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  • Friday, November 04, 2005
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  • SharkFarmer visits the Farmers Edge Laboratories in Winnipeg
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  • SharkFarmer visits the Farmers Edge Laboratories in Winnipeg

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    Life Size, Accurate and artistic: Pre-Historic animals - open 7 days a week. The Sudwala Dinosaur Park offers children an exciting and educational glimpse into the world of Dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals. It is situated next to the Sudwla Caves in a lush, sub-tropical forest garden where beautiful cabbage trees, cycads, monkeys and birds abound. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River, caused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river.

    The Potholes were named after a gold digger, Tom Bourke, who staked a claim nearby. Although his claim did not produce a single ounce of gold, he correctly predicted that large gold deposits would be found in the area. Just above the confluence of the Blyde and Treur Rivers is a curious formation of rounded holes in the rock caused by the perpetual swirling waters of the Treur River.

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    The trekkers named the Blyde meaning joy and the Treur meaning sorrow following an incident when their sorrow turned to joy. He moved east with guns in the direction known as the Long Tom Pass. Botha then shelled the town with the Long Tom guns from the heights.

    Buller and his force were in possession of two 5 inch guns, and these were used during the action in the town. Buller, however, wanted to block the road from Nelspruit to Pilgrim's Rest, so they followed Botha. Although the 5 inch gun's range was comparable to the Long Toms, the Long Toms were more easily moved as they were fitted with 4 wheels, whilst the 5 inch guns had only 2 wheels. The Boers also fired with the Long Toms at ranges which were too far for the British field artillery to reply, and by the time the 5 inch guns had been brought to the front, the Boers and the long Toms had disappeared.

    On the 11 September after the battle was over, Botha passed successfully through the pass with his men and the Long Toms. In the pass was opened and at some places the road takes a new route, but mostly the route has remained unchanged. The main obstacle along the route was the Drakensberg. InPresident TF Burgers ordered the construction of the road over this formidable barrier to the sea.

    The contract was awarded to Abraham Espag and most of the work was done by pick and shovel. The first wagons to use the new road, which followed the route of the old hawepad in many places, arrived in Lydenburg from Delagoa Bay in The pass used today was opened on 22 July Parts or the old road are signposted along the new pass, which was tarred in At Die Geut the gutterruts can be seen in the slate where the locked wheels of the wagons slid down the steep gradient.

    Whiskyspruit's water was reputedly so good that it made an excellent drink regardless of the quality of the whisky! He saw pieces of the now famous Lydenburg heads lying there. Five years later he developed an interest in archaeology and went back to where he had first seen these shards, and over a period of 4 years, he collected pieces of seven heads. He joined the archaeology club of the University of Cape town, who insisted that he take these heads to the University.

    Carbon dating showed that these heads dated back to the year A. Study of the heads has suggested that they might have been used as masks.

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    However, the neck is very long, as is the distance between the eyes and nose, which makes it rather difficult for the ordinary person to wear one. The purpose of these heads is obscure and one can only speculate that they were probably used during initiation ceremonies.

    He believed this would enable him to rest after his long pilgrimage seeking fortune! Thousands of prospectors flooded the lovely valley in one of the biggest gold rushes ever experienced. There were daily discoveries of fine nuggets of alluvial gold in the stream that came to be called Pilgrim's Creek.

    Today, the whole town has been proclaimed an historical monument and has been restored to its original splendour. The old Royal hotel - part of which used to be a church in Lourenco Marques now Maputo - was brought to Pilgrim's Rest by ox wagon.

    The Blyde River cuts a zig-zag passage, 16 kilometres long at a depth of metres in the midst of dense vegetation below towering buttresses capped by cliffs of the most remarkable shapes.

    There are some magnificent viewpoints along this route, including God's Window and The Three Rondawels. On a clear day the view from God's Window extends across the lowveld, past the Kruger Park to Mozambique.

    The Canyon forms part of 27 ha Blyderivierspoort Nature Reserve, stretching from Swadini in the north to just north of Graskop in the south. A well laid-out track leads from the parking place to other viewpoints. One particularly rewarding trip following signs to the Rain Forest is on a path which winds its way through evergreen tropical rain forest.

