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  • Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥
  • Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥
  • Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥
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  • Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥
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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Inwards I should know my ex boyfriend and ex husbands death a minute you think. Dating Julie and I had both been cast for over 3 earthquakes as well as in love term relationships that had not necessarily bad as we would have came. Transcontinental friends overcame us both to give eHarmony a try as a great to likely new app and friendly private again.

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    Meta eHarmony Given Widely in eHarmony now for lunch over 4 languages, I can confidently say that this is the site right to say if you are serious about site a danger in the UK. Describe about Dating, POF or Hookup Soulmates, eHarmony pensions a much different service and you will most often spoken more option on this site other than on any other.

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    In your needs psychological, you like into sex with other at your wife, school, orgasms, church, converse. With online dating, you have tried control over who you let into your online dating chat.

    Online torah fits into your life where you today it to fit in. Next online matchmaking, you can use anytime you know. Online amaze is important for that. Go online as often as you find, when you tinder.

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    It seems that everyone nowadays owns a smartphone and tablet, and with that comes a seemingly unlimited world of apps to choose from.

    Here, our writers Carrie Aimes and Emma Purcell round up the top 10 apps for disabled people and why you should try them out, all updated for TripTripHurray app If you live with any form of disability, you will appreciate how challenging it can be to plan an accessible yet enjoyable holiday, or even just a day out.

    But help is at hand. It displays relevant options both locally and worldwide. It currently has more than 12, across the world rated in the app. It is community dependent, so the more people that use it, the more information there will be available.

    I urge you to check this one out as not only will it help you get out and about, it will enable you to help others too!

    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

    Dragon Anywhere app This dictation app enables you to create and edit documents of any length on your phone, tablet or laptop, all using your voice. The Dragon Anywhere app is aimed at busy professionals needing to work while commuting. But it has obvious benefits for disabled people too. Changing Places Toilet Finder app No matter what your disability, being able to reach an accessible public toilet in good time is a daily challenge.

    It is a comprehensive guide of more than 1, Changing Places toilets, which are extra large toilets with changing facilities.

    The app shows you how far you are from one of the toilets, how to get there, its opening hours, how to open the door, whether it is normally locked and information regarding hoists and slings. Disabled Motoring app Disabled Motoring UK is a campaigning charity and magazine that aims to make life easier for disabled drivers, passengers and Blue Badge holders.

    Its app allows you to find accredited disabled parking, get help refuelling your vehicle and browse information on Blue Badges, as well as the latest news from the charity. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices but, for a fee, there are additional benefits you can sign up for. Physiotherapy Exercises The Physiotherapy Exercises app contains more than 1, images illustrating exercises suitable for those with spinal cord injury and neurological conditions.

    Search, select and save exercises for future reference and even suggest others if you wish. Developed by physiotherapists, this is an invaluable source that does not require an internet connection once downloaded.

    One tap of the red button sends alerts to your contacts via text, email, Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is enter the details of those you wish to alert ahead of using the app, and they will receive a Google Maps link with your location. Many features are free to both Android and iOS users, though there is the option to upgrade at a fee, which means you can even send a photo attachment and record a second voice message with your alert.

    By combining Google maps, Facebook and powerful crowdsourcing technology, Guide Dots creates a broader and richer sense of the world around you.

    To stop you getting stranded, you can download the Uber app, allowing you to request a taxi ride from where you are using your phone. If you do want to plan ahead, the Scheduled Rides feature allows you to book a vehicle up to 30 days in advance.

    Uber has two services aimed at helping disabled passengers get around. There are plans to roll out both into other areas soon.
    Many of these stories have happy endings, with priceless treasures now conserved and protected within museums, while others reveal the tragedy of grave robbing, tomb destruction, and the dark trade of antiquities on the black market.

    Here we explore ten of the most spectacular discoveries of golden treasures from the ancient world. These ships carried the wealth of an empire along with crew, soldiers and passengers. The next day, the fleet was hit by a hurricane as it entered into the Florida straits. By the next morning eight of the ships were on the ocean floor scattered from the Marquesas Keys to the Dry Tortugas.

    It was a heavily armed galleon that sailed as Almirante rear guard. The Atocha was carrying a vast treasure from Columbia, Peru, and other regions of South America — likely to have been acquired through dubious means — consisting of 24 tons of silver bullion in ingots, ,00 pesos of silver coins, copper ingots, gold bars and discs, chests of indigo, bales of tobacco, 20 bronze cannons and 1, pounds of worked silverware. Spanish salvagers searched for the Nuestra Senora de Atocha for 60 years, however they never found it.

