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    The Enneagram 8 Female ~ The Commander in a Skirt ~ Lean the Enneagram

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    How to find information in Apologetics Index

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    Bend, Oregon Travel Guide The Best Things To Do In Bend, OR • Auj Poj

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    Perspectives / Color Key

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    We also offer free astrology content via horoscope widgets for social networking websites and web pages. We've spent hundreds of hours researching your daily stars and planets and read hundreds of free horoscope forecasts and zodiac predictions on hundreds of free horoscope and astrology websites before creating this site. We hope you'll agree that we're the best free horoscope website directory and daily zodiac astrology guide online.

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    We group the daily section by astrologer and then by sign, so for example Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn generally can reach their horoscope from one click where we could manage that. We haven't neglected Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius or Cancer either. All daily zodiac horoscopes and zodiac forecasts are available for each zodiac sign in one convenient location!

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    The Enneagram 8 Female ~ The Commander in a Skirt ~ Lean the Enneagram

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    We'll be seeing more and more horoscopes yearly near New Year's Eve and Day, with horoscope predictions appearing as the 12 zodiac signs have their birthday in A yearly horoscope is a great way to prepare for the year ahead, financial, business career and love life in Often, you'll see that your astrology predictions have already unfolded and you might start to think your astrologer was clairvoyant!

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    Love Horoscopes and Relationship Astrology Relationships and love are fundamental to human existence. Our romantic love horoscopes and relationship astrology for all zodiac signs can help you understand the important influences leading toward better compatibility in love relationships as well as help you understand friendships, family relationships and your professional relationships.

    You might prefer your free love horoscopes organized by zodiac sign rather than for all signs on one page.

    Reader Interactions

    You can also find love match horoscope sign compatibility. Love horoscope predictions and relationship astrology for couples in love is usually the first thing people think of when they hear love horoscope or relationship astrology. If you are in a relationship, do consider purchasing one or more of our in depth compatibility horoscope for romantic couples for you and your partner, or a comprehensive couple's astrology reports package for each of you individually and together, based on both of your natal charts at a substantial savings.

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    Horoscopes for love cover the astrological influences specific to all kinds of relationships, including family, children's horoscopes, friends and coworkers.

    Bend, Oregon Travel Guide The Best Things To Do In Bend, OR • Auj Poj

    Astrology can be very enlightening if partners delve deeper into themselves and share with each other, reading the synastry aspects in the couple's combined birth charts. This can be especially romantic when looking at baby pictures and imagining that some of the you that is you is actually due to the stardust we're all made of -- the matter of the universe is all the same matter!

    Of course, for singles dating, the best love match horoscope for you might be just around the corner and your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly love horoscope forecasts can tell you when the best opportunities exist. Love horoscope forecasts also cover family relationships for parents, sometimes exploring what to expect when parenting your children.

    You see, we all share the same concerns and astrology believes that the position of the planets, moon, sun and stars all create a cosmic climate that influences every aspect of our lives in some way. There are forces unmeasured in the universe as gravity itself once was which can help us better understand the universe and our relationship to it! This is, after all, the ultimate relationship issue and after all is said and done, our relationship to our self and our relationship to others and to the very universe is the fundamental business and essence of astrology.

    Astrology shows us how our life is ultimately a labor of love. Career Horoscopes, Money, Financial and Business Astrology Who couldn't use more money or help with their career or in business during these challenging financial times? Career astrology, business and financial horoscope forecasts can help you profit more and improve your career, business and financial outlook through astrology. It costs no money so check out our monthly, weekly and daily stars for career horoscope predictions, job and financial astrology forecasts and business horoscopes.

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    You can get your Chinese love horoscope predictions, daily Chinese zodiac forecasts, yearly Chinese Horoscopes, monthly Chinese astrology forecasts and more, including Chinese horoscopes Daily, Love and Chinese Astrology Year of the Horse Predictions.

    This section focuses on pet astrology and free pet horoscopes based on your pet's zodiac sign with kitten and puppy forecasts: Free Birth Chart, Free Daily Horoscopes Via Email and Personal Astrology Reading Perhaps you would like to delve even deeper into your stars or understand the planets and signs in your free birth chart. Be sure to consider not only your sun sign, but also moon sign and rising sign ascendant. For the full picture, have a professional astrologer cast a birth chart.

    That way you'll understand all the important planetary aspects the relative position of the planets in your natal birth chart. It's easy to get your free birth chart wheel as well as a free personal astrology chart life destiny interpretation samplefree personal daily horoscope and free daily horoscope by email based on your exact place, date and time of birth!

    This is a terrific way of interpreting your natal astrological chart! Learn About Western Zodiac Astrology We strive to be your astrology supersite and one stop astrology shop!

    Our free astrology primer will help you learn basic western zodiac astrology, covering sun, moon and rising signs ascendants. We cover all twelve zodiac signsthe planets in astrologythe twelve houses, the four elements, cardinality.
    You may feel different from others because your personality type is actually quite rare—INTPs make up only 3 percent of the population female INTPs are even rarer than males.

    The important thing is not to stop questioning. Here are 12 signs that you are. Keep in mind that typology describes general personality characteristics. Your background and experiences make you an individual, so you may not relate to every point but nevertheless be an INTP. Try our quick, free test to learn more about your personality type.

    You wish to uncover the underlying universal law behind everything you encounter. To you, life is a complex puzzle to be solved.

    You take intellectual matters seriously. You devour books, articles, and podcasts on the subjects of philosophy, religion, psychology, evolutionary theory, and anything else that interests you. You have an almost child-like awe and wonder of the world. You can quickly locate any logical inconsistencies in a belief system or argument.