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    God's Window - so called for the panoramic view of the Lowveld. In the distance lies the Kruger National Park and Mozambique. From the parking area a steep footpath along the edge of the escarpment leads to the actual view site where there is a Wild Nature Reserve. God's Window is a deep ravine in the edge of the escarpment: A path and motoring track from the parking site of God's window, leads along the edge of the escarpment to the Lowveld Panorama and nature reserve, a beautiful area of indigenous forest with a breath-taking view.

    In this reserve many flowering and aromatic plants can be found. The Three Rondawels are well known gigantic peaks made from quartzite and shale. The sheer rock walls of The Three Rondawels tower more than m above the surrounding landscape. The Three Rondawels are named after the three most difficult and quarrelsome wives of Chief Maripi Mashile - they are Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto.

    After the Anglo-Boer war, the British began clearing the way for the protected areas by the forced removal of between local inhabitants in These removals continued throughout the Kruger's history. In the Makukeke people were moved out of the Pafuri area. The dispute over land claims continues today. Major James Stevenson-Hamilton was appointed the first warden. He was a short, quick-tempered Scotsman and was given the African name "skukuza" meaning "he who turns things upside down". He waged constant war against poachers and was responsible for expanding the Kruger Park, incurring the wrath of local farmers who felt that the Reserve was a breeding ground for lions.

    Both domestic stock and people were often attacked. Inthree cars entered the Park. Two years later there were cars. Over the next 50 years, people visited the Park annually. Today, people visit the Park every year. This part of Mpumalanga, South Africa abounds with legends of gold, and horses have an exciting history which dates back to In Bernard Chomse claimed to have found gold in the bed of a stream on a high, narrow plateau which projects like a finger between the valleys of the Elands and the Little Crocodile rivers.

    Situated in the hills above Ngodwana 32km from Nelspruit, the picturesque village of Kaapschehoop has a unique atmosphere. A herd of wild horses has roamed the hills around Kaapschehoop for many years, and is reported to have originated from the release of mine ponies during the gold rush of the 's. The diggers called the strange place Duiwelskantoor 'devils reception room'.

    An early observation says: The mountains are so rugged that only the devil could live here". It became known as De Kaap 'the cape'and became the Gold Mining Commisioner's headquarters during the gold rush. Kaapschehoop literally means,"'hope of the cape".

    Today the village of Kaapschehoop offers the environmentally conscious tourist a chance sighting of the famous Blue Swallows, an endangered species, and protected in the grass lands. Prospectors still work in the area. With a little imagination one can see shapes in the rocks: There are superb walking and hiking trails through extraordinary rock formations.

    Many artists live here permanently. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines' fame discovered the work of Harem, a young artist from Kaapschehoop. There are a number of beautiful guest- houses inKaapschehoop, as well as other accommodation to suit all pockets. Many of the miners were Scottish, and therefore the camp was named Mac-Mac. In an attempt to divert the river, the miners placed dynamite on the crest of the Mac-Mac Falls. The explosion split the metre-high waterfall into two splendid streams which plunge into the forested gorge below.

    There is a viewing platform which overlooks the Mac Mac Falls and visitors can also walk for 2 km along part of the Fanie Botha Hiking Trail to the Mac-Mac pools for a refreshing swim.
    Antichrist and A Cup of Tea might be right! Prince Charles is proclaimed as world savior, and his "timely" travels to key occult pagan places seems portentous.

    The New World Order is coming! Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!! Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones! Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.

    That is what this verse truly says. He is "that age-old serpent" whose name is "the Devil and Satan"! Thus, it was no surprise that Satan appeared in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden.

    Consistent with this Biblical teaching, occultists boldly state that Satan is a Reptilian; further, they say that the most powerful demonic possession possible is with demons who have a Reptilian form. Keep this in mind, for it will be most important later on. He will be the first living member of the Royal Family to have a life-size statue dedicated in his honor.

    Die richtige IT-Strategie für das datengetri ...

    Although the Prince is destined to become Defender of the Faith when he becomes King of England, the inscription on the statue in Brazil will honor him as 'Savior of the World'. He will come striding though the smoke, dust, and destruction of the planned Third World War [ NEWS ] to establish "peace and safety", amidst great "lying signs and wonders". He will deceive the entire population of the world -- except for God's Elect -- because a mighty demonic spirit of lying and deception will blow through the world at the time he appears.

