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    Memorable Monologue: Internet Dating Sites

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    Yoshio Kobayashi

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    Facebook Are you interested is a scam What can I do

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    He considers himself cunning enough to trick and outwit anyone, but is also proud, lazy and impulsive, which often proves his undoing.

    Br'er Rabbit - A slave trickster of African American origin. Curupira - A Brazilian folklore male jungle genie that protects the animals and the trees of the forests. It has red hair and backwards feet to confuse hunters and lumberjacks. Dionysus - Greek God of wine, madness, and ecstasy. More than any other Greek God, he is associated with shape-shifting and taking on other identities which is part of why he is also associated with actors.

    A thoroughly ambiguous person, in personality, but also in his androgynous figure, you never know exactly what he will do next. Eris - Greek Goddess of discord in Greek mythology. Infamous for starting a fight between other goddesses over the Apple of Discordleading to the Judgement of Paris and, ultimately, the Trojan War. Hermes - Messenger of the gods in Greek mythology or Mercury in Roman mythologypatron of travelers, boundaries and thieves.

    Memorable Monologue: Internet Dating Sites

    Notably stole a herd of cattle from Apollo in his youth, but then invented the lyre and gave it to Apollo as payment. Huehuecoyotl - the gender-changing coyote god of music, dance, mischief and song of Pre-Columbian Mexico and Aztec Mythology. Befitting a trickster, he is the patron of uninhibited sexuality and often engages in trickery against the gods with camaraderie among mortals.

    Jack - best known from the story Jack and the Beanstalk is a young boy who uses his wit to outsmart characters in many stories. Jack Mary Ann - A folk hero from the Wrexham area of north Wales whose fictionalised exploits continue to circulate in local folklore. John the Conqueror - Character who appears in many stories from the African American tradition.

    He is a slave that is so much smarter than any slave-master, he simply cannot be controlled. Kitsune - They are described as "tricksters" with no care for the concept of right or wrong. Kuma Lisa - A fox and trickster figure in Bulgarian folklore. Loki - A cunning, shape-shifting god, sometimes benefactor and sometimes foe to the gods of Asgard. The precise nature of Loki's being defies clear classification, as there is little detail regarding his motherbut he is at least half-giant on his father's side.

    Famous for being a womanizer and using trickery to achieve his goals. Max and Moritz - Principal characters of the book of the same name written by Wilhelm Busch in Famous for their tricks, Max and Moritz quickly became famous characters in Germany. Nasreddin - In Turkish folklore, based on a historical 13th Century person. Odysseus - Hero and king in Greek mythology. Came up with the idea for the Trojan Horseand used his wits to escape perilous situations during the Odysseye.

    Pan - God of shepherds and flocks. He is a satyr: In many stories, they talk of Pan, or just satyrs, in general, are known to play tricks on people, especially children, for their amusement. Prometheus - Tricks Zeus over sacrifices at Meconesteals fire on behalf of mankind. His final monologue explains the nature of tricksters. Puss in Boots - A magical cat who tricks a king into raising a low born miller to the station of a great noble. Reynard - A red fox and trickster figure who plays a central role in the moralistic fables of the Reynard cycle.

    Saci - A Brazilian folklore character, a one-legged black or mulatto youngster with holes in the palms of his hands, who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap. Sisyphus - Sly and audacious mortal king in Greek mythology who managed to cheat death twice, but angered the gods in the process and was condemned to endlessly push a boulder up a slope in Tartarus. Sly Peter - In Bulgarian and Macedonian folklore. Susanoo - Amaterasu's brother, god of storms and trickster of Japanese mythology.

    His destructive behaviour gets him banished from Heaven, though he later redeems himself through deeds of heroism. Tokoloshe — Trickster of Zulu mythology. The Last Airbender enjoys tricking and playing jokes on his foes. Most of the Fire Nation thinks of him as a child because of this. He has many supernatural abilities and loves to use them to cause trouble for humans, including offering deals that invariably turn out badly for those who take them.

