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  • 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites
  • 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites
  • 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites
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  • 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites
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  • 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

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    Bay City Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Bay City, TX

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    Bay City Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Bay City, TX

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    Bay City Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Bay City, TX

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    Other Texas Cities:

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    9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

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    9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

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    The bays contain trees such as black gumbald cypresspond cypress, sweet bayloblolly bayred baysweet gummaplemagnoliapond pineand shrubs such as fetterbushclethra, sumacbutton bushzenobia, and gallberry.

    Plants common in Carolina bays are water liliessedges and various grasses. Several carnivorous plants inhabit Carolina bays, including bladderwortbutterwortpitcher plantand sundew.

    9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

    Some of the bays have been greatly modified within human history, under pressure from farminghighway building, housing developments and golf courses.

    It has been drained and is mostly used for tree farming today. Others are used for vegetable or field crops with drainage. In South Carolina, Woods Bay, on the Sumter - Florence County line near Olanta has been designated a state park to preserve it as much as possible in its natural state.

    The uplands area surrounding the bay is being restored from a loblolly pine plantation to the original longleaf pine. Included in the longleaf restoration is the restoration of wiregrass Aristida beyrichiana as a key understory plant.

    Its flammability aids in periodic burning, which is necessary for Canby's Dropwort and many of the other species unique to the environment. Within this part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the orientation of the long axes of Carolina bays varies by 10 to 15 degrees. Further north, the orientation of the long axes becomes, at best, distinctly bimodal, and exhibits two greatly divergent directions and, at worst, completely random and lacking any preferred direction.

    At the southern end of their distribution, the Carolina bays in southern Georgia and northern Florida are approximately circular in shape. In this area, they have a weak northerly orientation. In southern Georgia and northern Florida, the northerly orientation is matched by a westerly orientation of the direction of Pleistocene movement of sand dunes. In The Delmarva Peninsula, the degrees shift in the average trend of the long axes is also accompanied by a corresponding shift in the average direction of Pleistocene movement of parabolic sand dunes such that their direction of movement is also perpendicular to the long axes, as is the case in the rest of the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

    The consideration of multiple lines of evidence, e. The range of dates can be interpreted that they were either created episodically over the last tens of thousands of years or were created at time over a hundred thousand years ago and have since been episodically modified. The thick sediments, which were recovered in these cores and contain pollen characteristic of full glacial conditions could have accumulated within these Carolina bays only if they had existed prior to end of the last glacial epoch.

    The radiocarbon dates reported by Frey, [16] [17] Watts, [18] and Whitehead, [19] [20] from these Carolina bay cores fully corroborate both the glacial age of the pollen and the undisturbed nature of the sediments filling these Carolina bays as indicated by the reported layering of the sediments filling them and increasing age with depth of the pollen they contain.

    Within cores of undisturbed sediments recovered from Big Bay, North Carolina, Brook and others [14] documented well-defined pollen zones consisting of distinct pollen assemblages.

    They found a stratigraphically consistent series of pollen zones, which increased in age consistently with depth from Holocene Stage to the Wisconsin Stage, back into marine isotope stage 5, 75, toyears BP. These pollen zones corroborate the dating of Big Bay by optically stimulated luminescence and radiocarbon dating. According to basic principles of cross-cutting relationships and superposition, both Carolina bays were first created and the sand dunes later migrated into them.

    Thus, the sand dunes must be younger than Carolina bays. The majority of these samples, from which these dates were obtained, were collected from cores of undisturbed sediments that filled Carolina bays in North and South Carolina. These cores were collected to reconstruct region paleoenvironmental records using pollen, diatoms, and other fossils found in the distinctly and conformably layered sediments that fill the Carolina bays.

    For example, samples from sediments filling Carolina bays have been dated at greater than 38, to 49, BP radiocarbon years. Given the nature of radiocarbon dating, such discordant dates occasionally occur even in undisturbed deposits, when multiple samples were dated. The occasional discordant dates by themselves are meaningless as an indicator of disturbance.

    Best Christian Dating Sites Rankings

    The intact internal stratigraphy of the bay sediments, as indicated by paleosols and pollen zones, e. Big Bay [14] refutes such arguments. As discussed by Gaiser [21] and others, radiocarbon dates reported from any Carolina bay are all minimum dates for their formation.

    Because only organic matter can be dated by radiocarbon dating, the reported radiocarbon dates only represents times during which organic matter of some type accumulated in Carolina bays and was later preserved.

    At other times, datable organic matter would either not have been preserved as sediment accumulated within them, or older organic matter destroyed when they dried out completely. At such times, any organic matter would have been destroyed by oxidization and weathering of the lake bottom.

    Also, at that time eolian processes would have eroded any existing sediments filling the bottom of many bays removing any older lake sediments and the pollen, and datable organic matter.

