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  • Okay, it’s not actually hard to explain.
  • 10 PROBLEMS with The L Word!

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    5 Mind-Blowing Ways People Solved Unsolvable Cold Cases

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    The Dating Site Murderer He'll Kill You With Kindness from Memes!

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    10 PROBLEMS with The L Word!

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    44 Important Parts of History You're Picturing Wrong

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    There's much speculation over whether Alison was just manipulating Emily or actually has feelings for her and was an Armored Closet Gay. It turns out to be both. Mona seems even less ambiguous toward Hanna. The liars can also be seen as this. Hanna kicks her boyfriend in the nuts by accident thinking he is A, then apologizes when he takes off his mask.

    Also Hanna when she almost hit her boyfriend again with a pink furry lamp. Many of the key characters from the show were killed off or played minor roles in the books including Mona, Ezra, Jenna, and Toby Asshole Victim: She might have been only 15 when she died, but she managed to make so many people hate her that just about every other supporting character in the show had a motive for her murder.

    Jenna, who coerces her step-brother into an unwanted sexual relationship goes blind before the series starts and receives a lot of sympathy for it. The Liars, themselves, who don't deserve the torment they get but did let an innocent boy take the fall for a felony they knew they were responsible for. And who stood by as Alison tortured half of Rosewood. Ben tries to rape Emily, but Toby Cavanaugh saves her. The show contains a lot of lesbian characters and the producer Marlene King is an out lesbian.

    Ezra, of a Non-Action Guy variety. He repeatedly refuses to change Noel Kahn's grade, even when Noel threatens to tell the principal about Ezra's relationship with Aria.

    He sits at his desk, stoic, while Noel tells the principal, ready to face the consequences with dignity Lampshaded in 'Farewell, My Lovely' where he comments that since he has an English Degree, he can do anything.

    See Time Skip below. In "Through Many Toils, Troubles, and Snares", the girls pull off a rather impressive one on A by pretending to fight and quarrel with each other over fake evidence of A's identity, leading A to approach Emily with a deal. It doesn't quite work out like they'd hoped, since they don't learn A's identity, but they do come away with A's cell phone.

    A is understandably disturbed by this development. Spencer and Emily try a very similar trick in "Welcome to the Dollhouse. You don't understand the Biebs Emily cries when she stabs Nate after a long chase through the lighthouse. Emily had plenty of those, including some switcheroos.

    Maya was originally the Veronica to Ben's Betty. Samara was the Veronica to Paige's Betty. And now, Talia is the Veronica to Paige's Betty. Later Garrett became the Betty to Shana's Veronica. Aria with Ezra Betty and Jason Veronica. Before his true colors were shown, early in season one, Noel was her Betty to Ezra's Veronica. Holden was also teased as a possible Betty to Ezra's Veronica, but it was eventually subverted, as they are Just Friends.

    Originally, Sean was the Betty and Caleb was introduced as a Veronica. For Spencer, it was the other way around. Many of the characters on this show are very attractive. Actually is bisexual in the books though. Played straight with Jenna.

    Her relationship with Shana was a serious case of Suddenly Sexualityafter spending most of her screen time seducing men to Squick degrees. The messages A sends contains information on the girls secrets and they threaten to reveal them if the girls do not comply with what A wants them to do. So far "A" has been the Big Bad of every single season, however, sometimes other characters are main antagonists to the Liars.

    Mona Vanderwaal takes the position completely during this season. CeCe Drake is the Big Bad of the season once again, and "A", however, during the first half of the season, the Liars are still dealing with Red Coat Sara Harvey and during most of the second half they deal with Ezra and eventually Mrs.

    The Final Boss of the season is Shana. CeCe Drake takes the position completely for this season. However, during the first half we deal more with Mona, who starts her own army to go against Ali and the girls, and Alison herself, who the Liars believe is "A".

    The Dating Site Murderer He'll Kill You With Kindness from Memes!

    The Big Bad for the second half is unknown, but is referred to as "he" by the Liars. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Mona in seasons 1 and It's very unlikely that they would have let someone wearing a mask that looks like a dead girl into a mental rehabilitation facility.

    In the second season, Hanna threatens to sic her mother on Caleb's foster parent, claiming she's a lawyer with Dolce, Gabbana, and Leibowitz. How does Jenna know so much, yet sees so little?

    Jenna, who plays the flute. She once claimed that she couldn't even spell Louisiana, let alone know anything about its history. Surprisingly, it's revealed in season 5 she scored very high scores in her SATs. The series finale ends with Addison Derringer disappearing from a sleepover with her friends, that's a recreation of the opening of the pilot when Alison disappeared. Hanna is known for this. She's back to punish us for it. Toby is Spencer's protector but he is really much better at luring her into the arms of "A".

    Melissa and Jason made out prior to the events of the series. It was later revealed that they share a father. And let's not forget Jenna's forcing her stepbrother Toby into a sexual relationship. CeCe and Jason, though Jason didn't know she was his sister. CeCe on the other hand The season six finale reveals they're actually cousins, which is May be specific for lesbians of color. Maya was killed off in the season 2 finale, and Shana was hacked off in season 5.

    So far, Emily is the only non-white gay character to survive, unless you count Talia who is bisexual but has only been in a few episodes so far. As of the last couple of seasons we can add Sarah Harvey to the list.