    You want accurate information yourself, so you figure others do, too. You may conceal part of your personality—your highly rational and cerebral side—and only a few people are granted full access to your private inner world.

    You tend to vet others before letting them see the real you. Sometimes you struggle to connect with others because you have no desire to play social games. Yet when someone gets you talking about a topic that interests you, you can become quite loquacious. You may struggle to find a career that fits. You dislike corporate culture and the organizational life.

    Many INTPs find satisfying work as freelancers or entrepreneurs because they prefer to work outside the system. Your independent projects only take you so far, and you may eventually realize that you feel empty without a few close connections. You value partners and friends who are intelligent, creative, and open-minded. Ideally, your closest intimates are people who share your specialized interests, so you can co-explore truth together. You like simple living arrangements.

    You prefer living on less rather than more. You may shy away from serious financial obligations, like buying an expensive home or taking out loans, because you fear these will diminish your sense of freedom.

    In fact, you relish breaking apart conventional ideas that others take for granted. At your best, you change the way reality is perceived. Discover Your Personal Genius.
    Bend, Oregon Travel Guide: Home to 26 breweries, 15 snowy mountains, more than 30 Cascade Lakes, over miles of single-track mountain biking trails, 22 golf courses, Smith Rock, and word class skiing.

    Since moving to Bend, I have received many messages about what to do here! Photo by jackbotti Mt. I grew up down hill ski racing for Mt. Bachelor soooooo I might be a little bias… but I also skied all over the northwest and Bachelor ranks among the best!

    Bachelor has over 3, acres of lift-accessible terrain, deep power, lots of sunshine, and the highest skiable elevation in all of Oregon and Washington. If you are an experienced skier, take the Summit chairlift to the top, and drop down on the backside of the mountain. My favorite run on the whole mountain is Sparks Lake run off of Northwest. Bachelor also has ski school for kids, hundreds of miles of cross country skiing trails, snowmobiling, snow sowing, dog sledding, and inner-tubing.

    The mountain usually opens around Thanksgiving and stays open until early May when they host their annual pond skim. A Rock climbers dream. Smith Rock attracts overrock climbers and campers from around the world every year.

    There are dozens of trails that stretch out along the canyon, and Crooked River. On top of Smith Rock is one of the best places in Bend to catch the sunset.

    Shevlin Park is the largest park in Bend with a network of trails perfect for runners, hikers and bikers. The running trails cut through forest, prairies, covered bridges, flowers, and along the Tumalo Creek River.

    Also a great place for picnics, photos, and running the dogs! Lava River Cave — As part of my Bachelorette party we went to the lave tubes. Yes, some girls go dancing and drinking and we went lava cave exploring; Bend has over lava tubes created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. You can go down into these God-made forts and crawl through the tunnels. Some spots have an ending where you can climb out of the tube, and walk back to your car on a trail, while others require you to make a U-turn at the end.

    McMenamins has been in Oregon and Washington since and they are known for their atomosphere, charm, and sense of community. Many of the McMenamins are old historic buildings converted into a hotel with restaurants, brew pubs, movie theaters, spas, and concert venues. Jer and I go to the one in Bend, Old St. It is pure brilliance. If you go for drinks or dinner, be sure to try the Edgefield Blackberry Cider! Francis School is a converted Catholic schoolhouse in downtown Bend.

    Here is the link to all the McMenamins in Oregon and Washington where you can find their lists of events, concerts, movies, ect. Cultus Lake — One of the many prime spots in Bend for camping and boating. Cultus Lake is one of the beautiful clear water cascade lakes in central Oregon. The lake has a marina with a restaurant, rentals, and sand beaches.

    Cultus is one of the only natural lakes that permits boats for waterskiing, wakeboarding ect. This beautiful place speaks for itself! There are 3 hot spring pools, and one is covered. There are actually two campsites at the hot springs, and there is a picnic area as well. Soak in these steaming natural bath tubs in the snow or on a summer night!

    A destination spot for people all over the country.

    Main navigation

    This bleached white and weathered stump sticks out about 4 feet from the water. Basically a vast expanse of places to adventure and get lost. There are multiple peaks and buttes that you can hike to see the lakes and mountains surrounding. Zydeco Restaurant — Hands down best food in Bend.

    Great service and atmosphere. Definitely try the house smoked trout dip, and their cocktails are bomb! One of the newer breweries in Bend is Worthy Brewing. Our good family friend Roger Worthington started it a few years ago and they make great beer with some rad names. Worthy brewing also has killer pizza, and a great outdoor vibe in the summertime. Velvet Bar — A fun and funky bar on the corner of downtown.

    Great casual night out spot. It is in an old house that was renovated into a coffee shop with a huge porch and yard that overlooks the Deschutes River. In the summer they have yard games and lots of outdoor seating on the river bank lawn. There are multiple dog parks and a trails that follows the river for miles. The Old Mill is an outdoor shopping mall with a movie theater, restaurants, wineries, and an outdoor amphitheater right next to the river. Well known artists from around the world come to Les Schwab to preform.

    In the summertime people float, stand up paddle board, and kayak down the river! Great fishing and running trails along the river too: Cycle Pub — The epitome of Bend… biking and beer. The cycle pub is basically a moving pub on wheels, that you pedal. You can sign up here! After reading about all this bliss…. Well here you go! I am speaking at this conference in Sunriver just outside of Bend this June!!!

    If you sign up with the code: You can read about the conference details here! Imagine summer camp, for adults. Except the rooms are gorgeous and lavish, and we get craft beer and wine instead of kool-aid. A few options already on the schedule are hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, a step-by-step date day, horseback riding, hand-lettering, watercolor, cave exploring, the Bend Ale Trail, inner-tube sledding and more.

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