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  • dating in dayton ohio
  • dating in dayton ohio
  • dating in dayton ohio
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  • Friday, November 04, 2005

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    The Compass eBooks are here!

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    dating in dayton ohio

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    dating in dayton ohio

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    dating in dayton ohio

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    Sex Personals Local People Using No Strings Sex Personal Ads For Casual Encounters

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    Slouching at the operating position is bad for your back, shoulders, and neck, and causes pain. Pain can hinder your operating enjoyment and limit your operating time.

    Too much pain, and your body will start to compensate by trying to use other muscles to sit in other bad positions -- which can cause other parts of your body to have pain. Avoid entering this vicious cycle by keeping your core strong.

    While there are plenty of how-to's for core strengtheningnone of the good ones are performed while sitting in a chair. According to a short article by Scientific Americanother cycles of length 88,and years have been noted. The year cycle that we're most attuned to is called the Schwabe cycle, discovered in by German astronomer Samuel Schwabe.

    The longer-duration solar cycles were discovered from isotope information recovered from cores drilled from ice built up over the last 9, years. Triangulating arbitrary HF signals is just a few website clicks away. Using a new feature of the global crowdsourced network of Kiwi-SDR receiversmultiple receiving sites can be chosen. Receiver IQ data is collected and analyzed, and a map of potential transmitter locations can be displayed.

    The Time Difference of Arrival method does a very reasonable job when there are multiple receiving stations, and all can hear a ground wave from the transmitter.

    With the new availability of these tools for hobbyist use, Builder-dependent packages can be now be maintained and enhanced by a broader population of Amateur experimenters. He had to be right there in the tent with a team for the entire 24 hours of the contest. Here are his thoughts after the event: This is what WRTC is truly about. We could get into a big analysis of technique and equipment and strategy. At some point, each of those rates a full discussion.

    For now, the afterglow of sharing the event with everyone is what dominates my thoughts. Sixty-three teams, spread out across the farmland southeast of Wittenberg, all got an equal opportunity to make a run at the top spot.

    The hundreds of volunteers were truly awesome with many of them camped out at the operating sites for days to be sure the antennas were in order and that everything was ready for the competitors. Once the competitors were onsite, no job was too big or small for them to handle -- from food to troubleshooting noise problems. WRTC can't work without volunteers and that includes all of the main committee members, too -- good job! You may have seen photos of the happy Lithuanian team holding their first place trophies -- they bested a very strong field with more than 5, QSOs.

    All this from a foot tower with a two-element Yagi and a pair of inverted Vs. It's hard to beat that kind of performance, emphasizing just how good all of the front-running WRTC team operators really are.

    Accessibility Options

    The teams all worked hard through the night with good rates on 40 and Excellent work for using the low inverted Vs on those bands. There really were no dead periods, including the sleep-inducing wee hours. The low bands kept pumping out QSOs all night long. How the committee arranged this, along with having the rainstorms pass over us on Thursday so we didn't have any local QRN, remains a mystery -- but please tell the next organizers!

    We look forward to the complete set of qualification and operating rules for this biggest on-the-air competition in ham radio. On your marks, get set, go -- and we'll see who are the Team Leaders in 4 years. Ellen and I stayed in Wittenberg for an extra day to have a little time before heading home. The hotel was so quiet and peaceful. In the town we were once again anonymous in the flow of residents and the regular tourist numbers -- no groups of hams wearing their WRTC T-shirts were seen.

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    It is always this way -- after the intense experiences of a WRTC, we disperse again to the ends of the world. We think, "What just happened? At any rate, it is like a dream -- did it really happen? Yes, it really did! We'll remember it forever, like the other WRTCs. All contesters, whether they were at WRTC or not, can carry that WRTC spirit along -- fellowship, fair play, friends for life, all competing -- as it should be.

    That doesn't have to end after leaving Wittenburg. Keep the flame alive and share it with others so that WRTC once again presents the best of the best. That really is what it's all about.


    Remember to send contesting related stories, book reviews, tips, techniques, press releases, errata, schematics, club information, pictures, stories, blog links, and predictions to contest-update arrl. Check the sponsor's website for information on operating time restrictions and other instructions.

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