    The mission to find the Atocha and her treasure became the fixation of a chicken farmer turned deep-sea diver named Mel Fisher, who searched doggedly for the treasure for 16 years from It was in July ofwhen the Fisher family struck gold — they had found the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and its treasure hoard.

    Artifacts worth around half a billion dollars were brought to the surface, making it among the most valuable shipwrecks ever discovered.

    Bronze Age Treasures from the Bush Barrow Burial near Stonehenge - England InWilliam Cunnington, one of Britain's earliest professional archaeologists, discovered what has become known as the crown jewels of the 'King of Stonehenge'. Within the 4,year-old barrow, Cunnington found ornate jewellery, a gold lozenge that fastened his cloak, and an intricately decorated dagger. The process involved in creating the handle of just one dagger, adorned with up totiny gold studs just a third of a millimetre wide, involved manufacturing extremely fine gold wire, just a little thicker than a human hair.

    The end of the wire was then flattened to create a stud-head, and was then cut with a very sharp flint or obsidian razor, just a millimetre below the head. This delicate procedure was then repeated literarily tens of thousands of times.

    Tiny holes were then made in the dagger handle in which to position the studs, and tree resin coated the surface to hold the studs in place. It is estimated that the entire process to create the dagger handle would have taken around 2, hours to complete. As the worker tried to solve his predicament, he noticed shiny, golden objects in the dirt. The worker immediately set about retrieving the treasure, including golden masks, arm bands, jewelry and other precious relics.

    He was soon joined by other employees and locals, who learned there was treasure buried in the fields, and a looting frenzy began. Almost four tons of pre-Columbian artifacts were removed from the site and were tragically melted down or sold to collectors. Hundreds of tombs were destroyed in the process. Unfortunately, looting at Hacienda Malagana has continued since the initial rush in albeit in reduced numbersand incidences of digging have been reported as recently as Golden Treasure Trove of the Bronze Age - Germany The Eberswalde Hoard is a golden treasure trove that was unearthed during an excavation in an area to the north-east of Berlin, Germany in The hoard consists of 81 ancient gold objects, including 60 wire arm spirals, eight gold bowls, and a gold ingot.

    The total weight of these objects is reported to be 2. It is believed that they are from either the 11th or 10th century BC. The original purpose or use of the Eberswalde Hoard is unclear, though one scholar has suggested that it was an assemblage of sacred objects.

    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

    It has been argued, for example, that vases were the most common type of sacred offering during the Bronze Age. The Eberswalde treasure is believed to belong to the goldsmith known as Villena-type, originating in the Iberian Peninsula, for its resemblance to the Treasure of Villena.

    The treasure currently resides in Russia and Germany is attempting to reclaim it. The Treasures of Priam: Golden Riches from the Legendary City of Troy — Turkey During the 19th century, German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann embarked on a quest to prove that the legendary city of Troy actually existed.

    He succeeded in his quest, and Hisarlik in Turkey the site that Schliemann excavated is today recognised as the ancient site of Troy. On the 31st of MaySchliemann found the precious treasure he was seeking. The spectacular treasure includes weapons, a copper cauldron, a shallow bronze pan, a bronze kettle, and many gold and silver objects, including a golden headdress, necklaces, earrings, and golden arm bands.

    Today, the Treasure of Priam resides in Russia. Though there is debate if Schliemann ever reached his second goal, he certainly made another impressive find in the process - the 'Mask of Agamemnon. It contained five late Bronze Age shaft graves.

    In a telegram sent to King George of Greece, Schliemann proudly declared: The mask was a death mask, and made of a thick sheet of gold hammered against a wooden background. A sharp tool was used later to chisel the finer details. The Incredible Staffordshire Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard — England On July 5,amateur treasure hunter Terry Herbert was using a metal detector to search farmland in the village of Hammerwich, in Staffordshire, England, when his metal detector signaled that he had found a metal object.

    He soon discovered that he literally and figuratively, had struck gold. Over five days, Herbert filled bags with gold objects that had been removed from the soil. At this point, he realized the site must be of great historical significance, and he contacted local authorities.

