale After Kozlovsky starred in the film Dukhless he became a household name in Russia. He played the lead role of Max Andreev, a young ambitious executive manager who begins to reevaluate his priorities in life and career. Danila starred in his first Hollywood film in ; he played Dimitri Belikov in the comedy-horror picture Vampire Academy.

    The year saw Kozlovsky star in five films — romantic comedy Status: Freesci-fi action film Hardcore Henrycomedy film Fridaydisaster film Flight Crew and historical action film Viking. He played count Vorontzov in the film Matildawhich told the story of the romance between Emperor Nicholas II and ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. The picture became controversial after State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya led a campaign to ban the film on religious grounds.

    Also init was announced that Kozlovsky will appear as Oleg of Novgorod in the sixth season of popular Canadian historical drama Vikings. The biographical picture about writer Sergei Dovlatov premiered at the Berlinale in competition.

    Danila Kozlovsky's directorial debut Coach was released in In the media[ edit ] Kozlovsky appeared in advertisements for Chanel 's Coco Mademoiselle alongside Keira Knightley in In they divorced.
    As two year-old girls trying to survive the perils of Moroi society and high school, Rose will sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from those who are putting her life in jeopardy.

    She also talked about her next film, Midnight Riderabout the Allman Brothers. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

    How did this come about for you? So, I auditioned for it, and I fell in love with Rose. You actually have to work to get them. I think so, yeah. And I do think it stands alone. Had you been familiar with these books, at all? I had heard of them, absolutely. I read some prior to filming. Did it help give you added insight? When and how did you realize just how popular these books are? Pretty much the second I auditioned for it, I went online and Googled it, and I saw how passionate and avid these fans were.

    I am all about that, and I think we did. I went to middle school in L. I was fully prepared for something like this to happen, funnily enough, from middle school. Were you worried, at all, about the film being a bit different from the book, or do you think that works to its advantage?

    I think the only difference from the book to the movie is a little bit of the tone. It just adds another action sequence. There are so many crazy one-liners, and I got to say most of the fantastic ones. It would be awesome, if that happens.

    zoey & danila • i have fallen too far for you♡

    That would be really cool. Were you familiar with the previous work that Mark and Dan Waters have done? So, I was not only familiar with their work, but I was also familiar with them. What sort of training did you have to go through for this?

    I did about three months of gym training, jujitsu, krav maga and kickboxing. And then, I worked throughout filming, as well, during lunch and on my day off. But, it was fun. I definitely feel stronger and more able to protect myself. Did you take to the physical work pretty easily, or was some more challenging than others? Once I start something, I go all out.

    I had never even set foot in a gym, prior to acquiring the role of Rose, which Rose would probably agree with. I think she hates that. But, the kickboxing and the martial arts is so fun. I felt like I could utilize that in my real life, and not just in fake land. Was there a scene or sequence that you were most excited to see the final product of? The one I was most excited to see the final product of was the final fight sequence, with a certain reveal of somebody.

    That was a really brutal shoot. We had no time and it was exhausting, but I knew it was going to turn out cool. And I loved that set.

    Zoey Deutch splits from boyfriend Avan Jogia after over five years together Daily Mail Online

    The set designer was amazing. One of the most important aspects of this story is the relationship between Rose and Lissa. What was it like to work with Lucy Fry?

    I pretty much became friends with her, right off the bat. At the audition, I already started trying to protect her. It can screw things up and make it a bit messy.

    Zoey Deutch & Danila Kozlovsky

    But, it just happened. What are you going to be working on next? There are really great actors involved and a super cool director. Had you been familiar with the Allman Brothers, before this? But truth be told, I want diversity and I want longevity, which I think sometimes go hand-in-hand. Vampire Academy opens in theaters on February 7th.

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