    Though there is some speculation over her sexuality as she was a member of the A team and was only seducing Emily on orders from A Bus Crash: Maya who was last seen a few episodes earlier before it was revealed she was dead.

    Until she needs to get information out of minors. Ashley Marin's daughter is played by a girl named Ashley. Ashley Marin once was in a murder-mystery soap, but last time, she was the victim.

    Claire Holt as a girl who dates a swimmer. So Lucy Hale 's nemesis from Sorority Wars decided to get back at her by screwing her dad? That sounds about right. Melissa is another character played by Torrey Devitto who's involved with shady, possibly criminal stuff after Nanny Carrie and Meredith Fell. Andrea Parker played a character who found out she had an Evil Twin already on The Pretenderonly on that show it was her fraternal twin brother Lyle, and not an identical twin sister.

    Averted in "Farewell, My Lovely" during the flashback showing Mona fighting Charlotte in the bell tower, until the former kills the latter. Alison's flying lessons and her ability to hold her breath for a long time.

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    It's how Aria kills Shana in Season 5. A truly impressive example: The leader of the A-Team has been in Rosewood since day one, teaching English at the local high school and maintaining an on-again off-again relationship with Aria.

    Later subverted when it was revealed that Ezra was not -A, but only collecting information about Alison to write a book Cece, who only shows up in season 3. Several Rosewood High students have disappeared without explanation such as Ben and Sean.

    Okay, it’s not actually hard to explain.

    Subverted when it is revealed that Sean went to boarding school. Alex, Spencer's boyfriend for around 5 episodes in Season 1, is never mentioned again after he and Spencer break up.

    The Dating Site Murderer He'll Kill You With Kindness from Memes!

    Samara and Emily break up midway through Season 2, after which Samara is immediately a distant memory. Also Jake, Aria's martial arts instructor and love interest, is never mentioned again after Season 4.

    This is subverted during "Game on Charles": Sara Harvey was mentioned only in "Who's in the Box," back in Season 4. She never even appeared on screen, and it seemed that she was forgotten, never to be brought up again. Then this episode reveals that Charles has had her trapped in the dollhouse for years, forcing her to wear the infamous yellow top that Ali wore the night she disappeared. It appears that Sara is going to have a big role to play in future episodes, definitely subverting this trope.

    Unlike the other specials, this is included on Netflix. Alison used this too. Same goes for Cece. Ezra, Ella and Jason. Byron seems to be a college version of this.
    So the only thing that really makes us feel better is when the perpetrator is caught in the most fittingly stupid and embarrassing way possible. Take this case from Holland, where a cold case from was solved in in a manner that shouldn't have gotten past the casual suggestion phase: They just asked politely for people to submit DNA sampleshoping to randomly find the murderer.

    They would ask every male citizen living within a 5-mile radius of the crime scene to submit a DNA sample. They didn't force them or anything -- just politely asked.

    10 PROBLEMS with The L Word!

    But why in the hell would the killer submit one at all? The results of this desperate attempt were overwhelming: The gruesome crime still fresh on their minds, almost 6, dudes submitted their DNA to help out in the case.

    And one of those 6, dudes remembered the crime rather better than the others. Because he was the guy who did it. He did this voluntarily, despite the fact that he must've known the police had DNA traces of the killer because he was the one who left them there.

    I just got all caught up in the excitement of giving blood. And that is how a local farmer named Jasper M. Still, some people use the Web's creepy factor for reasons more noble than idly browsing videos of train accidents. Meet the Doe Network -- the Internet's very own " Facebook for the dead.

    Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement On the surface, the Doe Network is one of those sites that you really, really don't want your mother to know about.

    The Dating Site Murderer He'll Kill You With Kindness from Memes!

    It's filled with information about dead and disappeared people, grisly data about missing limbs and decapitations, and, generally, all the disturbing content you can eat and more. It seems like little more than a poorly constructed shock site Some become involved in helping out the family or search for DNA samples or dental records.

    Others spend their spare hours searching coroners' websites, forcing themselves to look at disturbing photos of the dead and comparing them to missing unidentified people.

    Eventually, when the community has gathered enough information, they pass it on to the police, who then use the evidence to either identify the remains or, when necessary, catch the culprit.

    A nice idea, in theory.

    The Dating Site Murderer He'll Kill You With Kindness from Memes!

    But does this actually accomplish anything? Well, since the Doe Network was established init has played an instrumental part in solving a total of 66 cold case crimes and locating hundreds of missing peopleboth dead and alive. Not bad for a bunch of Internet strangers that, in other circumstances, would just be sitting on their thumbs and playing browser games. Do you have an idea in mind that would make a great article?

    Do you possess expert skills in image creation and manipulation? Are you frightened by MS Paint and simply have a funny idea? You can create an infographic and you could be on the front page of Cracked. And don't forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterand Tumblr to get sexy, sexy jokes sent straight to your news feed. Think the Facebook of the Dead is a cool idea?

    You'll love these other cases of vigilantes solving crimes. Thanks to the Internet, even a year-old can Batman her way to a conviction. For vigilante mystery-solving of the pop culture variety, this article is your huckleberry. Even the crazy chicken-scratch language in the Zelda games has been cracked and translated by fans. And if you're more interested in the "unsolvable" mysteries Science has figured out, give this link a good, hard click.

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