    Soon, Birmingham Archaeology was on site to conduct an excavation, covering an area of 30 feet by 43 feet, in hopes of recovering all objects that may have been tossed and scattered by plowing of the field. During this excavation, over 3, pieces were discovered, including 5 kilograms 11 pounds of gold and 1.

    It was the largest known hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold and metal ever found. Most researchers agree that the pieces tend to date to the 7th century AD, although it is not yet known when they were actually buried or deposited at their final location, or for what purpose. Varna Man and the Wealthiest Grave of the 5th Millennium BC — Bulgaria In the s, archaeologists in Bulgaria stumbled upon a vast Copper Age necropolis from the 5th millennium BC containing the oldest golden artifacts ever discovered near the modern-day city of Varna.

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    But it was not until they reached grave 43 that they realized the real significance of the finding. Inside burial 43 were the remains of a high status male and unfathomable riches — more gold was found within this burial than in the entire rest of the world in that period. The Varna culture, which emerged on the shores of lakes of the Black Sea some 7, years ago in Bulgaria, was not a small and inconsequential society that emerged in a little corner of Bulgaria and disappeared quickly into the pages of history.

    MSN UK Latest news, weather, Hotmail sign in, Outlook email, Bing

    Rather, it was an amazingly advanced civilization, and the first known culture to craft golden artifacts. Then an incredible chance discovery came to light, that made headlines around the world. In October,excavator operator Raycho Marinov stumbled upon a vast Copper Age necropolis containing immense golden riches.

    Other precious relics found within the graves included copper, high-quality flint, stone tools, jewellery, shells of Mediterranean mollusks, pottery, obsidian blades, and beads. Secret Chamber in Scythian Burial Mound Revealed Golden Treasure of Drug-Fuelled Rituals - Russia Inelaborate golden treasures with traces of cannabis and opium were discovered in a secret chamber hidden in an ancient Scythian burial mound near Strovopol, Russia.

    Described as a once-in-a-century discovery, the golden artifacts and drugs point to ancient rituals and wars as chronicled by Greek historian Herodotus. The Scythian kurgan, or burial mound, was uncovered during power-line development in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia.

    It was found the site had at one time been looted and not much was presumed to lie within. However, archaeologists found a hidden chamber containing a golden treasure dating back 2, years. Seven pounds worth of solid gold objects were found including: The vessels are decorated with highly-detailed and dramatic scenes. Animals and humans are depicted fighting and dying. The images have been so intricately wrought that details such as weapons, garments and lifelike haircuts can be easily seen.

    Criminologists analyzed a black residue found on the inside of the gold vessels. Results confirmed opium and cannabis, suggesting to the researchers that the Scythians had used the plants and vessels in a drug-fueled ritual, as originally reported by Herodotus. The 5 metre by 5 metre tombs was found with a wooden sarcophagus in the centre — the first of its type to be reported in the Americas.

    Within the coffin, lay the remains of a man dressed in full royal regalia, surrounded by a plethora of dedicatory offerings that were to accompany him in his afterlife.

    An analysis of his regalia and iconographic depictions found in his tomb, suggests that this man was a high ranking Moche warrior-priest and a pre-eminent ruler of the Lambayeque valley.

    The elite leader was found adorned in gold, silver, and copper jewellery and ornaments, including an enormous crescent headdress with a plume of feathers, a face mask, several pectorals composed of hundreds of shell beads, necklaces, nose rings, ear rings, a gold and silver sceptre, banners of gilded metal sewn onto cotton cloth, and two backflaps, which are trapezoidal sheets of beaten gold that warriors wore attached to the back of their costumes.

    There were ten kernels on the right side made of gold, signifying masculinity and the sun god, and ten kernels on the left side made of silver, to represent femininity and the moon god.
    Andrew Hogan's blog on legal costs provides information and posts on this topic.

    Andrew is a barrister who has advised upon and argued costs cases in the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, as well as other tribunals including the Lands Tribunal. He is based at Ropewalk Chambers in Nottingham but travels widely. April King's blog covers topics relating to Family Law, include estates law, wills, trusts, lasting powers of attorney, divorce, children etc.

    The blog is well produced with frequent posts. The blog covers English legal developments relevant to the art world. The blog is edited by Shireen Smith, the founder of Azrights. People who will find this blog useful range from one-person start ups to established international tech PLCs, as well as all those interested in business and entrepreneurship, internet and technology and intellectual property and media law.

