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  • ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!
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  • ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!
  • ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!
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    ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

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    Search engine scam / spam results

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    Email Advertisement Police are warning people across America and Europe about a new scam that tricks you or your loved ones into buying Apple gift cards.

    So what does it entail? How can you avoid it? And should you really be concerned? A criminal contacts you claiming to be a representative from a governmental department or company. They do this by either cold calling Cold Calling Computer Technicians: I'm not saying we're infallible, but if your scam involves the Internet, a Windows Read More typically using spoofed phone numbers so anyone with call recognition might still be fooledusing voicemail and leaving automated messages, or sending SMS.

    Notably, fraudsters in America purport to be ringing in regards to additional fees for services including insurance cover, shipping, or any other unpaid debt. I've been holding onto this iTunes gift card for four years and I finally used it to buy the new Gorillaz album —? Here's what you can buy with it. But how does a thief get your card number, and how can you keep it safe? This guide shows you how to manage your online cravings. They work in pretty much the same way as other gift cards: An older generation, for example, might be unfamiliar with how they work.

    ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

    It was even claimed, in one instance, as bail money! Mike Mozart via Flickr Of course, the vast majority of scams play on such worries. And there is a way even the relatively tech-savvy could be fooled into purchasing gift cards. Let's take a look at exactly how each of them works and who can use them. Contactless payments have become more popular, but are they secure? What threats surround this new financial fad? More importantly, should you sign up?

    It immediately seems an odd case of fraud — after all, criminals are just left with loads of codes. Criminals have other uses Who Are The Scammers? Where is the money going?

    How to Report a Scam

    Look beyond the "Nigerian advance fee fraud" - you'd be surprised where the money really leads. Read More for those digits. They can simply sell the codes on for a fraction of their retail price. Naturally, however much cash a con artist can get is pure profit.

    How much are you worth? This is considered the underbelly of the internet, a place where criminal activity is a day-to-day thing. The positive thing, for scammers at least, is that they can convert these codes into untraceable currencies very easily BitCoin being the most prevalent What Are Bitcoins Actually Used For Now in ?

    Bitcoin has been on the up-and-up for several years now, but is it viable as a currency yet? What exactly can you buy with it right now?

    Knowing about this scam is half the battle. So spread that knowledge! The company might be able to cancel the card before funds are drained. Criminals have streamlined the process so you need to be quick. Be aware of this scam and let your peers know about it. It might be worth asking managerial employees to put a sign up about it in the staff room.

    That way, if a customer is purchasing a suspect amount of cards, you can feel confident about finding out more. You could save someone from being a victim. Have you received such a call or know someone who has? What did you do? Are there any variations MakeUseOf readers should know about? Nikolic Dragoslav via Shutterstock.
    He was supposed to have been on a plane to Italy. I asked him what happened.

    But I just canceled our tickets, like, a second ago. It was supposed to be the perfect trip. He and his wife have a 2-year-old, so they were looking for a destination vacation that would let them hang out in one place. The patch of paradise they rented was not an easy journey: That said, it seemed worth it. The fairy tale villa was on an island off the coast with views of the Mediterranean, a swimming pool and more than enough room for three families.

    The fee was steep, but not terrible since it was being shared by three renters: It was the third time that month they'd had people show up who had rented their house on Airbnb. They didn't rent the house via Airbnb. They thought they did.

    ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

    A similar thing happened to a woman who arrived in New York from Barbados to buy her wedding dress. Malissa Blackman rented two apartments in the heart of the city to accommodate her mom, two sisters and two bridesmaids. When they arrived at Fifth Avenue, the doorman gave the bad news. They'd been suckered, and they weren't the first victims to come looking for nonexistent rental apartments in the building.

    She had to get a cheaper dress and was heartbroken. What Makes These Scams Possible? You're not alone in thinking that Airbnb should have shut down these scams the first time they happened to a customer using their site. But they haven't because the scams didn't occur on their site. Blackman had responded to a property on "airbnb.

    She was offered another option during that chat and was asked if it would be possible to email the link. She allowed it, and that was how the scam went down. Airbnb is clear about the danger of going off its site or app to conduct business.

    How to Report a Scam

    They send a warning email if a member of Airbnb asks to communicate via email. The problem here is that these warnings can be missed in the flurry of email that is triggered when you do business online. Compounding that problem, warnings are so common these days we may ignore them so long as we feel we're in familiar territory — for instance, while looking at a what appears to be a legit listing on the site warning us.