    Bugs Bunny - A rabbit trickster, in some respects similar to Brer Rabbit. He is a brightly-clothed jester who can be devious and unpredictable. The Doctor - The title character of Doctor Who: Always a situation-inverter, deceiver and bricoleur, and sometimes ambiguous or trick-player, depending on the incarnations.

    Felix the Cat - A "transgressor of boundaries" in the most literal sense. Sparrow uses wit and deceit to attain his goals, preferring to end disputes verbally instead of by force.

    Jareth - King of the Goblins from Jim Henson 's Labyrinthwho changes forms and uses magic to cajole the story's heroine through a series of puzzles. The Joker - The chaotic counterpart to Batman 's strive for order displays several characteristics of the trickster. Inscrutable, unpredictable and a defining obsession with gags and pranks that are sometimes harmless, sometimes deadly. Also known by his true name of Paul Janus Finnegan.

    He is based directly off of the trickster god Loki from Scandinavian mythology.

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    The Mask - Wears a mask imbued with Loki 's powers and lack of inhibition. Mister Mxyzptlk - An imp from the fifth dimension featured in the Superman comics. The Pink Panther - A character featured at the start of the film and the animated series of the same name. River Song - Character from Doctor Who who acts as the trickster to the show's titular trickster.

    She shows up in an episode, causes trouble, drags everyone into insane situations before solving the crisis, often with a kiss. Trickster - From the horror film "Brainscan" starring T. Ryder Smith as the Trickster. In Season Five, it is revealed that he is the archangel Gabriel who came to Earth to get away from the fighting between his angelic brothers in Heaven, and that he took on the name of Loki and masqueraded as a pagan god once on earth.

    Woody Woodpecker - "A less complex version of the Trickster. Zomoa rabbit from Nigerian folklore. Mythical Trickster Figures, pp. The University of Alabama Press. Retrieved on July 11, Comedy, Fantasy and Colonialism. Retrieved 12 April Interviewed by Eduardo Vasconcellos. Navigating the Universes of Doctor Who. Yet the Doctor has seldom been a straightforward hero. Retrieved May 31, Courtesy of River Song". The Doctor needs his own trickster figure to transport him to his own greenworld which, perforce, must be that much more chaotic and magical and insane and governed by all the primal forces even he tries to ignore.

    And there he can confront those conflicts within himself and find resolution to them before returning, fixed, to his real world. And order was restored with a wedding!
    Thank you so much for voting and spreading the word! Time to think about the Stretch Goals: Currently, I'm looking for a professional artist to help me with backgrounds and character anatomy: More funds mean more collectible CGs, sprites and facial expressions!

    There are many facial expressions in the demo already, and every main character has 2 sprites, but there can be so much more! It all depends on you: Walking around wearing the same thing all week is gross, right? Make sure that the guys bathe and change clothes like decent people.

    Well, maybe you will be when he shows up! More man-on-man action is always a good thing. Especially when all the drama is gone and you can just enjoy quality couple time. Well, maybe except for the bad endings. The Fan disk is just additional mature content. Want more blood and violence? Did you find Sentimental Trickster lacking in elves, aliens or zombies?

    Make sure the next game has exactly what you like. The official voting will be carried out on the Sentimental Trickster website. Every backer will receive a notification beforehand. And, more importantly, some lines will be voiced to set the mood for a particular scene.

    There will be fully-voiced special scenes too! Backers will vote on the actors to hire for each part. Sentimental Trickster puts you in charge of Haru and all the important choices ahead.

    Facebook Are you interested is a scam What can I do

    Especially when your boarding house is in the middle of a freaking big, black forest. Well, at least he meets a hot guy who shows him the way. Now the only thing left to do is start attending classes, graduate and become independent For Haru, making friends is hard and dealing with housemates can get awkward. Ballet-dancing-with-a-peg-leg kind of awkward. At the end of the day, he tries to look at the bright side. Occasional weird thoughts and a wicked sense of humor help.