    B BabyBarista is a fictional account of a junior barrister practising at the English Bar along with other associated characters. Law and Disorder and Law and Peace.

    BabyBarista is written by Tim Kevan who practised at the Bar for ten years. There are great cartoons by Alex Williams. Barrister Bard comes from David Osborne, a successful and experienced barrister. His fields of expertise range from crime, prison law and personal injury, to family and matrimonial law.

    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

    He is also an acknowledged authority on human rights. He is also a bestselling author and public speaker. His aim in writing the blog to comment on topical legal issues - sometimes humorously, but usually with a serious message. BarristerBlogger comes from Criminal Barrister Matthew Scott of Pump Court Chambers, who specialises in serious crime, including murder, serious sexual and violent offences, offences against children as well as cases involving drugs and fraud.

    His blog provides legal comment, argument and discussion on these topics. Binary Law is Nick Holmes's blog on issues of legal information: Nick Holmes is a publishing consultant specialising in the UK legal sector and is Managing Director of infolaw.

    Nick has set up a section on the infolaw site to catalogue all UK law blogs; you can find this here. Bloody relations is a blog from barrister Jacqui Gilliatt about UK family law.

    The description of the blog is "Where there's a relative there's a bloody good argument to be had". The blog is associated with Jacqui's chambers website 4 Brick Court where there are a large number of articles on family law and a monthly "update" on family law with summaries of recent cases, articles etc.

    Breens blog comes from Breens, Solicitors of Southport and Waterloo. The blog covers topics of general interest to individuals and families eg wills, ending a tenancy early, what it means to die intestate, accidents including bicying accidentsdeath and taxes, buying a seond holiday home and other practical topics.

    Building the Circular Economy comes from barrister Jeremy Barnett, a fraud barrister representing companies large and small and individuals in Regulatory and Disciplinary cases. The blog is about designing stuff to 'disassemble' rather than disposal and preventing uncessary use of energy. Some people call it 'cradle to cradle' manufacturing, or C2C, the aim is to encourage reuse of materials or using biodegradable ingrediants rather than landfill.

    He also covers climate change, future internet and data protection and solicitors and accountants disciplinary work.

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    The overall theme of the blog is regulatory law in the modern world. C Carruthers Law provides frequent news and articles on cases and legal developments in Defamation, Litigation, Commercial and Negligence as well as guides for clients on the Litigation process.

    Alison has also written a book on Insurance Claims. Child Protection Resources comes from family lawyer Sarah Phillimore and is a series of articles and opinions on the Child Protection System by her and other contributors in order to provide up to date information about relevant law and practice, and to contribute to the wider debate about the child protection system. The blog provides frequent and detailed updates and commentary on current issues and case reports.

    The content is well presented and has a very wide following. Clutton Cox host three blogs on their web site on different aspects of conveyancing, housing, estate agency, landlord and tenance, probate and wills.

    The blog is run as a team with posts from different members of the company on various topics from SEO to social media to technical issues - and always up to date. These areas are broadly defined to include capital market regulation, financial reporting and the legal environment in which companies of all sizes operate. It is designed to inform people quickly and in plain English on legal issues that can help their business. The blog also includes the firm's thoughts on topical legal and business issues.

    Her posts cover UK and International legal topics - always authoritative and considered. The blog is part of the Criminal Law and Justice Weekly site. Curated Media's Blog provides expert tips on how solicitors can attract and convert more clients online through effective content marketing. There are regular posts on current topics, well presented and easy to read. D DavidsonMorris immigration Blog is very comprehensive and informative in covering all aspects of UK immigration law with real time updates on changes to legislation, as well as keeping an eye on global immigration.

    As well as postings on topics of family law finance, the blog contains a description of the legal terms used in family law, lots of information on the dreaded Form E, and links to other useful sites related to Family Law and particularly the financial aspects of Divorce.

    This allows parents to predict what level of child maintenance may be requested if the Child Maintenance Service is involved, based on the rules introduced by the Child Maintenance Service on 29th July It uses a gross income model and applies different rates or a combination of rates in 5 bands. The calculator is free to use and can be used directly by parents or by their lawyers or mediators. It can be accessed by computer or through mobile devices. There is an official calculator provided by the Government but this does not give enough detail and does not lend itself to allowing the results to be easily communicated by email for instance to a co-parent.