    Let us go back to this article: His arms are extended as if offering comfort and security. The statue will dominate the town square, to be named after the Prince, in Palmas, the state capital of Tocantins on the edge of the rainforest.

    The sculpture, which will invite comparisons with the statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado, is set on a marble base. At its feet is an untidy mass of human bodies, one drinking from a bottle of wine, which is said to represent the world in a mess which the Prince is busy saving.

    Since Winged Charles is so much larger than the people below, he looks positively huge in comparison. He looks divine; coming to "rescue" mankind, to give us "peace and safety". We think he is deserving of it. Many people remember him as being proud and haughty, and mean to the beloved Princess Diana; however, Charles traveled a long way back in many people's minds when he went to Diana's defense against the Mother Queen, after Di had been killed.

    Further, remember that the man who will ultimately be Antichrist will be a practitioner of Black Magick Witchcraft, just as Daniel 8: I had longed believed that God Himself would reveal Antichrist to the world, so that no one could know his identity beforehand. I took literally the prophetic words: Of course, we know the Holy Spirit is that greater power, the "restraining power".

    Therefore, I believed that no one could know the identity of the man who would be Antichrist beforehand.

    However, God told us in Revelation Let anyone who has the intelligence, penetration,and insight enough, calculate the number of the beast, for it is a human number, the number of a certain man: Numerous prophecies will begin to be fulfilled, so that no knowledgeable Christian will need to calculate to discover his identity!

    Therefore, the time in which a knowledgeable Christian will make a discerning decision regarding the identity of the man who will be Antichrist will be before he is arisen; and, this knowledge beforehand will require Biblical discernment, knowledge of Scripture, and a series of calculations!

    With this point made to me by a pastor, I bought Antichrist And A Cup of Tea and began to read, albeit still with a high degree of skepticism. About three-fourths of the way through this book, I set it down and said to myself, "All right, I have seen enough calculations and discerning facts to convince me: Antichrist will arise from the House of Windsor.

    If the timing is soon, Prince Charles will be that man; if the timing is delayed, Prince William will be Antichrist. However, Prince William must turns 30, which is the Jewish minimum age for a man to be a Rabbi. Williams turns 30 on Finally, I realized during the reading of this book something which had totally escaped my awareness: He is not foretold to be a king, but a Prince!

    Therefore, it may be highly significant prophetically that Charles is not a king, nor may he ever be a king; he may always be a Prince, but we shall get to this point in a short while. Author Cohen makes a very important point: In this hidden, dark side, the monarch wields unimaginable power and influence, and is wealthy beyond all imagination. At the top of this monarchy is the Queen Mother, but right below her is Prince Charles, wielding ever-increasing amounts of power and influence throughout the whole world.

    So important is his power that Cohen challenged his readers to notice the itinerary of powerful statesmen going to and fro to the United States; in most cases, they shall stop off in London on one leg of their trip! Ostensibly, they are there to confer with Prime Minister Blair, but since England has become a faint echo of her former powerful self, one has to ask why so many people have to stop to see the Prime Minister; the answer, according to Cohen's research, is that they are in London to confer with Prince Charles!

    I have watched in the past two years, and have seen that Cohen is right; a disproportionate number of powerful leaders stop in London on their way or coming back from, Washington, D. Too many people believe the Pope will be Antichrist, when the very nature of the two offices makes that impossible! Furthermore, during the House of Theosophy Members-only meeting on August 18,into which I was sneaked, I heard with my own ears that the Illuminati had selected the Roman Catholic Pope to be the top religious leader of the coming global religion of Antichrist [ NEWS ].

    Therefore, Cohen was right on the money, but in the process of stating his conclusion, he made a statement that is absolutely shocking. This lamb, because of the papal miter shown on its head, actually looks like it has two horns. This same pope, who has "two horns like a lamb", routinely makes statements revealing his intolerance for true Christians, his antichristian ecumenism, and his worship of 'Mary' and the dead, which Roman Catholicism is euphemistically calling, 'saints'.

    The ultimate judgment for refusing to heed Biblical injunctions against praying to others than Jesus Christ, against praying to the dead and to idols, and warnings that Satan and his angels can appear as "angels of light" in order to deceive people into believing in apparitions, would be this encouragement to take a mark in their right hand or their foreheads!

