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    John Russell was born March 30, in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He was the eldest of seven children. Little is known of his early life, except that he received a good education.

    Typical of the times, he learned his fathers trade which was a goldsmith. At the age of 21, Russell left Greenfield for Georgia, where he speculated in cotton. After some initial poor seasons, he was quite successful, and after twelve years had accumulated sufficient money that he could have retired.

    In he left the business and married Julianna Witmer of Lancaster Pennsylvania, where he lived for the next two years. Then in Russell made what was intended to be a short visit to see family and friends back in Greenfield.

    After two years of idleness, Russell was anxious to become again involved in a career. His family persuaded him to return permanently to Greenfield which was rapidly growing with abundant commercial opportunities. Rather than enter an established industry or business, Russell choose the manufacturing of cutlery.

    At age 35, he had no prior experience or background in cutlery manufacturing, and seems to have chosen this business on an emotional basis, being heavily influenced by the "Practical Tourist" a book published in The book contained eloquent, almost poetic descriptions of cutlery manufacture in Sheffield, England. His business was called J. Sheffield, England was then a center for cutlery making which set the standard of quality against which other cutlery making centers, such as Solingen, Germany were judged.

    At Sheffield the making of knives and other edged tools was not done in a factory or by a business venture. Steps in the process included: Once the knives were completed they were sent to the guild masters where they were inspected for flaws and imperfections.

    Knives which passed the inspection were considered to be perfect. The process was slow and tedious, but resulted in the finest knives then being made in the world. Late inRussell completed a factory, powered by a horsepower steam engine.

    Machinery included a row of grindstones and emery stones, and two or three trip hammers for forging steel. Russell did not start immediately in the manufacture of knives, but choose to start with chisels and axes. Using only the finest English steels available as raw material, his products quickly earned a local reputation for quality.

    By September of Russell felt that he had the experience to commence manufacturing of knives. His first prototype knives were simple butcher and carving knives, but as with the chisels and axes, made from the finest raw materials available. As knife manufacturing increased in importance, Russell would gradually phase out chisels and axes. The early knives were stamped "J. Within months of commencing manufacture of cutlery, Russell's factory had expanded in size, number of machines, and with an additional new steam engine.

    The steam engines were not an ideal source of power for the factory. They were expensive to operate and maintain.

    AMPUTEE DATING CLUB Dating Site For Amputees Registration

    Many mills and factories in the area were powered by water and Russell sought a new location for his factory which could take advantage of this power source as well. By February Russell had purchased land and moved the factory to a location on the Green River Massachusettes.

    The new location came complete with buildings, a dam and was set up for utilizing water power. The factory had barely been set up when on March 15, a fire burned out the forging shop and production was halted. The reconstruction had hardly commenced when a major flood swept away the dam and most of the buildings.

    After the flood, Russell was left with little besides the land and a few machines that had been salvaged. Without the financial assistance of a wealthy individual, Henry Clapp, Russell may not have been able to rebuild the factory. The new factory had one building which housed the forging room with twelve trip hammers. Another building housed seventy grindstones and one hundred emery wheels. A third building contained the hardening and tempering apparatus, with the hafting department in it's upper level.

    The new factory was christened the "Green River Works" and knives produced here were stamped "J. After that the worker could elect to be paid on a piecework basis. The mechanized methods used in Russell's factory allowed his workers to be as much as fifteen times as productive as the craftsman in the Sheffield guilds.

    The reduction in production costs made Russell's knives competitive in the market with the products of the Sheffield guilds. The guilds however had an enormous manufacturing base, which combined with the will and resources to accept short term losses, could be used to crush competitors. The guild commenced to flood the American market with below cost cutlery. Had it not been for the financial panic ofthey might have been successful in driving Russell out of the business.

    The panic, although a product of the U. The economic uncertainty caused the guild masters to decide that they couldn't afford to accumulate losses in any of their markets, and they abandoned their plans to undersell the American companies.

    By the Sheffield guilds had recovered from the effects of the panic of and were again out to destroy their American competitors. In order to survive under-pricing by the Sheffeild guilds, the American cutlery industry had to decrease production costs, and needed to establish the quality and value of American manufactured knives relative to the Sheffeild products in the mind of the American consumer.

    At this critical time, J. Chapman was both a skilled cutler and mechanical genius. He developed processes and machinery with which knife blades could be blanked and leveled, rivet holes punched, fork tines cut and bent, and handles rough sawed.

    These and other innovations at the Green River works and other American cutlery manufacturers reduced production costs till the Sheffield guilds strategy of underpricing it products was no longer effective. However, it wasn't until the "Green River Knife" was designed and produced that quality of domestically produced cutlery was overwhelmingly accepted by American consumer accepted.

