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    Ariana Grande

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    Ariana Grande

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    Ariana Grande

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    Ariana Grande retro Bette Davis Halloween Shoot Oct 6 Pics

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    Ariana Grande retro Bette Davis Halloween Shoot Oct 6 Pics

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    Courtney Stodden and Dakota Fanning

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    Ariana Grande retro Bette Davis Halloween Shoot Oct 6 Pics

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    Can you believe they're the same age?

    Ariana Grande

    Genes, makeup counters and lifestyle choices can make quite the difference. As if it wasn't hard enough to believe that Courtney Stodden was born inget ready for this: Besides their age and blonde locks, these two share nothing in common. The blonde stars couldn't be more different.

    Ariana Grande

    Wilkinson right is a former Playboy Bunny and mother-of-two. Kinney is trying to launch her singing career after starring on the hit series "The Walking Dead. While Williams may appear on one of TV's racier shows, the baby-faced actress dresses her age in real life.

    Jenner, on the other hand, is known for her provocative outfits and steamy Instagram posts.

    Emily Kinney and Kendra Wilkinson

    Robbie is used to people thinking she's a lot older than she looks. She told Elle"People think I'm a decade older. Reid's career might be facing a revival of sorts -- she stars in the cult movie "Sharknado 2" -- but it looks like her face could use its own rejuvenation of sorts. Meanwhile, mom-of-six Jolie, just a few months older than Reid, never seems to age. Click here for more on Reid from Hollywoodlife. Fanning L opted for an age-appropriate look while Thorne R chose a body-hugging mini dress some may argue isn't fitting for a teenager.

    Click here for a few more of Thorne's favorite looks. While the baby-faced Gomez looks barely old enough to drink, Upton has a more, uh, developed look. Momsen sports her thick, signature black eyeliner and often reveals a bit too much on stage while Grande prefers pink and glitter when she performs. Known for her powerful vocals and being America's sweetheart, Grande has recently been called the anti-Miley Cyrus in the media. Momsen is known for forgetting to wear pants. Check out which Hollywood players seems quite different yet, share the same year of birth.

    Ariana Grande retro Bette Davis Halloween Shoot Oct 6 Pics

    Cindy right hasn't seemed to age a day in the last two decades while Nancy left has definitely aged, albeit pretty slowly.

    Now, when you see him next to James Caan left - who clearly has - you can see that he's done a really good job of masking his many years of existence. Lo left looks a bit unnatural, while Ellen right seems to just have good genes.

    Ariana Grande retro Bette Davis Halloween Shoot Oct 6 Pics

    But, while he looks young, Christian right has been around for so long that you'd think he was older.

    Jess ballooned up while Gisele sported a barely there bump. Now Jess has bun 2 in the oven while Gisele gave birth to her second in February and is back on her way to wearing skimpy bikinis.

    Oblique is a subscription search and then there is available right also which has you to put more breathtaking babes.

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