    People are complicated, but with a little bit of effort you can help Haru get close to those you deem worthy of knowing. Sentimental Trickster is a BL visual novel in which every choice matters. This means that you will have the power to make or break. And when I say break, I mean with a big bang and to tiny pieces. Had a lousy day at work? But will you be able to face the consequences of your choices? Please, consider playing the demo before you read anything else.

    Playing without any previous knowledge is the best way to fully enjoy the game: The demo is only a tiny fraction about 1 hour of playtime of the whole game. It introduces the characters, highlights some of their most important traits and shows you the group dynamic. The demo has been tested many times by different players.

    This is how this game came to life. When I go to anime conventions, I feel old. After all, I already have two careers behind me. I was an English teacher and then a copywriter at a successful marketing agency.

    I was good at both, but neither made me truly happy. So, I thought about what did. Kappei or Majokko Megu-Chan. Now I work 10 hours a day, usually 7 days a week. I often listen to audiobooks during work. Everything you see in the demo was made by one person. I spent a couple of months making assets such as backgrounds and sprites, and finally the demo itself.

    During this time I learned how to make 3d graphics, color backgrounds and program in Unity. If the game is funded, I will hire a professional artist to help make assets, and a programmer. It will greatly speed up the game-making process and let me concentrate more on writing. More funding will result in more sprites, facial expressions, special CGs and events. Check out the Stretch Goals! My ultimate goal is to release one high-quality BL visual novel a year.

    Sentimental Trickster will be at least 12 hours long. The March delivery date is the absolute worst-case scenario. Depending on the funding, the game may be completed much faster. It will just take a very long time. I contacted Yaoi a Go Go because I want to reach as many people as possible. The company has been in the market for many years and enjoys a good reputation among fans. As fellow BL enthusiasts, they gave me great feedback on the game and agreed to work with me.

    Maybe you have a minute or two to write a comment on the Facebook page? I will greatly appreciate it: If you have problems with pledging via Kickstarter, write to sentimentaltrickster gmail. The amount raised via Paypal will be written below and updated on a daily basis.

    Every route is described, together with the most important events. Some dialogue is already written as well. The majority of additional characters are done, some already as sprites, some in writing. There are no special CGs at the moment, but they will come as soon as funding is complete.

    As I mentioned before, all the music in the game is from sites offering Attribution License audio tracks.

    Alternative Titles

    I spent a lot of time searching for the right music and I feel that what I found matches the atmosphere in the game. If you played the demo and think the music is lacking, though, please let me know. You can also talk to me on Facebook or the Kickstarter's comment page: My email address is: Especially when I finally found something I absolutely love doing. The only potential problem would be satisfying all players. Of course, all players will be encouraged to discuss the game, but only backers will have the official voting power.

    Questions about this project?
    Well LA will be quite honest here So want to know why? Before getting to the flaws of Trickster: For what the one-episode mysteries Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori brings out, some are interesting, no not intriguing or anything but the earliest mysteries were pretty weird or the resolution is at least funny enough.

    Next strength would be Nao Nakamura voiced by Azusa Tadokoro, a police detective. In terms of plotlines, Akechi and Twenty Faces connection was intriguing to LA which later gets wrecked majorly Lastly, the anime voice cast is "ok" at best but LA does have to say that GACKT as Twenty Faces was sorely wasted potential and he could have been in something better than this.

    Ok, let's get to this, there's alot of elements within Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori that annoyed LA all throughout the anime, be it sooo bad it's good or just annoyingly horrible. Let's start with the characters.

    MMORPG Gamer Community

    The majority of the characters are god damn emo edgelords, Yoshio Kobayashi voiced by Daiki Yamashita is an immortal with inconsistent powers used to convenience the plot whenever it wants and doesn't care about anything or anyone besides his own death, Kensuke Hanasaki voiced by Ryota Osaka was a hyper-genki and really annoying main protagonist and probably even worse when he gets "character development" and turns into a depressing wreck, these two characters are the primarily focus of the anime, let's not even get started on the rest Ryou Inoue voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara and Tasuku Yamane voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya, Hisa Ootomo voiced by Makoto Furukawa all members of the Boys Detective Club do get an arc or an episode for character development respectively but they ultimately become active spectators or forgotten after their development finishes.