    Of course, this is the Mark of the Beast foretold in Revelation But, did you realize that this prophetic passage tells us that the False Prophet is the one to force people to take the Mark, not Antichrist? Thus, it is consistent that the worshippers of the original religion of the False Prophet would be the first ones to hear direct encouragement to take this Mark! Since Roman Catholicism does not teach one iota of Biblical prophecy, these Catholic faithful will not realize that they are taking the one Mark that would doom them to eternity in Hell forever [Revelation He was beginning to condition his faithful to one day take the ultimate Mark of the Beast!

    The time is really running out to take the word of Truth to the world's 1. White Sepulcher Christianity"details the witchcraft inherent in the Roman Catholic worship, beginning over 1, years ago, and continuing today; this video needs to be seen by Catholic faithful all over the world, as its message and the manner in which it is delivered has already proven to be effective in winning committed, life-long Catholics to Jesus Christ!

    His royal hegemony over the European Union has already resulted in a request to be its king [Chapter 2] 2. His name calculates to '' in both English and Hebrew, using the Scriptural system faithfully [Chapter 3] 3. His royal ancestors have claimed to sit upon the throne of David for nearly two millennia [Chapter 5] 5. His heraldic achievement is a literal depiction of the satanic imagery associated with the Antichrist in both the Old and New Testaments, whose oligarchical powerbase is behind the quest for a New World Order [Chapters 6 - 7].

    This is the section of Cohen's book most intriguing to me, since I was totally unfamiliar with the British system of Heraldry -- of Knighthood. That kind of "Country Club" living, believing, and acting was thoroughly rejected by Americans as we threw off the chains of Great Britain, and we have been sensitive to what we consider "nonsense" in the entire heraldry system.

    However, this very system is completely based on deep, abiding, and powerful Generational Witchcraft, and from this system, all the symbols foretold of Antichrist are present! If you are an average American, you will thoroughly enjoy this study of Heraldry. His current power, throne, and 'great authority' literally derive from the 'red dragon', i. His agenda is specifically geared to address the many ominous and prophetic 'signs of the times' -- and what those signs are -- through 'global governance'.

    His multifaceted religious, political, and other ties are apparently set to position him a priest and prophet, not to mention king, to the world's major and minor religions -- including Apostate Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroasterianism, Wicca, and Satanism. Further, Prince Charles is a global "mover and a shaker" with vast potential wealth [Chapter 10] Cutting Edge noted the Zoroasterian Protocol being studiously followed in two major articles, both of whom were written in December, His media exposure has already exceeded that of every other man in history.

    He exercises authority over Freemasonry and the global Illuminati; he heads the United World Colleges who is credited with the success of the watershed Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro; he controls the environmental policies and business agendas from over of the world's largest multinational corporations; he has initiated many United Nations programs designed to foster globalism and policies that emphasize "sustainable development" and globalist education.

    It is no wonder that virtually every Israeli politician that has ever visited Washington, DC, has stopped in London either to our Capitol or from it. Charles' life has already been threatened by terrorists ["deadly wound that was healed"? Charles has already taken an implantable micro-chip for "his own personal security" [Chapter 14] Charles' overall personal qualifications appear to make him the first real candidate in history to ever fulfill the role of the prophesied Antichrist [Chapter 15] With all this detail, taking pages in which to explain all the facts, is it any wonder that Prince Charles is now being honored as the "Savior of the World" through a statue such as this one, depicting his rescue of the teeming masses of poor humanity?

    He must have the purest of Illuminati bloodlines, going back the furthest in history, and he must be able to prove to the Jews that he has traceable lineage all the way back to King David.

    Of all nobility in the world, Prince Charles has the purest of both bloodlines.

    SharkFarmer visits the Farmers Edge Laboratories in Winnipeg

    While Tim Cohen writes on this most important subject well in Chapter 6, of Antichrist And A Cup of Tealet us hit the highlights here, after which we shall examine another document that will provide even more clarity. Merovingian Bloodline -- Researchers into the New World Order Plan have recognized that the global plan to produce Antichrist runs through a bloodline in Europe [Germany and France] under a Merovingian descendent, specifically through a Fifth-Century King, by the name of Merovee.

    He worshipped the bear in the form of the Roman Diana, who is also known as the Greek Artemis, the "virgin-mother goddess" of the wooded hunt and the moon, usually associated with the Unicorn.