    In Blackman's case, the scammer sent her a link that took her to a clone site, a perfect copy of Airbnb with one key difference: The URL was airbnb. At first blush, this might seem like a hard thing to detect, and maybe you are right there with Blackman, feeling perplexed.

    The URL in question goes to a dotinfo address, not a dotcom. Airbnb phishing tales abound, but these ploys are avoidable if you know what to look for.

    How to Report a Scam

    If you are asked to wire money or pay in a way that doesn't use Airbnb, stop communicating with the renter. It's a dead giveaway a scam is afoot. Whether you are lured off the site by an Airbnb user or you receive an email with a link to the site, always look at the URL carefully. The differences can be subtle. Better yet, take Airbnb's advice and stay on its site or app.

    If you believe you've been the victim of a scam, don't shrug it off.
    Email Advertisement Imagine this scenario. For the past few months, your computer has been running slowly. I mean, you only bought it last year and the person in the store said it was a really good computer.

    He said it was future-proof. Out of the blue, your landline rings. He says that your computer has a problem. A really big problem. He says that your computer has a virus. He asks you to install something called Team Viewer, and soon enough your mouse is flying across your screen without you even touching it.

    These are caused by the virus on your computer, the nice young man said. He can fix it for you. All he needs is your credit card number and for a fee he promises he can clear up your system and bring it back to the pristine state it was originally in.


    He tells you what a great decision you made, and how everything is now fine. He then leaves, wishing you a pleasant day. Tim warned us why you you never trust a cold-calling computer technician Cold Calling Computer Technicians: I'm not saying we're infallible, but if your scam involves the Internet, a Windows Suddenly, the phone rings. Read More could find a different way to reach you. It drips with legitimacy.

    With that in mind, is it any wonder why people fall for them? Whilst none of these are a guaranteed silver bullet against any ill-meaning phone calls aimed to part you from the money, they will make life harder for the scammer.

    Firstly, look at obfuscating your name, address and phone number. This can be done by removing your details from third party directories, including the public also known as edited electoral roll in the UK, and from the phone directory.

    The full one is used for the purposes of identifying who is eligible to vote and for companies such as Experian to check the identity of people who are applying for credit. This version of the electoral register is never sold to companies for marketing purposes.

    This is freely sold to whoever wants it, and is a great way for enterprising scammers to get a list of people to target.

    How to Report a Scam

    Simply send a letter in writing to your local Electoral Register Officer ELO and politely ask yourself to be removed from the edited register. It might also help to scrub your name and address from the phone directory. In the US, you can remove yourself from the White Pages by following the instructions contained here. You can also join the Do Not Call registry. This can be done online, by phone or by post. Just follow the instructions on this web page. This will remove it from the White Pages website and from any future printed phone directories.

    Sadly, some phone providers charge for this service. It also provides you with some recourse with the authorities if you receive any unsolicited marketing calls after opting out.

    Troy Hunt is an Australian security researcher and software developer who has tirelessly researched the people, the motivations, and the methods behind the fake IT support scam.

    His blog is a great starting point for any research into them. After the Scam Has Taken Place Unfortunately, some people find themselves being taken in by these phone calls and forking out a huge amount of money, often to the tune of the hundreds of dollars.

    It is at this point where you start thinking about damage control. If you granted the caller access to your computer, you should no longer consider your computer to be safe or clean. Let's say that you followed all recommended safety tips to protect your computer and you still ended up getting infected, as you probably noticed once an In short, you can no longer trust it.

    Therefore, you would be well advised to simply backup all your files and reinstall your operating system. Whilst this is tedious and irritating, it ensures that your computer is reverted to a pristine state, as it was before being compromised. Secondly, you should deal with getting your money back. If you paid with a credit or debit card, you should contact the issuing bank and explain the situation and request a chargeback.

    Your success will vary based upon the jurisdiction where you live as a result of the variation in consumer protection legislation in each country. In the United States, federal law allows consumers to access their credit report once every twelve months for no charge. By signing in, you can see a copy of your credit report sans credit score and can check whether your identity has been stolen. You feel incredibly foolish and angry.

    The people at the other end of the line are polite, charming and confident. Conclusion The fake IT support scam is a particularly pernicious con that preys upon the trusting and the less technically able. It has sucked in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is a lucrative money spinner for those who are behind it. Still, it remains a despicable attack on undeserving people, with a very real personal cost for its victims. Have you ever been taken in by it?

    Do you know anyone who has? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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