    Dating as an Amputee

    During the early 's was the beginning of the great westward movement of settlers to Oregon and California. The knife, known as the "Green River Knife" was to be rugged enough to serve in any situation that might arise.

    These knives were often shipped unsharpened so that the individual owners could then sharpen according to need and use. The blade was about 8 inches in length with simple wooden handles. English hunting knives by contrast were fancy and lightweight. Although all knives produced by J.

    The Green River Knife became the source for various sayings and phrases related to quality and or doing a job right. The Green River Knife became a favorite of emigrants, buffalo hunters, Indians, miners and settlers. Between to it is estimated that 60, dozen Green River knives were sent west. The popularity of the Green River Knife was so great that American, English and German competitors would stamp their products with "Green River" in order to capitalize on the success of J.

    With the success of the Green River hunting knife, Russell began to experiment with other new types of knives. A more abruptly curved skinning knife was put into production which became almost as popular as the hunting knife. A butcher knife, nicknamed the "Dadley", being slightly larger than the hunting knife was also produced.

    All three of these knife styles came to be known as "Green River" knives. Russell continued to expand his product line to include shoe knives, table knives and forks and occasional novelty knives including a knife designed for one armed amputees after the Civil War.

    For more information about John Russell, the J. PublishedBete Press, Greenfield, Massachusetts.
    Ossenberg smartCructh 4 colors Bonus Points and exclusive Products for registered regular customers Miro Syncast or Miro Polycast bandages available in 3 different size and various colors, we even provide Fibercast in 12 fancy colors!

    Naturally, you can buy those in one of our famous complete sets or saving sets. Choose from many various complete sets, either with plaster, soft cast or fiber cast! Newsletter to never miss any special offers! We ship with DHL! She is trying to get used to her sticks on an uneven gravelly road but the dust an dampness is getting her cast sock all dirty. After a time she decides she's had enough and that she'd rather take a bus than to continue crutching and struggles on over to a bus stop.

    This also gives her a chance to pull the sock off and massage, wiggle and curl her exposed toes really nice closeups of this. As she does it, someone else comes to the bus stop and sits down. Feeling self-conscious Dorotie decides to sock her naked toes, but she finds it difficult to do it herself. So she asks the stranger.

    AMPUTEE DATING CLUB Dating Site For Amputees Registration

    The stranger turns out to be a mani-pedicurist and can't help commenting on the pretty color of Dorotie's toes. Feeling complimented and a little less self-conscious, Dorotie decides to open up and talk about her accident at the airport and what its like in a cast. While she talks the stranger continues to admire and starts to massage Dorotie's toes.

    While it feels a bit strange Dorotie can't help feeling her warm fingers on her colder toes feels pretty good.

    Dating as an Amputee

    Meanwhile her bus-stop mate can't resist copping a tickle or two as well. When Dorotie has had enough of having her five vulnerable toes played with by a stranger, she asks for some help putting her mismatched dirty woolen sock back on over her casted toes to protect them. Then, after a while, realizing the bus isn't coming, the stranger helps her crutch away -- steadying her as she does. A nice one with some really nice closeups of Dorotie's dark little piggies against her white cast.

    So she's got a lot of time on her hands to stare at her naked toes and concern herself with every little blemish and pain. When the nurse comes in to check and vitals and steth her she also repositions her bed for her.

    Cherry is annoyed at some excess plaster on her skin and asks the nurse to help clean her off.

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    But the nurse doesn't stop there. While she has a wipe she also cleans around Cherry's exposed pussy to keep everything hygienic. Cherry is grateful but embarrassed being so exposed.

    AMPUTEE DATING CLUB Dating Site For Amputees Registration

    But there is not much she can do and her legs are permanently plastered open for the next eight weeks! It tickles a bit and Cherry reacts. Cherry asks the nusre to give her ha hospital gown so she can cover herself. Knowing how bored she'll be once she finishes up the nurse gives Cherry her cell phone so she can entertain herself taking selfies.

    Another big cast featuring one of our new sexy cast girls with some nice closeup and POV shots of toes, tits and Poor Jade is standing on a chair trying to open a window when she falls and crashed to the ground clutching her leg in agony, her leg obviously broken. She has the presence of mind to call emergency. In the next scene, she is in the casting room and the technician is checking her leg before applying a full plaster leg cast. She is in obvious pain throughout as her leg is plastered.

    Dating service for disabled

    Then she is helped off the table and given crutches to crutch on out still in obvious pain.
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    Dating as an Amputee

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    Dating as an Amputee

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    Dating as an Amputee

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    Это не сайт знакомств!

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