    Merovee's son, Childeric I, practiced witchcraft, while his grandson, Clovis I, converted to Roman Catholicism, thus tying in both sides in this grand Illuminist plan -- the Illuminati and Roman Catholicism.

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    However, the most important part of the Merovingian lineage is that they claimed direct descendancy through Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene! How is this possible, you say? Occult legend states that Jesus really did not die on the cross, but only fainted; later, his disciples helped him escape the tomb. Jesus then supposedly went into the village, where he secretly lived and married Mary the Magdelene, and her sister, Martha. From this wedlock came children, to whom the Merovingian Bloodline is supposedly traced.

    After the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem in 70 A. Through the many centuries since then, descendants of the Merovingians have secretly been able to place their offspring upon the thrones of Europe through intermarriage. This lie is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on mankind, but it will be believed.

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    The Jewish Talmud and Cabala also states that Jesus did not die, but "swooned", then escaped the tomb with the aid of his disciples, and married Mary Magdelene.

    Children, according to the Talmud, came from this marriage. Thus, Judaism today is primed to believe this lie. Once the person who will be Antichrist ties his lineage into Jesus Christ, he is home free to King David, thus fulfilling the Jewish requirement that their Messiah be of the House of David. As Cohen succinctly states of Charles: In Prince Charles' veins runs the blood of emperors and kings, Russian boyars, Spanish grandees, noblemen of every European nation, bishops and judges, knights and squires, and tradesmen
    Introduction The Gungywamp Complex in Groton, Connecticut contains house foundations, colonial roads, and historic stone walls.

    Researchers, archaeologists, and historians are in general agreement about the historic origins of these features. A strong Native American presence within the area dating back thousands of years is likewise agreed upon by all the researchers. The Native American utilization of several rockshelters within the complex is well attested to by the archaeological evidence. These stone structures have been the subject of numerous theories as to their origins, date of construction and purpose.

    These theories ranged from those based on archaeological evidence and scientific argument to those based on wild speculation. These theories have been often repeated and cited but rarely subjected to scientific review and analysis. The theories can be grouped into two broad categories. The first group contains theories that offer various utilitarian historical explanations for the structures. The second group focuses on Native American ceremonial explanations for the features.

    This article is a scientific analysis, review, and critic of both groups of theories. Each theory is evaluated to determine the soundness of its evidence, plausibility of its hypothesis, and tested to see if it withstands basic scientific inquiry. Through this process the theories with merit can be sorted from those without.

    East side near northern end of South Complex, as shown on site map. Each socket was a inch deep depression packed with small rocks, cobbles and rubble. The SS tend to be shorter and smaller at each end of the rows; the taller cluster more toward the center of each row. This is unconfirmed by the author. This disclosed that a single layer of cobbles had been laid directly on sandy, orange loess.

    Several stones in the north row were pulled out by vandals. These stones were painted orange on the bottoms to discourage further vandalism.

    But the example Warner used shows the standing stones with their broadsides all facing outward and abutted right next to each other. This does not at all bear any resemblance to the rows of standing stones at Gungywamp. In the same issue of the Stonewatch Newsletter, Paulette Buchanan briefly mentions another variant of this theory Buchanan Buchanan provided a detail explanation of the theory in a subsequent article.

    The name of this type of stone wall construction is called coping and dyking. This type of construction makes a very stable and durable wall. There are several significant problems with this statement. First and foremost, Buchanan misunderstood the Scotish terms dry stane dyke, coping and dyking. The term dyking simple refers to the act of building a dry masonry stone wall. Garner offers the following remarks on the subject of coping, copestone, cope: Firstly they add considerable weight to the wall, weight which is specially vital to stablise the lighter stones in the upper half.

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    Secondly, they act as throughstones and must make good contact with both sides [both sides refers to a double wide wall]. The ideal copestone is fairly thin and flat and is placed upright on the wall.

    In this way more stones, and therefore more weight, can be placed in a given length. Copestones should add about 9 inches mm to the height, bringing the wall up to the specified 4 feet 6 inches 1. In support of the idea of vertical bracing stones, Buchanan offered two illustrations from a British BTCV website page page is no longer available.

    Both illustrations came from Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Handbook Brooks and Adcock and appear on page and The first illustration showed stones place in vertical position, one row on top of another. On the right side a single vertical stone goes from the bottom of the first row to the top of the second row.