    As a result, it is highly unlikely that organic matter dating to the exact age of any Carolina Bay would have been preserved except in the deepest of them. Thus, the oldest radiocarbon date from a Carolina Bay only indicates when the water table rose high enough for a permanent lake or swamp to exist within it.

    Carbon dating of the carbon spherules mostly gave dates in the future, this was interpreted as an unusual enrichment of the 14C at the time these deposits were laid down.

    Carbon dating of the vitreous charcoal and charcoal gave dates from 8, BP to in the future, again interpreted as 14C enrichment. Firestone and others interpreted that this 14C enrichment was connected to the sudden 14C increase that has been observed at the beginning of the Younger Dryas Several are cleared and drained for farming. Theories of the origin of the Carolina bays fall into two major categories: Geomorphology[ edit ] Various geomorphological hypotheses have been proposed to account for the bays, including action of sea currents when the area was under the ocean or the upwelling of ground water at a later time.

    One major hypothesis within the earth sciences academic community is that a combination of processes created the shapes and orientations of these ancient landforms, including climate change, the formation of siliciclastic karst by solution of subsurface material during glacial sealevel lowstands and later modification of these depressions by periodic eolian and lacustrine processes. A Carolina Bay extensively drilled in South Carolina revealed that its formation was the result of dissolution of a carbonate coral head and subsequent subsidence of the overlying materials creating the depression in land surface.

    Within the center of the bay there was no carbonate material detected. Near the rim of the bay, extremely weathered remnants of coral were penetrated and represented the lateral limits of the coral head. Quaternary geologists and geomorphologists argue that the peculiar features of Carolina bays can be readily explained by known terrestrial processes and repeated modification by eolian and lacustrine processes of them over the past 70, toyears.

    After considerable debate and research, geologists determined the depressions were both too shallow and lacking in any evidence for them to be impact features. Reports of magnetic anomalies turned out not to show consistency across the sites. There were no meteorite fragments, shatter cones or planar deformation features. None of the necessary evidence for hypervelocity impacts was found.

    The conclusion was to reject the hypothesis that the Carolina Bays were created by impacts of asteroids or comets Rajmon A new type of extraterrestrial impact hypothesis was proposed as the result of interest by both popular writers and professional geologists in the possibility of a terminal Pleistocene extraterrestrial impacts, including the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis.

    It said that the Carolina Bays were created by a low density comet exploding above or impacting on the Laurentide ice sheet about 12, years ago.
    East Texas' most ethnically and racially diverse county is Jefferson County, East Texas' largest county which includes the city of Beaumont, with Unlike Texas' total state racial demographics, only two counties in East Texas have a majority minorityJefferson County in the Golden Triangle and Titus County having a All of East Texas also lies within the Gulf Coastal Plainbut with less uniformity than the climate with rolling hills in the north and flat coastal plains in the south.

    Local vegetation also varies from north to south with the lower third consisting of the temperate grassland extending from South Texas to South Louisiana.

    The Piney Woods are part of a much larger region of pine - hardwood forest that extends into LouisianaArkansasand Oklahoma. The Piney Woods thins out as it nears the Gulf of Mexico. West of the Piney Woods are the ranchlands and remnant oak forests of the East Central Texas forests ecoregion. The Brazos cuts through the southwest portion of the region while the Red River forms its northern border with Oklahoma and a portion of Arkansas.

    In East Texas and the rest of the South, small rivers and creeks collect into swamps called " Bayous " and merge with the surrounding forest. Bald cypress and Spanish moss are the dominant plants in bayous. The most famous of these bayous are Cypress Bayou and Buffalo Bayou. They flow east into Caddo Lake and the adjoining wetlands cover the rim and islands of the lake.

    Culture[ edit ] East Texas is often considered the westernmost extension of the Deep South. The predominant cultural influence comes from customs and traditions passed down from European-American and African-American Southerners who settled the region during the mid and late 19th century. African Americans were first brought to the area as enslaved workers for the plantations. These influences are noticeable in the sub-dialect of Texan English that is spoken throughout the region.

    According to the most recent linguistic studies, East Texans tend to pronounce Southern English with the drawl typical of the Lower Southwhereas other parts of Texas are more prone to the "twang" of the Upper South, or—depending upon demographic influences of the particular area—with some Hispanic and Midwestern traits.

    9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

    East Texas did not have the influence of late 19th and early 20th century European immigrants from Germany and Central Europe. Similarly, the new waves of immigrants since the late 20th century, primarily from Indiaother Asian nations, and Latin Americaand their influences, have been less prevalent in East Texas.

    East Texans are predominantly Protestant Christiansexpressing their faith as members of many denominations: Catholicism continues to have influence, particularly with an increased Hispanic population in recent decades. Other religions with smaller numbers, but with adherents in East Texas, include Mormonism and Judaism. Significant numbers of people of Cajun and Creole descent have come from Louisianaalthough most are assimilated partially or completely into East Texas culture adopting the local culture and losing, to varying degrees, their original culture.