    With these kind of characters The plot in the earliest follows a one-shot-episode each mystery with the underlining goal of Hanasaki promising to kill Kobayashi where the mysteries were ok at best bringing in something of a double-edged side in looking at a mercenary-type detective club and the consequences it might entail Hanasaki's character development felt both forced along with Hanasaki acting like a god damn idiot and what with Twenty Faces trying to be like Shoko Makeshima but not as great as him into brainwashing.

    Then by the half way point essentially Kobayashi and Hanasaki's roles are reversed and we learned more about Akechi and his connection to Twenty Faces, this is the time when the anime tried to redeem itself Plot twists DOES like to be theatrical in some sense Ohh and can we talk about Kobayashi's inconsistent powers, namely his immortality.

    His immortality is one of the most infuriating and annoying things in the anime. One, is the fact that his immortality powers won't allow him to die to the point of him TOUCHING anything that might kill him will immediately explode Second is that even after his "important backstory on how he got his powers" his powers just get even more inconsistent as now his powers allows him to get hurt To get into LA's headspace for the inconsistency, what would of happened if his immortality stopped like how the little stones managed to touch and caused him to bleed a bit, then shouldn't Kobayashi be A BIT fearful of his life instead of just walking in front of a mecha turret fire.

    Yes LA thinks Kobayashi is an emo asshat all throughout the anime, his powers is just a major factor of annoyance to it all. For villains sake, Twenty Faces for being such a mysterious figure having a connection to Akechi and even his involvement to Hanasaki The only thing that made LA a bit interested in Akechi's backstory in connection to Twenty Faces but that's about it as he just disappears after that until the final arc.

    The animation done by TMS Entertainment is decent at best, derpy at worst to say the least, the best praise LA can give the animation is the character designs.

    Facebook Are you interested is a scam What can I do

    Due to this being a 24 episode anime, the animation tended to dip by the latter half though with lots of derpy or lower quality scenes from time to time, TMS Entertainment tries to up their game when it came to the battles though slightly janky or worse TMS Entertainment get a hold of yourself, because this is laughably awful and "trying too hard" at best for animation and for an anime with lackluster plot and characters, this is one of the elements that kinda NEEDED to land and it stumbled and broke it legs in the process and limps the rest of the way.

    As LA said in the strengths, the voice cast isn't that bad, if anything, it's the material that couldn't keep up with the voice cast and this was just what the voice cast had going for it so LA won't say the voice cast did horrible The ending as anti-climaxed as it is, it ends in a happy front because of course it does just to annoy LA further!?!??!!

    Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori is without a doubt for LA, has an identity crisis mainly focused on our diametric opposite main protagonists Hanasaki and Kobayashi, to make it worse, the lazy and confused naval gazing character development that either means nothing in the long run or has no impact to the plot at large though not all the time as some of the minor characters development are interesting, LA just wished it could have been injected to Hanasaki and Kobayashi, the animation that is janky at worst, ok at best but ultimately fails in the end making it lazy and inconsistent even when it goes all out.

    Plot twists that occurs have more focus on theatricals sense than common sense, villains are effectively pawns to a bigger villain who ultimately doesn't actively does anything unless the "plot says so" when he could have used his theatrical mood to lighten up the emotional hostaging by Hanasaki and Kobayashi and mysteries by majority coincidentally link to backstories and are framing devices than anything else.

    Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori so that LA can find a silver of something good in you and LA did, only to ruin that silver of hope with terrible plot and character progression and not to mention not alleviating the utter boredom, character derailments, janky animation and emotional atmospheric mood hostaging to say otherwise for LA.

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