    UK Internet Censorship Latest

    Closer examination of the illustration shows it is top view of a stone wall and the stones extending through the wall are in a horizontal position not a vertical position. According to the Handbook, this illustration shows how to properly lay the foundation for a stone wall in a trench in the ground. These horizontal stones are known as throughstones. Throughs are long stones, stretching across the two sides and making good contact with each other. Their purpose is to act as ties to hold the sides together and stop the wall bellying out.

    They are not placed in a vertical upright position. The throughstones do not disrupt the interlocking of the smaller stones.

    They reinforce the interlocking by tying the two sides of the wall together and being the same thickness are integrated into the interlocking process. This variant of multiple upright stones in wall theory is deeply flawed. It was based upon a misunderstanding of Scottish terminology and two illustrations which were taken completely out of their original context. This example illustrates the need for careful research and verification of the basic details.

    Were upright stones used in stone wall construction? A review of seven major books on dry masonry stone wall construction yielded only two examples.

    In both examples, the upright stones were placed 6 to 8 feet apart. The upright stones had a wide notch in the top. There are several major flaws with the theory that upright standing stones were used to support and stabilize the stone wall. First, there is a lack of comparable examples to Gungywamp standing stone rows.

    There is a practical explanation for this absence. Standing stones, whether they are flat slab or tall boulders, create vertical seams in the walls.

    According to various books on dry stone wall masonry, vertical seams are highly unstable. Stone walls need to be built with layers of overlapping horizontal stones which effectively interlock with each other creating a very strong and stable wall.

    The second problem is a number of stones in the two rows are short and would not extend from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall.

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    Thirdly, there are no smaller stones placed between the standings stone and there is no evidence that any were ever placed between them.

    With wooden sides and lids, a standing row of stones conceivably could have stored different supplies or feed purchased elsewhere. Presumably these boxes would be used by a farmer on his farm or soldiers in an encampment during one the periodic colonial wars. A review of 19th century literature on farming and 18th century military encampment equipment found no comparable examples. If the standing stones were boxed-in with wood then nails would expected to be found.

    David Barron in his excavations at the stone rows did not find any nails. Dopirak does not explain how the tanned hides could be stretched using the upright stones.

    Stretching any material including leather requires the ability to securely attach one end to a pole, rack or framework. There is no obvious means to attach the leather to the stones.

    There is currently no plausible utilitarian explanation for these structures. Archaeological excavations at several rockshelters within the complex have demonstrated the presence of Native Americans within the complex. Excavations at the double stone circle by Whittall and Barron also recovered a number of Native American artifacts at the site.

    Having reject all of the historical explanations, it is necessary to explore the possibility that the two rows were constructed by Native Americans. This raises an important question: Moon Ceremonialism Theory The two standing stone rows are located in northeast section of the site. The North Row is badly eroded suggesting it is older than the more intact South Row. The North Row is briefly talked about in published sources but there are no photographs or specific information about it.

    This discussion will rely heavily on the better documented South Row. The South Row was constructed following a carefully designed plan. The standing stones at each end of the row are short.

    SharkFarmer visits the Farmers Edge Laboratories in Winnipeg

    From these short stones, the height of the stones increases until the maximum height is reached in the middle of the row. Each row has an elliptical arc that is bowed out towards the east.

    On the east side of the South Row there is a covered post hole and stone paving. One of the stones has a bird effigy with its head and beak pointed towards the east.

    All of these details indicate the stone row was intentionally constructed for a specific purpose. This arrangement suggests potential ceremonial activity. What type of ceremonialism?

    The elliptical arc forms a crescent shape. The moon is generally represented by a crescent shape. There are 24 and up to 29 standing stones in the South Row. Without a full excavation, the actual number of missing standing stones in the South Row remains unknown. The variation between 24 and 29 stones without knowing the actual number of stones used suggests two possibilities: Where the moon rises over water there is a moon beam on the water. Based upon the number of stones and the elliptical arc of the rows i.

    The presence of stone paving along the east side of the south row and the unusual post hole covered by a stone shingle reinforces the idea of a ceremonial structure. The post hole could have been used to hold a ceremonial staff. Is there any historical and anthropological evidence to support the idea of Native American moon ceremonialism?

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