    This assimilation pattern has often historically included conversion from Catholicism to Protestant faiths. United States settlers from the Protestant Southeast practiced some discrimination against Cajun and Creole migrants, a cultural attitude that persisted until quite recently.

    Despite the tendency towards assimilation, Cajun and Creole cuisine for example, jambalaya and catfish gumboare popular in the region. Many East Texans, including those without Louisiana roots, are known to be expert at preparing at least some well-known Louisiana dishes.

    While some East Texans associate with cowboy culture, most identify more with plantation traditions of the South than with the expansive cattle ranching of the plains regions of Texas. However, it is common for East Texans to own and trade cattle. There are several "sale barns" across East Texas with weekly and monthly trades, as is common in other parts of the lower South.

    In the northern part of East Texas, awareness of the native and historical Caddo Mississippian culture remains significant.

    B-36 Accident Reports:

    East Texans enjoy a range of music that is influenced by gospel, bluegrass, blues, rock, country, soul, rhthym and blues, Cajun, etc. Worldwide-acclaimed pianist Van Cliburna native of nearby Shreveport, Louisianawas raised in Kilgore. Kilgore College houses the Van Cliburn Auditorium on its home campus. Many high school bands in East Texas continue the tradition of military-style marching, unlike other parts of the state. Sports and outdoors[ edit ] As with other parts of Texas, high school football is king in East Texas.

    Residents of East Texas towns and rural communities fill high school stadiums in support of their local team, cheerleaders, bands, etc. Many East Texas high school teams have won Texas state championships and have produced collegiate and professional football players. Don Meredithwho famously played for the Dallas Cowboysplayed at Mt. Dez Bryanta football product from Lufkin, is a current wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Adrian Petersona star running back for the Minnesota Vikingsplayed high school football in Palestine.

    Other high school sports are popular in East Texas including basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball and track. A significant number of East Texas youth participate in Little League Baseballsoccer and softball. Church leagues are quite common in providing opportunities for basketball and softball for youth and adults alike. In recent years, cowboy churches have grown in number and offer rodeo events for their youth.

    Homer Bryce Stadium East Texans also enjoy collegiate athletic competition. East Texas is also home to the Kilgore College Rangerettesa world-famous dance team which debuted in A few professional sports teams are located in East Texas.

    Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Louisiana and Texas border. East Texans have a long tradition in outdoors sporting and observe the opening day of deer season as a near religious holiday. However, the region does not host professional events in either of those sports. East Texans enjoy many Texas State Parks including: According to the Deep East Texas Council of Governments the region consists of the following twelve counties: The "Deep" designation comes from the similarity to East Texas it is similar in culture and topographybeing highly forestedbut with a location "deeper" i.

    Renegade clans controlled local governments, especially in Shelby County, well into the first quarter of the 20th century. People of English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, and to a lesser extent Welsh ancestry predominate in the region, which is in contrast to South Central Texas and West Texas in which people of German and Hispanic heritage predominate, respectively.

    Prior to the Texas War of Independencesettlement was generally prohibited by the Spanish and later Mexican governments, but neither government was able to exert control or law enforcement in the area.

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    As a consequence, the "Big Thicket" became a refuge for criminals fleeing the United States and hiding out in a "no man's land" in the pine tree thickets. The company operates facilities including refineries and oil wells throughout the region. The early isolation of the region and its links to the Deep South have resulted in its well-known pine woods being described as a 'curtain' which demarcates a certain cultural enclave or bubble that distinguishes East Texas from the rest of the state.

    Former residents describe leaving behind the 'Pine Curtain' as a form of escape. The phrase is often used to describe the area, appearing in a newspaper column in the Palestine Herald-Pressand in tourist guide by Mike Dougan. Prior to the discovery of the East Texas Oil Field, cotton, lumber and cattle were the predominant source of economic gains and stability.

    Needs of local farmers contributed greatly to the establishment of local towns and trading posts. As with many parts of the nation, the chosen paths of railroads often determined the continuation of many towns. At the beginning of the 20th century, the oil fields were discovered and oil became accessible, which changed the future trajectory of the region. In the decades leading to the new millennium, crude oil production in the East Texas Oil Fieldthe largest oil field in the United States, somewhat decreased.

    In turn, the number of high-paying jobs for uneducated workers also decreased. During the 20th century, local groceries, general stores and cafes were replaced with franchise department stores, retail chains and fast food restaurants. Highway 59 through Houston and up past Texarkana; in process of being upgraded along most of the route to Interstate In recent years, the region has become home to many patent holding companies, due to its legal system being particularly friendly to patent holders and hostile to out of state tech defendants.

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