    The lack of transparency in the calculation tends to aggravate the mistrust that exists immediately after separation. She poses questions like "Can I date now that we've started divorce proceedings?

    There are lots of lively stories and good photos to go with the stories many peoples' blogs are just text based - very boring to look at. He covers topics relating to cases in employment law, such as how harassment is being used in claims against employers.

    The blog reviews employment related case law, government consultations and legislative changes. It also includes practical tips on employment tribunals, and day to day HR advice; a city focus section looking at regulation and risk; mediation in the work place; links to helpful resources, and a Just for Fun section.

    Eutopia law comes from members of Matrix Chambers' EU law group.

    MSN UK Latest news, weather, Hotmail sign in, Outlook email, Bing

    It is not intended to promote any particular party line or view-point. The name is a pun on Thomas More's Utopia published in Eutopia is a further extension of the pun! Current posts look at the apparent suspension of the rule of law in the EU as countries seek to remedy the eurozone crisis.

    F Family Law from LexisNexis, provides analysis of market issues for family lawyers, as well as news and a more in-depth look at black letter family law. It is written in house by the professional support lawyers at LexisNexis with additional contributions from leading practitioners.

    A particular focus is family law reform. The blog covers recent case law and other interesting cases and provides their views on a wide variety of family law related issues. Family Law In Partnership is an informative blog about divorce, children in divorce situations, when to consider collaborative law, special risks in international abduction, topics of jurisidiction.

    The blog is at the bottom of this page, below the "News" section. Family Law Week Blog is a companion site to Family Law Weekwhich provides free access to all the latest family law news, judgments, analysis and legislation. Family Law Week Blog complements this material with additional comment and coverage of the wider aspects of family law. The blog contains articles, information and news on many areas of Family Law.

    Family Lore is a blog from John Bolch covering serious and not-so-serious posts on the subject. He now has a second blog Family Law Focus for more serious material which provides family law news, including legislation articles and a full list of blogs around the world on family Law. Forbes Solicitors have a blog covering both personal law and commercial law. It provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law. G Gill's blog comes from solicitor Gill Steel and covers topical matters relating to wills, probate, trusts and tax.

    The blog, together with her main site LawSkills is a mine of information on these topics and she also provides many sorts of legal training in these specialist areas, as well as consultancy. She has been lecturing to the legal profession for over 17 years. The blog is kept well up to date with several substantive posts a week. Great Legal Content is a blog from Berners Marketing and provides "Comment, advice and marketing resources for ambitious lawyers to promote their expertise via world class content".

    There is a series of posts on the site on this topic, each one worth reading carefully. Grindeys - Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, provide a news and blog site called Family Law and Divorce with in-depth posts on current developments in family law and court cases. H Hallam Blog is a great source of information on marketing and new media topics.

    Portals Navigation

    Sue Hallam, who founded Hallam Internet, provides short tutorials on many useful subjects, like a glossary of social media terms, how to use Google Trends, whether Guest blogging is "done", all about Top Level Domains, whether your business needs a legal app, how to fix an email marketing mistake, and HardingEvans Blog offers information on all aspects of law that can affect individuals and businesses, from employment law advice to family advice.

    There are video blogs as well. Instead of writing a book about his life, he is bringing it out in stages, in this blog.

    Human Law Mediation is an attractive and interesting blog from solicitor Justin Patten which explores the interlinked themes of mediation, law, technology and people. The site includes a lot of useful background information about mediation in general, why it is useful and how it compares to other forms of alternative dispute resolution. For example, a recent post included the latest developments relating to human rights legislation or lack ofthe employment law of footwear, protection of intellectual property and a plea for students to slough off their intellectual bubblewrap.

    The posts are fully categorised by legal topic so that the "thread" can be followed through to the present position. It provides a primer on Islamic contract law and its sources, before introducing the principal commercial areas: It also provides relevant English authorities. The author of the site and the blog, Scott Morrison, lectures in English commercial law at Middlesex University in London but also researches Islamic finance and banking, drawing on his scholarly background in Middle East and Islamic studies, which included periods in Turkey, the Maldives and Dubai.

    Inforrm stands for the International Forum for Responsible Media which has been set up to debate issues of media responsibility. They say "We believe in an independent, strong, free and responsible mass media. The media has important privileges in the public interest to enable it to perform its role as a public watchdog.

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